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Friday 4 March 2016

SHELLOUT Seafood Restaurant ~ "A" Treat For Seafood Lovers @Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya

Restaurant Offers Diners A New Dining Experience In Klang Valley 
ShellOut Seafood Restaurant

Seafood dining is an experience in itself. If you find yourself craving for delicious seafood, especially fresh and meaty crabs and lobster, head on over to ShellOut Seafood Restaurant in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara to indulge yourself in seafood satisfaction.

Dining at ShellOut Seafood Restaurant brings about an entirely different experience of savouring scrumptious ocean delights without any cutlery nor plates or bowls to eat with. Just dig in with your bare hands over the tasty crabs, lobster, crawfish, scallops, prawns and baby crab just to mention a few. As a matter of fact, it's worth getting your little fingers dirty just to dig out every delicious morsel of meat. 

ShellOut's incredibly good food has brought people from all over Klang Valley to their restaurant. The 3 years old restaurant in Kota Damansara had expanded their business to another outlet at Setia Alam, Shah Alam. 

Weekday's crowd comes in after 8pm, so be early if you do not wish to wait. Make an early reservation especially for weekends, as it can get a bit crazy as their customers come in droves and waiting time is around 45 mins to an hour. Do check out their new outlet at Setia Alam as I was told that it's definitely more spacious with more seatings and less crowded too.

Well, here I am sitting happily with an apron shouting a clear message of "Life Is Too Short To Be Serious. Let's Eat" while waiting for my seafood dinner. The table been laid with a special made waxed paper and a big roll of kitchen towel with no cultery or plates. Oh yes, when you're at ShellOut, let's just Eat and Eat and Eat! 

Once seated, order from the menu ~ 'What's Your Catch' - choose from the impressive selection of crustacean and seafood ranging King Prawn, Crawfish (Yabbies), Clam (Lala), Green Mussel to Giant Scallop, Bamboo Clam, Octopus, Canadian Lobster and lastly King Crab Legs.

Next, 'Pick Your Sensation' - choose from the 5 types of sauces (refer menu) for your seafood and finally, spice up your dishes with level of spiciness from Mild to Medium to OMG!  

Side Snacks & Drinks Menu 

Service is good and prompt at ShellOut. Orders made are quick to be served, the waiter will come with a bag load of your pick and 'dump' everything on the table; of course, remembering to squeeze every single drop of the flavourful sauces too!  

Our first course consists of Extra Large Size Crabs (XXXXL) served with Corn On Cob, Broccoli and Potato, having it cooked in Shell Bang Sauce (Lemon Pepper + Butter Garlic) based on recommendation from the staff.

Fresh, Lip-Smacking Seafood

Meaty Crabs ~ RM 98.90 ++ per kg (XXXXL)

Top Shot Of  Crab-li-cious Shell Bang Crabs

Sinful Pleasures With Flavoursome Sauce 

Yabbies or Crawfish

Crawfish ~ RM 50.90++ per 500 grams

Succulent King Prawns, RM 55.90++ per 500 grams

Giant Scallops ~ RM 29.90++ for 6 pcs

Green Mussel ~ RM 31.90++ for 8 pcs

Bamboo Clams ~ RM 20.90++ per 500 gram 

More Scallops cooked in Garlic Butter Sauce

Camera Eats Top Shot Before The Real Eating Starts!

Our Last Dish of The Finest Crustaceans ~ Canadian Lobster

Clawfully Good Lobster, priced at RM 179++ per kg (Market Price) 

The finale for the wonderful dining of seafood treasures from ShellOut ended with serving of the Canadian Lobster. This prized catch came weighing a bit less than 1kg; at 700 grams costing RM 125.30++ for this dish. 

Our waiter was always around to help out some 'desperate seafood lovers' like us, when we are totally at lost how to go about savouring the lobster. He crafts his way with a pair of sharp and thin scissor, cutting off head, limbs, claws and follow by the abdomen of the lobster to reveal the succulent and sweet-tasting meat.   

A Craft Out Lobster Ready To Be Served

My Choice Pick Of The Day For Vegetable
Broccoli & Cauliflower In Butter Garlic Sauce

Apart from the mains, diners can pick from vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, corn-on-cob, potato and sausages to go with the rest of the seafood dishes.

Silver Pomfret (Big Serving)

There are also fried food items if you like which includes shishamo fish, soft shell crab, white bait to fried chicken wings, chicken nuggets, silver pomfret. sweet potatoes, cajun fries and many more choices to pick from.    

Delightful Bites of Sweet Potatoes Fries with Crispy Silver Pomfret 

Tummy Happy Of Auntie Lilly Posing with Crabs

My Family Of Foodies with Blogger aka Fatty Jason who blogs at fattyjason.blogspot.com

Double Thumbs Up To An Amazing & Unique Experience Of Dining With Hands At ShellOut Seafood Restaurant

Nothing left to see except for the empty shells, even the sauces are all scraped clean with fries to soak up the sauces! 

Overall, it was a very satisfying and tasty seafood dining at its best. Pricing for the food is based on the weight of the seafood. Be prepared to pay a little bit more for the seafood. A great way to savour the seafood with friends and family is by having a wide selection of them served on the table. 

Eating out with your hands is so fun and exciting. No worries, it's finger-licking good and no one looking at you in the restaurant, so no need to mind your manners at ShellOut. Just chill and take delight with your bare hands into the fresh catch and mouth-watering plethora of seafood at ShellOut Seafood Restaurant!    

Let ShellOut's finest crustaceans crawl their way into your heart today!

Pictures Credits to my daughter, Carmen Hong aka a die-hard crab lover who was inspired by the truly delicious meal while having an enjoyable dining experience at ShellOut during this food-tasting session. You can view more of her beautiful and mesmerizing shots at her blog post > www.carmenhong.com

SHELLOUT Seafood Restaurant
Kota Damansara Outlet 
16-1 Jalan PJU5/15
Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 - 7497 1137 or 016-418-4616

Setia Alam Outlet
11 Jln Setia Dagang AK U13/AK
 Setia Alam
 40170 Shah Alam

Setia Alam outlet 016-4194616 or 03-58794394

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