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Friday 5 August 2016

FATT KEE ROAST FISH 發記招牌特色烤鱼 Seafood In A Pan At Jalan Pasar Pudu Kuala Lumpur

The One & Only
I’m so blessed that we live in a country that is filled with an abundance of food, never short of amazingly delicious food. You can find that there is almost a new cafe or restaurant serving unique dishes every other day.

Seafood Dish In A Pan That Went Viral In Social Media 

In fact, during this social media era, chances are you have come across a viral post about a new latest haunt offering a new type of food, such as gigantic milkshakes, molten cake served in a glass jar and etc. You have probably also seen a seafood dish served on a silver pan, filled with semi-clear broth. 

Famous Fatt Kee Roast Fish
(Roadside Stall)

With Passionate Ah Fatt & Wife 
~ Humble & Friendly Husband & Wife Team ~

Fatt Kee Roast Fish started out as a roadside hawker fare alongside Jalan Pasar in Pudu, where patrons actually seat by the road to enjoy this meal. I have always believed that the best food is found on the streets. I think the award of a one Michelin Star in Singapore to a hawker stall selling chicken rice is proof that belief resonates with food critics worldwide too. 

Best Of Malaysian Food Are Found In The Streets

Fatt Kee Roast Fish ~ Brand New 2nd Outlet

A Stone Throw From Their Road Side Stall

So back to Fatt Kee Roast Fish, after operating about 6 months with booming business, all thanks to the viral shares of the dishes in social media, they have expanded to opening a restaurant just across the street where patrons have an option of dining in the air-conditioned shop or again along the roadside, just right outside the shop. They still run the original roadside stall, concurrently with the new restaurant.

Comfortable Indoor Air Conditioned Restuarant

As Always The Crowded Roadside Stall

Being a huge seafood fan, I knew I had to try it one day and I put that into my growing list of food to try. And last weekend, I finally got the chance to try this dish which they call it as “Roast Fish”, a direct translation of its name in Mandarin.

It’s a little funny for us, banana (non-Chinese speaking) people as roast fish in English would mean that the fish is cooked by roasting. However, don’t be surprised as this dish is actually cooked with clear soup broth.

Lusciously Tasty Looking Spicy Seafood Dish 

Prawns Lovers Kind Of Dish

The menu is a rather simple one where you have an option of picking the type of seafood you would like, such as the Triple Seafood Option (RM 88), Triple Seafood with Fish (RM 99) or the Premium Seafood (RM 188). 

You can also opt to choose the type of fish you would like if you have a preference. There are the Jin Feng, You Pan and Ma You option for you. Of course, you can also add on additional items such as Lala (RM 20), squid (RM 20), Enoki Mushroom (RM 3) and tofu (RM 3).

For all the three options, the soup base is similar where the herbal broth is used to cook each respective ingredient of the dishes. The only difference is the option of the level of spiciness, where more chillies are added in.

You can increase the level by simply requesting to upgrade to the next level; these upgrades are at no charge up until the Level 4 (D). Any level thereafter will be charged RM 10 from Level 5 (E) onwards to Level 7 (G) at RM 18 for the highest level of spiciness.

Signature Roast Fish Dish 
Choice of Fish ~ Garoupa

It is recommended to first try the Level 1 of spiciness, just to roughly gauge the level of spiciness which you can handle. The chillies used are really spicy and is made by a combination of chillies from four different countries; Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and Brazil.

Signature Roast Fish Dish 
With Level 1 (A)

For me, I tried three different level of the broth from the normal one which consists of the Herbal Broth with Sweet Corn to Level 1 (A) and Level 2 (B) of spiciness. I found the herbal broth to be very flavourful with a tinge of natural sweetness from all the ingredients used, especially corn.

Mixed Seafood Dish At Level 4 (D)

I’ve naturally been able to take spicy food like the usual super spicy ‘cili padi-s’ to curries! What I found from eating those two different levels of spicy broth was that Level 4 (D) spiciness was super spicy already with the first taste but it got waaaaaaaaaaaaaay unbearable as you go on. Level 2 (B) spiciness was actually just the perfect for me, hitting the right notes of spicy but still flavourful.

Prosperous Treasure Wok
RM 188

Truly an amazing dish filled with treasure from the sea served in a wok - Concoction with a plethora of seven types of succulent and fresh mixed seafood consisting of Fresh Water Prawn (Sang Har), Giant Sea Water Prawns (Ming Har), White Squid, Lala, Mussel, Abalone, and not forgetting the lovely Scallops too.

Fresh Catch From The Sea

Choose your pick of your personal favourite choice of seafood and enjoy the super spicy broth with the ocean fresh catch. Do note that we are the Level 3 (C) for this dish and it was totally unbearable for me. 

Latest Creation ~ Seafood In A Hanging Wok

Come and check out my choice pick of the day - Loving the Giant Sea Water Prawns (Ming Har) in the Prosperous Treasure Wok!

Spicy Chicken Hot Pot
RM 48 (Small) & RM 68 (Big)

There are also other non-seafood dishes available such as the delicious Spicy Chicken Hot Pot, Stir-fry vegetable and omelette, which honestly tasted like home-cooked dishes! If the main dish of seafood in soup broth is not of your fancy, you can also try the Chicken in Clay pot where additional add-ons like tofu and enoki mushroom can be added to complement the chicken dish.

Add Ons - Side Dishes

Spicy Chicken In Claypot for Non-Seafood Diners

Stir Fry Sweet Potato Leaves with Chilli Padi & Garlic

RM 15

RM 10

And that is pretty much all that Fatt Kee has to offer, which is rather limited in terms of choices. But then again, if you’re at Fatt Kee, their signature dishes are all you would want to have and that would suffice already.

Thumbs Up to famous Fatt Kee Roast Fish發記招牌特色烤鱼 for their super delicious seafood cuisine. I'm truly impressed with the humble and friendly husband & wife team, people that are truly passionate about their food. 

Churning new fusion dishes inspired by her Chinese wife from China, they both tweaked the recipes to suit local taste. Everyone loves their Spicy Seafood Dish In A Pan. From a small roadside stall to a brand new restaurant in less than a year, there's an inspiring story to tell. 

My dining experience at Fatt Kee is indeed an interesting one, especially since I was able to push my limits in terms of how spicy I can handle. But even that aside, the freshness of seafood cooked in broth have won me over, craving for more! I’d strongly recommend a visit to this restaurant / hawker stall. This is actually one of those rare gems which are worth the hype over. So do drop by to experience it!

Simple One Page Menu

Side Dishes Menu

Fatt Kee Roast Fish
(Original Roadside Stall)
No:25 Off Jalan Pasar
55100 Kuala Lumpur
(Behind RHB Bank Pudu)

(New Indoor Air Cond Restaurant)
Jalan Seladang, Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur
(Opposite Old Stall & Next to Mamak Restaurant)
Tel: 016-916 3999

Opening Hours: Daily 5pm to 12midnight

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