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Monday, 7 March 2016

5.1 Cafe Gallery Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur ~ Raving About Tortillas & Coffee

Raving About Tortillas & Coffee
New cafes and restaurants are popping up like mushrooms in Sri Petaling, making the F & B scene in this area a hip and happening hub now for great food and drinks. One of the newbie is the 5.1 Cafe Gallery - a 7 months old cafe in Jalan Radin Bagus 5, located at the several new commercial blocks in Sri Petaling.

Warm & Charming Koh, owner of 5.1 Cafe Gallery 

The brain child behind 5.1 Cafe Gallery is a husband and wife team with Koh managing the cafe's beverages section while his wife planned out the menu. with great ideas and variety of offerings, from all-day menu of baked cheese rice, pizza, sandwiches, big breakfast to salad, light bites/snacks and heavenly desserts.   

You guys must be wondering I guess - just like me, why the cafe is called "5.1 Cafe Gallery". Do you know that coffee is slightly acidic with a pH value of 5 to 5.1? Well, this is how the founder came up with the unique and quirky name for his new cafe.  

 Comical & Cute Latte Art To Brightenen Up Your Day

Koh's great interest in coffee had lead him to offer a wide variety of latte with different flavours, including caramel, tiramisu, matcha, and hazelnut. Some of the coffees, such as matcha and mocha latte, are served with cute and beautiful coffee art. 

RM 10.90

Do request your favourite latte art from their crews and you will be amused with the delightful creative and appealing latte art in each cup of latte!

Macha Latte
RM 10.90

 Walls are adorned with nice shots of food pictures served here to entice your appetite!

 Retro Wall Hangings

5.1 Cafe Gallery is an art-fusion themed restaurant with vintage set up - very interesting and captivating. Interior is dominated by memorabilia of the past, filled with unique accessories eg. old camera and clock creating a different kind of ambience.

Pretty fascinating just to walk around and look at the cute ornaments that are now being used for decorative purposes. It may looks like a trendy coffee place from the outside but once you step in, you are greeted with warm smiles and a beautifully designed space where you can spend hours eating and chatting with your friends and family.

Relaxed Hangout Spot

Beautifully rustic furnished with wooden planks and furniture made from recycle wooden pallet, creating a casual and cosy dining ambience for its diners to chill and relax.

Currently, 5.1 Cafe Gallery serves great-tasting pizzas and desserts mainly made with crispy tortilla in both savoury and sweet flavours to pick from. 

I was delighted that their dishes here is great as proven from their tortilla-based pizza and mains of chicken chop which is everyone's favourite for that night.

Tortilla Chicken
RM 15.90

Their winning dish of Tortilla Chicken is highly recommended. Serving portion of a whole deboned chicken thigh, thick and chunky ~ well-marinated and lightly coated with flour before being deep fried to crispy perfection.

Apart from that, their house made black pepper sauce has a generous helping of black pepper makes the chicken even more tastier and spicy. This is served with salad in a tortilla wrap. Meat lovers like most of us will definitely go for this real value-for-money great-tasting dish any time of the day!

5.1 Tortilla Pizza
RM 12.90

Another hot seller of 5.1 Cafe Gallery is this simple but tasty 5.1 Tortilla Pizza. Do not under-estimate by the look of this unassuming bacon and mushroon pizza. It's combination of mushrooms, cheese, fresh tomato, cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce and savoury smokey bacon is a winning combination you ought to try out.

The pizzas come in one size as the signature tortilla (mostly used for their dishes) is used as the base for the pizza toppings. So if you have never enjoy the carbs and the usual thick dough like me, you will be delighted to try out this crisp, light and thin crust tortilla pizza, available only at this cafe!  

Hawaiian Tortilla Pizza 
RM 12.90

Following up, another pizza to check out if you are a fan of BBQ sauce. The Hawaiian Tortilla Pizza is slightly different from the previous one as it's topped chicken ham instead of bacon, with extras of BBQ & sesame sauce but similarly has button mushroom and lots of cheese to it. I'm not into BBQ sauce especially for pizza, so this version is just average for me. 

Sensational Bite
RM 12.90

Well, this is the owner's personal favourite breakfast or rather the 5.1 Cafe's Sensational Bite. A twist to the boring sandwiches, this one is practically added with everything you can think of such as chicken ham, cheese, crab roll, lettuce and topped with mouth-watering premium sausage; drizzled over with BBQ and tomato sauce to complete the act. Real comfort food quality, something different and out of the norm. Love it!

Crispy Crunch Banana 
RM 12.90

Next, checking out the range of tortilla based desserts, we come across this Crispy Crunch Banana. It's seriously for chocolate lovers so to say ~ With an overload of chocolate goodness; tortilla is covered with banana slice, almond and peanut, drizzled over with sweet chocolatey syrup and topped with vanilla ice cream, garnished with strawberry.  

Our Cereal 
RM 12.90

I have never try cornflakes pizza before, neither am I crazy about cornflakes per say but the Our Cereal pizza is different, providing lots of crunch in every bite. It's basically a tortilla based pizza topped with cornflakes, chocolate chips, raspberry jam, vanilla ice cream garnished with strawberry.

Can get kind of messy while trying to eat it with the cornflakes falling all over. I think it will be great if they improvise and use crushed cornflakes instead, so it'll be less messy and have some cream cheese spread with lots of fresh fruit like blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, strawberries etc to add colour while looking beautiful too.

Tweety Bird
RM 13.90

A picture-pretty dessert called Tweety Bird. Crepe-style dessert using tortilla to wrap cream, mango cubes, nutella spread and artistically drizzled with chocolate sauce for a pretty effect. Looks good with all the complimenting ingredients but failed in execution. 

Gets quite messy when we try to eat and cut it open, cream gets kind of mashed and squeezed.... haha, my poor pretty dessert, end up looking messy. I still prefer mine in crepes or waffle where it's easier to cut and eat!
Anyway, all in all ~ 5.1 Cafe Gallery with some hits and misses is still a great place to check out if you are looking for ambiance and a private cafe to chill and hang out with you buddies. Remember to order your favourite cup of latte or macha, gets it pesonalised with a cute latte art design to bring a smile to soothe your tired soul and body.

If you looking to indulge in a sinful but pleasureable meal, just order their Tortilla Chicken and end your dining with sweet dessert of Crispy Crunch Banana. Perfect ending to a satisfying meal at 5.1 Cafe Gallery!

No.11-1 Jalan Radin Bagus 5
Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/5.1cafegallery

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  1. Currently, 5.1 Cafe Gallery serves great-tasting pizzas and desserts mainly made with crispy tortilla in both savoury and sweet flavours to pick from.

    I was delighted that their dishes here is great as proven from their tortilla-based pizza and mains of chicken chop which is everyone's favourite for that night.

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