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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

McDonald’s BURGER SYOK Launch ~ 'Discover The World' Campaign With Lat

McDonald’s BURGER SYOK Launch
 'Discover The World' Campaign With Lat
McDonald's Burger Syok
Being a die-hard fan of McDonald's burgers and fries, I was pretty excited to hear about their latest campaign with Datuk Lat on the introduction of McDonald's Burger Syok at a recently opened flagship restaurant in Putrajaya. Datuk Lat was my all-time-favourite Malaysian cartoonist and I basically grew up reading his comic art in the newspaper every day. His comics were funny, down-to-earth and something we can relate to our daily life.
 Thumbs To McDonald's Burger Syok with Datuk Lat &  Azmir Jaafar, Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia
Thumbs To McDonald's Burger Syok with Datuk Lat &  Azmir Jaafar, Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia

McDonald’s Malaysia is giving Malaysians a taste of home with the introduction of Burger Syok. Available from 22 August to 16 September 2016, the burger is McDonald’s second limited time offer product launched under ‘Discover the World’ – a campaign that promises to bring the sights, sounds and tastes of different places from around the world to McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.
McDonald's Burger Syok
Inspired by the heady melting pot of flavors distinctive to Malaysia; Burger Syok celebrates the one thing that all Malaysians cannot resist – a love for all things spicy. McDonald’s Burger Syok is a scrumptious offering; featuring a whole chicken thigh grilled to melt-in-the-mouth tenderness, topped with a spicy Syok sauce and sandwiched between warm toasted black and white sesame seed bun with crisp and fresh mixed vegetables.
Datuk Lat's Special Appearance At The Burger Syok Launch
Datuk Lat's Special Appearance At The Burger Syok Launch
In conjunction with the launch of Burger Syok, McDonald’s has also teamed up with beloved cartoonist, Datuk Lat, to further amp up the Malaysian experience when enjoying Burger Syok. This collaboration showcases Lat’s iconic characters celebrating Malaysia’s diversity and collective uniqueness and will be prominently featured in stores nationwide as well as product packaging for Burger Syok.

“Most Malaysians grew up enjoying Datuk Lat’s work – seeing their own personal stories mirrored in his captivating vignettes of Malaysian life. On our part, McDonald’s Malaysia too has served as the backdrop for many of our customers’ fondest memories for over 34 years – growing to become one of Malaysia’s most favorite quick service restaurants. Therefore, this collaboration is very meaningful to us here at McDonald’s Malaysia as we aim to bring Malaysians together over our shared love and interests – particularly as we approach the upcoming celebration of Merdeka and Malaysia Day,” said Azmir Jaafar, Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia.
Datuk Lat made a special appearance during the Burger Syok launch, sketching out his famous characters live on stage, followed by a meet and greet session with adoring fans. 
McDonald's 2 Days Carnival In Putrajaya
McDonald's 2 Days Carnival In Putrajaya
His performance was one of the highlights of a two-day carnival also hosted by McDonald’s at its most recently opened flagship restaurant in Putrajaya, featuring games, dance performances and aerobics sessions with Ronald McDonald.

McDonald's Burger Syok
McDonald's Burger Syok
Burger Syok is priced at RM11.95 (Ala carte) and RM14.99 (Regular McValue meal – with regular fries and a Frozen Fanta). 

Watch This "Semestinya Syok Dengan Burger Syok" Video

For more information, visit: www.mcdonalds.com.my

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SUSHI & SASHIMI BUFFET ~ AGEHAN Japanese Restaurant Msia First HALAL Japanese Restaurant At Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam

Halal Friendly Hotel
Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam 
There are not many Japanese Restaurant in Shah Alam, Selangor; more so a Certified Halal Japanese Restaurant. We were honoured to taste out the latest offering from Agehan Japanese Restaurant which is the located at Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam, Selangor that offers you an array of Japanese cuisines. 

Sashimi Spread

This restaurant has acquired an official endorsement of HALAL certificate from JAKIM on 1st November 2009 thus making this restaurant that serves 100% Halal Japanese cuisines as the First Southeast Asian Five Star Hotel Accredited with Halal Friendly accolades.

Japanese cuisines are one of the Malaysian favourite cuisines and many have acquired the special taste to eating this fine cuisine. Especially for the customers of the Islam faith, they can now enjoy all the delicacies served at Agehan Japanese Restaurant which is a Halal restaurant certified by JAKIM without any guilt and doubt.

Sushi & Sashimi Family Feast Promotion

For the fans, Agehan Japanese Restaurant is offering a special Sushi & Sashimi Family Feast Promotion which are priced at as low as RM69.00+ for adult and RM40.00+ for children (4-11 years old).

Chef Muhd Rizza

The Sushi & Sashimi is specially prepared by Chef Muhd Rizza and is available only on Public Holiday, from 11.30am to 2.30pm for Lunch and 6.00pm to 10.30pm for Dinner.

Wide Selection Of Appetising Sushi

Japanese food lovers can now indulge in the range of Sushi types which are Makimono Sushi, Temaki Sushi, Nigiri sushi and Hosomaki Sushi, expect to be spoilt with California Maki, Tori Katsu Maki, Soft Shell Crab Maki, Cili Padi Tuna Mayo Maki, Agehan Temaki, Tamago Temaki, Tobikko Temaki, Shake Sushi, Grill Shake Sushi, Maguro Sushi, Chuka Idako Sushi, Unagi Maki, Avocado Maki and more.

Now let's feast your eyes on my selections of mouth-watering sushi, all fresh made for the Eat-All-You-Can Buffet ... 

 Ebi Sushi

 Chuka Idako Sushi

 Grilled Shake Sushi

 Shake Sushi

Maguro Maki

 Unagi Sushi

Kani Sushi 

 Tamago Sushi

 Shake Tempura Maki

 Rainbow Maki

California Maki

 Chef Maki

 Soft Shell Crab Maki

Dream Maki

 Shake California Maki

 Tuna Mayo Maki

 Tamago Maki

 Unagi Maki

 Avocado Maki

  Shake Maki

 Tori Katsu Maki

 Choose Your Favourite Temaki

California Temaki

Tabikko Temaki

Ocean Fresh & Succulent Sashimi 

For fans of Sashimi, Agehan Japanese Restaurant also served a range of slices of fresh Sashimi such as Maguro Sashimi, Shake Sashimi, Tako Sashimi, Ika Sashimi, Amaebi Sashimi, Unagi Sashimi, Aji Sashimi (Mackerel), Suzuki Sashimi (Seabass), Sanma Sashimi and Hotate Sashimi.

For this promotion, the restaurant also serves an Assortment of Desserts and Cakes. Green Tea (hot/cold), Coffee & Tea and Cordial are some of the beverages that are served for this buffet promotion.

Customers can make advance reservations through Agehan Japanese Restaurant at 03-5511 8811 ext 2623. All prices are subjected only to 6% of GST. Agehan Japanese Restaurant is well-equipped with Halal certified, endorsed by JAKIM.

Price : RM 69.00+ (Adult)
RM 40.00+ (Children) 4 – 11 years old
Date/Day : Public Holiday only
Time : 11.30am – 2.30pm (Lunch) &  6.00pm – 10.30pm (Dinner)

Venue : Agehan Japanese Restaurant, Level 1A
Hotel Manager : Tuan Haji Mohd Ghazali bin Sayed Ibrahim
Executive Sous Chef : Chef Firdaus bin Ismail
Japanese Sous Chef : Chef Muhd Rizza bin Azhar

Happy Eats At Agehan Japanese Restaurant

 Grand BlueWave Hotel
Persiaran Perbandaran
Seksyen 14 
40000 Shah Alam
03 - 5511 8811 EXT 2723, 2724 or 2725
Website: www.bluewavehotels.com
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/grandbluewave

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

PETSMORE 4 Days Crazy Sales RoadShow In Conjunction With "The Secret Life Of Pets" At Bandar Baru Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur

4 Days Crazy Sales RoadShow
 In Conjunction With
"The Secret Life Of Pets"
PETSMORE  4 Days Crazy Sales RoadShow  In Conjunction With "The Secret Life Of Pets"
Hello Pet Lovers,

Do u know that PETSMORE is running a "4 DAYS CRAZY SALES ROADSHOW PROMOTION" at all of their 13 outlets in conjunction with the new anticipated upcoming movie The Secret Life Of Pets !

PETSMORE  4 Days Crazy Sales RoadShow  In Conjunction With "The Secret Life Of Pets"
PETSMORE is the biggest competitive leading pet retail chain store in Malaysia, currently it has 25 branches surrounding at Klang Valley. PETSMORE has ranged various all kinds of live pets (puppy, kitten, small animal, sugar glider, hedgehog & aquatic), pet food, pet accessories, pet grooming service and much more.

The Secret Life Of Pets
The Secret Life Of Pets

PETSMORE has surprises waiting for you! PETSMORE launch a "The Secret Life of Pets (TSLOP)" WOW Promotion Roadshow is awaiting for you at their 13 outlets from 21 July till 2 Oct 2016 with many super goodies and great discounts! The roadshows will be held each week in a different location of Petsmore branch. 

shopping at their Bandar Baru Sri Petaling outlet
Last Saturday, I was shopping at their Bandar Baru Sri Petaling outlet, looking for some healthy and nutritious doggie treats for my pet dog, Maple.

Adorable Doggies
Adorable Doggies

Pretty happy to find out about PETSMORE current promotion campaign and went on a shopping spree with tasty snacks and treats for my Maple with their RM30 Cash Vouchers for their 1st 200 Members with no min purchase!  

RM30 Cash Vouchers for their 1st 200 Members with no min purchase!

So-called early bird catches the worm... PETSMORE specifically build super goodies for the early birds! Don't miss it!!

Super Goodies 1
1000 units selected products up to 70% OFF for your lovely furkid while stock last and each member is entitled to get 3 units. Hurry come & grab it for your lovely furkid!

Super Goodies 2
RM30 shopping voucher with no minimum purchase will be given to first 200 early birds. The most important are no minimum purchase, so let’s grab some stuff for your lovely furkid now!

Super Goodies 3
Dirty fur? Smelly Body? Painful sharp nails? Too hyperactive? Hates bath time? No time and tired of cleaning your dog? Sounds all familiar? Voila! Look no further! PETSMORE offers all breeds cats and dogs 5 sessions basic grooming for only RM10 first come first serve 200 early birds! PETSMORE normal basic grooming range rm50-60 is now offering you 5 times grooming for only rm10! Leave your furry buddies to our professional groomers and let us take care of the rest!

Super Goodies 4
Looking for a pet? Ready for a new family member? First 200 early birds will get RM300 pet voucher. For those ready to be a pet parent or add a new family member, don't miss this best opportunity because this precious RM300 pet voucher only can be used within this 4 days to let you bring home a lovely cute furkid! At the same time, add on RM88 to get 12 sessions basic grooming & 12 days pet hotel stay worth RM1584 when you bring a new cute puppy or kitty home. With this 6 months professional service, new pet parents will understand the important of pet care knowledge from PETSMORE. Terms and Conditions applied for new pet owners entitled to extend pet health warranty from 3 days to 7 days.

Super Goodies 5
Not to be missed! PETSMORE is offering 100 units cages & furniture while stock last at WOW PRICE! Good quality cages & furniture up for grabs, don’t miss this opportunity!

Lucky SPIN time would be on 2pm-3pm & 5pm-6pm, don’t miss your chance to SPIN! 
Super Goodies 6 

Lucky Wheel SPIN Section! All transaction during this 4 days crazy sales are entitled the chance to SPIN & WIN 1 prize (RM1500 pet voucher, rm100 shopping voucher, RM50 shopping voucher, RM10 shopping voucher & etc) following: 
  • Receipt RM150 get 1 SPIN 
  • Receipt RM300 get 2 SPIN (Spin 2 times & choose 1 prize) 
  • Receipt RM450 get 4 SPIN (Spin 4 times & choose 1 prize) 

Super Goodies 7

Do you love hamtaro?? Do you love cute small furry pets?? PETSMORE is rewarding top performance student's who achieve 80 marks and above in exam, show your exam results to enjoy RM1 hamster offer and bring a hamster home! Ideal for small pet lovers and those who prefer to have smaller companions are entitled to get a cute hamster as low as RM8.99! Good opportunity for you to grow with the knowledge of pet handling and pet companionship! 

More surprises are waiting for you! In celebration of this film, PETSMORE also launched a series limited edition promotion!!

Limited Edition Premium Collection

You can now collect TSLOP Limited Edition Premium Collection (caps, foil cups, badges, toys, frisbee) at PETSMORE. Grab any of these 11 big brand selected products (Eukanuba, Iams. Alps Natural, Iskhan, Nutrience, Dr.Pro, Merrick, Pro Balance, Ciao, Singen & Inodorina) within this 4 days promotion period to enjoy up to 70% OFF for premium collection! Hurry & collect them all now! 

In addition, PETSMORE and co-branded also bring more goodies for you~ 

Second@50% Off 

Grab any selected products of this 4 major imported brands of pet food / snacks / canned food (Eukanuba, Iams, Alps Natural and Iskhan) to enjoy up to 50% off@Second! 


Grab any selected products of this 3 major imported brands of pet food (Nutrience, Dr.Pro, and Merrick) on RM1@Fourth! Definitely worth it! 


Not over yet! Grab any selected products of this 3 major imported brands of canned pet food (Pro Balance, Ciao and Dr.Pro) to enjoy as low as RM0.10@Seventh! Can you believe it?RM0.10 yeah! Buy it will not regret!

3 FOR 2

At the same time, PETSMORE also has Taiwan imported pet supplement brand - SINGEN and Italian imported pet cleaning & beauty brand - INODORINA with 3 FOR 2 promotion. What is 3 FOR 2? It is Buy 3 Pay 2! Buy or not? Buy buy buy! 


PETSMORE Love Card Member are entitled to get many benefit & privileges:

  • FREE 2 Days Pet Hotel Stay Per Year 
  • Up to 7 Days Health Warranty for Pet Purchase 
  • Extended up to 30 Days Products Exchange 
  • 5% Discount On All Purchases 
  • Extra 5% Discount for Birthday Celebration 
  • Love card Member Day Promotions 
  • Earn Point & Point Redemption 
  • Promotion Update Notifications 
WOW! So many goodies for you! What are you waiting for? Let’s go to PETSMORE at any of their participating outlets now with your friends & family to grab some stuff for your lovely furkid! Your lovely furkid must obediently stay at home & wait for your reward!


Check Out Their List Of Outlets For The 4 Days Crazy Sales RoadShow as follows:

21 to 24 Jul 2016       - Empire Shopping Gallery 
28 to 31 Jul 2016       - The Mines 
4 to 7 Aug 2016         - Bandar Puteri Puchong 
11 to 14 Aug 2016     - SS15 Subang Jaya 
18 to 21 Aug 2016     - Bandar Mahkota Cheras 
25 to 28 Aug 2016     - Bandar Baru Sri Petaling 
15 to 18 Sep 2016      - Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara 
22 to 25 Sep 2016      - Bandar Park, OUG Mega Mendung 
29 Sep to 2 Oct 2016 - SS2 Petaling Jaya 
6 to 9 Oct 2016          - Cheras Viva Mall 
13 to 16 Oct 2016      - Kota Kemuning 
20 to 23 Oct 2016      - Subang USJ Taipan 
27 to 30 Oct 2016      - Kepong Metro Perdana

Stay Tuned For More Info On Their Roadshow News !

Website: www.petsmore.com

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