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Monday 18 September 2023

ICC Pudu - Best Spot To Eat All Malaysian Hawkers Food In Kuala Lumpur

ICC Pudu
Best Spot To Eat All Malaysian Hawkers Food In Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Jalan Cari Makan At ICC Pudu ~ ICC Pudu is one of the best spots to eat all your favourite local food for breakfast or lunch in Kuala Lumpur. This place is enormous, a top-rated hawker food centre that houses over 260 stalls offering all the local delicacies at this one-stop place!

Jalan Kijang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Closed On Monday
Open From 5:30am To 2pm

ICC Pudu is truly the hawker food heaven; All the local favourites are here, offering a massive selection for one to choose from. I spent 10-15 mins browsing through the stalls, finding it hard to decide what to eat that day! You probably have to return a few visits to try all of them.

Lala Noodles Soup 
RM 11

Lala Noodles Soup 
Come early if you wanna try their signature dish, the Lala Noodle Soup, as this is their Hot-Selling dish from their menu. You get a massive bowl of noodle soup with a generous amount of lala soaking in a fragrant broth seasoned well with wine & ginger.  

Imbi Pasar Mee Halia 
RM 12

Imbi Pasar Mee Halia [Stall G20]
The Ginger Wine Noodle Soup is another hit stall to order from! A unique dish rarely found elsewhere, it's a confinement dish for new mothers. Nevertheless, if you enjoy wine & ginger with egg, you must try this stall. The broth packed a punch rich with umami flavour, paired well with the fried egg, pork, prawns, Chinese Wine and sliced ginger.  

Steamed Fish Hor Fun 
RM 11

Steamed Fish Hor Fun [G62]
My first time trying this special dish & I ordered it after I noticed it was quite a popular dish after it appeared on many of the tables I curi tengok. Good choice if you're looking for a healthier option ~ Steamed Fish With Hor Fun - this is the best bet for healthy food, right? The fish slices were fresh and tender, while the zesty broth was sour & tangy with a strong lemony flavour.

Auntie Mei's Crispy Popiah 
RM 8

Auntie Mei's Crispy Popiah [Stall G17]
There's always a queue for this yummy snack. Every popiah is made upon order, and I enjoyed the crunchiness of every bite; the filling was generous, too; that is what I like about them. 

Fishball Noodles 
RM 8

The Fishball Noodles was just a plain, simple noodles dish. The toppings that came with it - Fish Balls, Fish Cakes, and Fish Wantan were quite good, but the soup was too plain, lacking in the umami flavour. I was expecting the sweet, flavourful soup boiled with anchovies, but it wasn't up to mark.

Highly recommend the Lala Noodle Soup, Imbi Pasar Mee Halia & Auntie Mei's Crispy Popiah, as these are to my liking! 

For a good cup of Kaw Kaw Kopi, you can try this famous Lintang Kopi Stall.  

Imbi Road Sam Kan Chong Pork Noodles Stall

Oh yes, before I end my post here, this is my favourite noodles to eat at ICC Pudu ~ The authentic 'Sam Kan Chong' Pork Meatballs are damn legit one kei. The owner has become our friend as we have been buying from him every weekend for many decades when his stall was at Pudu, just next to Pudu Plaza. On the day of my visit, his booth was closed - rest day, maybe. 

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