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Monday, 22 January 2018

MANDALA Cafe & Bar At Solaris Dutamas Publika

MANDALA Cafe & Bar
Solaris Dutamas Publika

MANDALA Cafe & Bar At Solaris Dutamas Publika

There's a new kid on the block and the name is MANDALA Cafe & Bar. It's a new F&B establishment ~ cafe cum bar that has taken shape at Solaris Dutamas in Publika. Inspired by the persona of someone who is looking for balance in work and life and enjoys the finer things in life, MANDALA is bent on being a watering hole as well as good food that emphasizes the upscale experience.

Great Bonding Time With My Family At Mandala Cafe & Bar 

MANDALA Cafe & Bar is cut out to be a great place for hosting soirees, appreciating good wine, cocktails and distilled beverages. It welcomes anyone who seeks a place to unwind, drink, enjoy a good meal and escape the outside world.  

Blue Lagoon
RM 35

 Sex On The Beach
RM 35

Pink Mandala
RM 35

Private VIP Room

For those who prefer private get-together, there is a a private VIP room that is elegantly furnished, spacious and comfortable seating more than 8 persons.    

MANDALA’s House Pouring Wine
  • Red Wine- Chateau Haut Riot Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (France)
  • White Wine- Chateau Haut Riot Sauvignon Blanc 2016 (France)
The excellent ambiance is perhaps best enjoyed with MANDALA's extensive list of wine, spirits as well as speciality cocktails. 

Good Food, Good Wine & Good Company

They features a diverse menu of mouth-watering western delights with international and local flavours such as black angel pasta with grilled chicken, Grilled chicken with buttermilk sauce, golden soft shell crab spaghetti and lemon, garlic with butter mussels.

Fried Chicken Wings
RM 18

Kicking off with the starters, we had fried chicken wings that were the crowd favourite. Everyone enjoyed the sweet honey garlic sauce coating the crispy, well-marinated and juicy chicken wings and drummettes. What's I like about this dish is that chef did a good job with lightly battered wings without overdoing it with thick layered of coatings. 

This dish was gone in minutes with orders for second and third - tasting so good with sweet and savoury topped with sesame seeds enhancing the taste too. Remember to order this when you are here.  

Tomyam Popcorn Chicken
RM 16

Moving on to more chicken dishes, the Tomyam Popcorn chicken didn't fare too well for our liking. This could be due to the lacking of the rich flavour and fragrant of the Thai herbs and spices in the marination process. I can sense a strong flavour of orange in the dish instead. 

  Lemon, Garlic & Butter Mussels
RM 33

Making up for the least better dish, there's this mussel dish which gains top marks from my family who happens to be seafood - mussel lovers. Lemon, garlic and butter mussels is a simple dish cooked with fresh and juicy green mussels in a sourish sauce with lemon and garlic.

The sauce tasted best eaten with the toast, to soak up every last drop of the delicious briny sauce.

Golden Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti
RM 28

Going back to the mains, the golden soft shell crab spaghetti with an Asian twist is definitely worth trying. You have a full-size whole soft shell crab served with spaghetti cooked in spicy sauce. 

Presentation-wise, it is a simple dish good enough to tempt any soft-shell crab lovers as many restaurants are not as generous with the portion of serving a full-size crab for any pasta dish. 

MANDALA's Grilled Chicken With Buttermilk Sauce
RM 20

One of the highlight for the day is MANDALA's grilled chicken with buttermilk sauce. A good portion of the boneless chicken thigh was marinated to the max, I sensed the use of the flavourful Maggi seasoning most likely to marinate the chicken before pan-fried to perfection. 

The accompanying buttermilk sauce was rich and spicy with aromatic curry leaves added. Well, the grilled chicken is pretty good on its own or if you like, dip it in the sauce before eating. Served with a salad dressed in sesame sauce and toasted garlic baguette.    

Black Angel Pasta With Grilled Chicken 
RM 18

The black angel pasta with grilled chicken also hit the spot with strong fresh herbs and garlic sauce cooked with loads of fresh shiitake mushrooms and served with grilled chicken.

Pepperoni Pizza
RM 18

If the pasta does not appeal to you, try their Pepperoni Pizza that is served thin crust and is great to go with drinks. Choose from four choices of pizza in their menu to your liking.

 Rich Chocolate Brownie
RM 16

Chocolate Lava Cake With Ice Cream
RM 16

Desserts end our lovely evening with servings of two of MANDALA's signature sweet treats - Chocolate lava cake with ice cream and rich chocolate brownie.  

Menu For Dishes

 Menu For Dessert & Beverages 
Menu For Cocktails & Coffee

January 2018 Promotions
Free Cocktail For Ladies

- Valid from 15th January 2018 until 13th February 2018
- Ladies have to 'LIKE' MANDALA Facebook Page, CHECK IN during the visit and showed to their staffs to get the COMPLIMENTARY cocktail.
- There are 3 types of cocktail to choose from ~ Blue Lagoon, Pink Mandala, Sex On The Beach
- Every lady is only entitled to ONE Complimentary Cocktail

Free Appetizer When 4 Pax & Above Dine in MANDALA

- Valid from 15th January 2018 until 13th February 2018
- When 4 pax and above dining in MANDALA, all guests have to 'LIKE' MANDALA Facebook Page and show to the staff to enjoy a plate of complimentary appetizer of the day!
- One complimentary appetizer for single receipt

MANDALA Cafe & Bar 
D3-G3-8 Solaris Dutamas
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1
Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03- 6419 0382
Business Hour: 11am- 1am

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