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Wednesday 20 May 2020

Vegetable Name With Pictures In English & Chinese

Vegetable Name With Pictures In English & Chinese
Image Via www.webmd.com
Vegetable Names in English & Chinese! Learning the English & Chinese names of some of the most common vegetables is essential or important for us, right? There are many times I was caught trying to remember and figure out the correct names of certain vegetables and yet I can't do it.

During this Movement Control Order (MCO), many of us are cooking at home most of the time and trying to identify many varieties of vegetables at the supermarket. So I decided to compile and post this set of images for all to read on the blog now.

Well, recently I came around a Facebook posting and came across these set of interesting vegetable images that will definitely help us to remember and identify to name them all. Before you freak out and think, how in the world am I going to master all these vegetable names? Fret not, just go through them slowly and check out my blog post to learn 81 Vegetable names in English.

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