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Friday 19 January 2018


Wide Variety Of Offerings Makes It The Place To Go For A Taste Of Everything
Where can one find a food court that opens 24 hours - 365 days in a year with the seating capacity of more than 1000, boasts having the biggest garden dining food court with not one but three big screen-projector in the Klang Valley? Rock Cafe food court in Bandar Sunway is the answer! 

Rock Cafe is the food court pride of Bandar Sunway offering a wide variety of cuisine from local favourites to international cuisine such as the Middle Eastern food, Korean food, Japanese food, Indonesian food, as well as Western delights to tempt your appetite.

Just name it and you will find it. Local favourites of curry laksa, chicken rice, nasi lemak, fried rice, Economy rice (Chap Fan), roti canai, Indian rojak and nasi kukus among others, are available at Rock Cafe any time of the day.

International cuisines of Arabic food - chicken mandy, hummus and kebabs, Japanese food - Teppanyaki, Teriyaki Don and Yakitori, Indonesian food - Ayam Bakar Jakarta, Italian food - pizza and pasta, just to mention a few are readily at the nearby stalls.

It is safe to say there are more than 300 dishes of different cuisines to satisfy your hunger pangs in the middle of the night. When I have friends from abroad wanting a taste of everything, Rock Cafe is the place I have in mind. At the end of the night, they leave satiated and tummy happy after eating a variety of dishes. 

Apart from this, what's best about Rock Cafe is that they serve both Halal and Non-Halal dishes using two different utensils and cutlery catering to the Muslims and Non-Muslims diners with separate washing areas for the utensils. The green plates used are for Halal dishes while the white plates are for Non-Halal dishes. 
Rock Cafe is also a popular haunt for football fans, especially during the World Cup season or EPL season. Live screenings of the football matches together with 'Big Match Of The Week' competition are held where special prizes of original training jersey and original football are given away to winners that predict the correct score of the match.

Get latest updates from Rock Cafe Facebook Page  for more details on their time and date of LIVE telecast viewing party for the matches and promotions too. It's recommended to call in early for reservation and make your booking for a table if you and your friends are planning to come and watch the LIVE football matches at Rock Cafe. 

Leading on, let's me bring you on a gastronomical journey featuring the 'Top 10 Food To Eat In Rock Cafe'. I was given the wonderful opportunity to taste and try out some of their best-selling and popular food in a recent food tasting session last week. 

It was an eye-opening experience for me as I always reckon that food court dishes were never up to my standard and liking for the high benchmark I have set for food. I have to say that some of the dishes served that night had me blown away by the taste and flavour, easily matching any regular cafes or restaurants standard.

To kick start the Rock Cafe dining experience, I opt for a large mug of fresh watermelon juice to prepare my tummy for the little feast that night. We were served some of the crowd favourites and I shall feature and review them in the order based on my personal preference and taste.

Nasi Bakar Ayam Indonesia

Ranking first on my list has to be the Indonesia food from Jakarta, Nasi Bakar Ayam Indonesia. I was told that this is one of the famous Indonesia signature dishes where the special 'Nasi Bakar' or grilled rice is a crowd's favourite that attracts patrons to their stall.

Nasi Bakar Ayam Indonesia
RM 10

For me, the perfectly grilled and well-marinated chicken thigh was top class in taste and texture. The dish comes served with a grill chicken thigh, grilled rice in banana leaves with spicy sambal, deep fried tempe, tofu, tomatoes and cucumber slice on the side.

I just loved the wonderful roasted texture over charcoal grilling with the charred edges and the meat was moist, tender and nicely seasoned tantalising my taste buds. The 'Nasi Bakar' on the other hand, was a winner in its own right which was pan-fried prior to being wrapped in banana leaves and grilled to perfection infusing the aromatic banana leaves flavour within.

The special 'Nasi Bakar' was incredibly fragrant and delicious cooked with herbs and spices and it's even good enough to be eaten on its own with loads of the spicy sambal sauce. I could find no fault on the dish and will definitely come back here just to savour it again and again!

Uncle Huat Fried Rice
Uncle Huat Fried Rice With Everything
RM 9 (Small)

Uncle Huat Fried Rice With Char Siew
RM 7 

Ranked 2nd best was the 'Uncle Huat Fried Rice'. With a waiting time of 45 minutes during peak hours has much to say about this popular rice dish in Rock Cafe.

The delicious fuss-free Uncle Huat Fried Rice was full of 'wok-hei', came with generous portion of rice laden with egg, char siew bits and juicy prawns. Not forgetting to mention that their sambal belacan rocks too! Thumb ups to this simple but delicious 'Chow Fan' that really worth the wait.

Grilled Chicken With Arabian Pita Bread/Arabian Briyani Rice
Grilled Chicken With Arabian Pita Bread/Arabian Briyani Rice
RM 10

Next, if you are a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine, then you must try the cuisine at the Arabian Corner. They serve a wide variety of more than 30 authentic Arabic dishes on the menu. We had Grilled Chicken with Arabian Pita Bread and Arabian Briyani Rice.

 Arabian Briyani Rice

Cheese Garlic Naan

The Arabian Corner attracts many customers for their fine Arabic taste and it's popular with many late-night supper kakies as they are opened past midnight until late 2am. So if you're feeling peckish, needing a bite at these odd hours, you'll where to go for some good eats at Rock Cafe in Sunway.

Chicken Teriyaki Don
Chicken Teriyaki Don
RM 7

Next, there's the Japanese Corner serving some of the favourites of Japanese delights of Teppanyaki, Yakitori and Teriyaki dishes. You can have your choice of meat from beef or chicken and eat it either with rice, egg and/or vegetables.

The Chicken Teriyaki Don served in a bowl of Japanese rice topped with Teriyaki-glazed boneless chicken thigh meat and scrambled egg. Generous with a good portion of chicken teriyaki and eggs, the don dish is good to the last bite for us.

Uncle Tan's Portuguese Grilled Fish

 Uncle Tan's Portuguese Grilled Fish

Seafood lovers are in for a treat dining at Rock Cafe. The 'Uncle Tan's Portuguese Grilled Fish' stall boasts of serving the freshest of the fresh seafood, handpicked and delivered daily from Pulau Ketam. Savour all kinds of seafood such as stingray, fresh sea prawns, white squid, mud crabs, cockles, bamboo clams, lala and much more.

Patrons can have the option of ordering the value set menu from as low as RM 10 that comes with seafood + rice or choose the seafood by weight and have it grilled with your preferred sauce and cooking style of Portuguese grilled or Banana leaf grilled.  

We tried their best-selling dish of 'Portuguese Grilled Sting Ray' and found the fish to be fresh, with its white flesh falling off the bone. Grilling with the house-made spicy sauce sealed in the rich taste of the stingray.  

Oh yes, if you're craving for some Penang-style Rojak Buah, get it from the grilled stall to complement your grilled seafood dishes.

Tandoori Chicken With Garlic Cheese Naan Bread
Tandoori Chicken With Garlic Cheese Naan Bread
RM 7

Pakistan food lovers can hop on over to this stall 'Tandoori Corner' to savour the original taste of Pakistan flavour. Their must-try is the Tandoori Chicken and Garlic Cheese Naan bread where Pakistan is famous for the famed Tandoor cuisine.

The Tandoori Chicken, perfectly marinated with the right amount of spicy yoghurt marinade and 'tandoori-ed' to a crispy-yet-tender perfection. A final squeeze of the lime juice over the freshly grilled chicken brings out the flavour, waking up our taste buds.

Traditional Melaka Nyonya Curry Nasi Lemak Ayam
Traditional Melaka Nyonya Curry Nasi Lemak Ayam
RM 6

There's also stall specialising in Nyonya Baba Malaccan cuisine called the 'Granny's Nyonya Kitchen'. Nasi lemak is served here with ayam lemak curry or fried chicken. Taking pride in serving only traditional Melaka Nyonya Curry Chicken cooked with fresh ingredients of herbs and spices made from scratch, diners will get a taste of the Melaka-style curry at this stall.

I was told 'Lemak' is the keyword to serving the best Nyonya food - so be prepared to be entice with  'Ayam Lemak Curry'; rich and creamy sweet lemak gravy served with coconut rice (nasi lemak) and sides of boiled egg and turmeric fried cabbage.

 Roti Canai Burger
 Roti Canai Burger
RM 6.50

We chanced upon a stall called 'Canai House' which serves up to 20 different variations of Roti Canai in the menu. I believe this stall is definitely a hit with roti canai lovers as you can have your favourite canai in any form with cheese, onion, peanut butter, banana, kaya, sausages, seafood and much more. Adventurous eaters can opt for their special canai menu of Roti Canai Burger, Roti Canai Pizza, Roti Canai Pizza Seafood, Roti Malaysia Special and Roti Coco. 

Our order of Roti Canai Burger was a creative combination of ham and eggs sandwiched between two light and fluffy roti canai served with dhall.

Chongqing Wonderful Dan & Mee
Chongqing Wonderful Dan & Mee
RM 6 (Small)

Chongqing Noodles stall at the hidden corner sells a variety of savoury Chongqing noodles, also known as 'Xiao Mian' in Chinese. Chongqing noodles is a popular super spicy and numbing noodles dish originated from Northern China.

Using a variety of seasonings, sauce and spices such as Sichuan peppercorn, you can order the two main types of 'Xiao Mian' dishes: noodles with soup or noodles without soup.

Grilled Lamb With Homemade Mushroom Sauce
 Grilled Lamb With Homemade Mushroom Sauce

Fulfill your craving for Western cuisine from Rock Cafe's Western food stall and be spoilt with the choice of over 60 food items in the vast menu. Well, since everyone's favourite choice of meat is lamb, we tried the Grilled Lamb With Homemade Mushroom Sauce.

 Indo Mee From Indo Deli

Indo Deli Spicy Hell Chicken with Noodles

Deep Fried Oyster Mushroom Shiitake Mushroom

  Deep Fried Shiitake Mushroom

Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry Rice 

If you have stomach for more, remember to check out the famous deep fried oyster mushroom and Shiitake mushroom, Indo Deli Spicy Hell Chicken with Noodles and Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry Rice too.

 Somersby Apple Cider
'Bucket of 4 Bottles' 
RM 46 

To wash it all down, we enjoyed icy cool Somersby Apple Cider that's a special promotion of 'Bucket of 4 Bottles' at RM 46 only. Currently, Rock Cafe giving beer lovers a run for their money with an ongoing promotion of  Carlsberg Smooth Draught with a 'Bucket of  3 Bottles' for RM 54.

Medan Rock Cafe
Jalan PJS 11/20
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel 03 - 5612 1333

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