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Saturday, 12 March 2016

White Horse Tavern Ampang @ The AmpWalk Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur

White Horse Tavern Ampang is gastropub style restaurant, more of a cosy English Tavern and family-style restaurant. Helmed by their in house chef extraordinaire, Chef Yogi, serving up tasty, down to earth fare like good old fashioned pork ribs and pork knuckle; a wide selection of grilled meats with mouth-watering sides and finger licking snacks.

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It's a great place to meet for after-work drinks, with an extensive selection of local and imported beers and wine; specialise in ice cold beers and premium scotches, which alone would be worth visiting for.

White Horse Tavern pride themselves on  being one of those places where you can relax over a cold drink & hot food and catch up with friends, family, that football game or a book you’ve been planning to read for a while now. There is also a live band on Friday’s, pub quizzes, Salsa nights and other events, which you can check out on our FaceBook Page for their latest updates and promotions.

Bar Counter

Located on the street level at Amp Walk Mall on Jalan Ampang, the venue offers both a balcony with tables and seating creating an oasis to relax and unwind, as well as an interior den of warmly furnished ambiance to make you feel like home. Apart from that, there's fairly ample parking space available at the mall.

Do check out this family restaurant that comes with a well-decorated and cheery Kids Corner complete with kiddies table, chairs, stools and toys to play with too. Young children bound to have a great time playing at the kids corner while adults can chill or unwind over good food, drinks, music and games.

Enjoy All The Finer Things In Life
Well Stocked Deli Counter

White Horse Tavern stands for high quality meat and offers the freshest food for a wholesome meal. The almost refreshed daily deli counter gives diners the freedom to handpick their favourite choice of meat to be grilled specially for you. Choose from the well stocked deli counter with an extensive selection of meats and sides to whet your appetite.
Awesome Chef Yogi
Mandatory Post with His Pork Knuckle

Chef Yogi also wowed us with his craving skill on a carving demonstration with his signature oven baked pork knuckle to heighten our dining experience that night.

Warm & Friendly Mr. Mohan Ramachandren, the owner of White Horse Tavern with Chef Yogi 

I was told that some of the hot favourites were the Honey Comb Glazed Pork Ribs, The Pork Burger, The Hellfire XL Sauce and the Pizzas. While the lunch set menu is catered to those looking for a quick but fulfilling bite, the ala carte menu invites guests to linger and savour their unique dishes.

Roast Pork Knuckle

Roast Pork Knuckle, served with creamy spicy mustard, prune and apple compote, streaky bacon and jacket potatoes.

Pork lovers will simply loves this huge pork knuckle, roasted to crisp-skin, tender-flesh perfection. Succulent with crisp skin accompanied with creamy spicy mustard with side of streaky bacon and jacket potatoes, balanced with the sweet clean flavours of prune and apple compote. 

Certainly makes a satisfying meal for meat lovers and it's a heavy meal to have on its own, so it is best shared over ice cold beers.

Star Of The Night
Honeycomb Glazed Pork Ribs

Honeycomb Glazed Pork Ribs: Chef Yogi's palate-melting creation to please all the senses and satisfy your cravings for delicious pork ribs.

Highlight of White Horse Tavern dishes; a Must-Try has got to be the their famous Honeycomb Glazed Pork Ribs prepared in perfect flavour of grilled pork ribs glazed with pure honeycomb all the way from Cameron. The honey combs are all organic and natural and procured from Cameron Highlands and go very well with the perfect grilled ribs.

Served with a jacket potato, corn on the cob and a sauce of your choice, the Honey Comb Glazed Pork Ribs is their house special, being the only restaurant in town serving such a unique dish. The ribs had crispy and savory skin, with a tender and juicy interior that was oozing with flavor.

Paring it with honey brings out the best in the ribs. It was suffice to say that both bones were licked clean that night.  Very well-executed and thumbs up for that!

Chef Yogi Signature Pork Burger

Dig into their porky menu featuring their juicy Signature Pork Burger. Chef Yogi's popular signature creation apart from the Honey Comb Glazed Pork Ribs, has got to be their delectable Pork Burger.

Generous serving of 180gm patty of perfectly grilled juicy patty is sure to fill up even the most hungry of diners. The gourmet burger has a house made patty coated with the Hellsfire XL sauce, layered with caramelised onions and lettuce between toasted buns with tasty crispy fries, coleslaw and salad on the sides.

A delicious and juicy pork burger on the menu, I truly enjoyed eating this porky goodness with a super chunky generously portioned thick burger patty that is wider than a human jaw. The Pork Burger is a meaty porcine delight that literally fires the taste buds because of Chef Yogi’s signature Hellsfire XL sauce. 

Chef Yogi has been experimenting with this sauce for a while now and has perfected the sauce. Though, he still insists that it is a work in progress. The sauce is spicy and has layers of heat that build up as you eat. Warning, you can’t stop eating it!

BBQ Chicken Wings

Next was BBQ Chicken Wings: Chicken wings grilled to perfection and tossed in Chef Yogi’s signature BBQ Sauce.

If it is not already crystal clear. Chef Yogi's affection for gastronomy is also evident in her BBQ Chicken Wings. Right down to the sauces for every dish he prepared, Chef Yogi believe in making everything from scratch.

The wings was a sizzling plate of meaty indulgence, richly seasoned with selected spices, grilled to  mouth watering perfection that was tantalising and filling yet not too overwhelming on the palate. 

Beef Pie

Pie lovers will enjoy the house made Beef Pie, another creation by Chef Yogi. The pie's minced beef secret filling served in a flaky crusty pie crust with creamy mashed potatoes, veggies and roast gravy sauce.

Chicken Pie

Yummy and wholesome fare of Chicken Pie to tempt your taste buds. Chef Yogi’s chicken pie secret recipe filling served in a flaky crusty pie crust with creamy mashed potatoes, veggies and roast gravy sauce.

For those lacking the appetite for beef or chicken, the Fish Gratin makes an excellent choice for those seeking a healthier option of white meat instead of red meat. You will love the simple but tasty treat of fin fish served in a cheesy white sauce with potatoes.

The Gratin and the meat pies were a perfect complement to all the pork based dishes and balanced the heat and flavour of the other dishes. Hearty and full of flavour, perfect as comfort food quality with the melt-in-the-mouth smooth and soft mash potatoes.

Dad’s Breakfast Pizza

Another crowd favourite here is the Dad’s Breakfast Pizza. At first glance, this dish looked simple and uncomplicated but its true test was in its taste. Truly a the perfect breakfast, the Dad's Breakfast Pizza features eggs, sausages, bacon, mushrooms and hash browns with cheddar cheese on a thin crust.

Light  and crunchy texture of the rustic dough as it perfectly complemented the savoury toppings that came with it. It has everything you need for a good breakfast on one sinfully cheesy thin crust pizza.
Deep Dish Alfredo Pizza

For those who crave for good old Gouda, Dutch cheese pizza, can opt for the Deep Dish Alfredo Pizza. A perfectly grilled fin fish, gouda cheese and cream served on a thin crust pizza, great eat. Loved the rich, unique flavour and smooth texture of the special Goudas, best paired with beer or wine.

Small eater looking for light bites while chilling with a beer or two, must try these melt-in-the-mouth, delightfully tasty Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms. Chef Yogi presented the rich and earthy flavoured portobello mushrooms stuffed with mozzarella cheese and grilled mushrooms; wrapped in bacon prior to be grilled to perfection.

Every bite brings out different taste and texture combining the meaty side of the mushroom, umami from the pork together some chewiness from the shimeji mushroom for the extra texture. Here again, the taste goes prefectly well with a bottle of good wine or ice-cold pints of you favourite beer. 

All in all, I had a great dining experience at White Horse Tavern savouring some of the best cooked meat I've ever tasted. Satisfy your cravings for delicious and good-old fashioned wholesome fare with their house made pizzas, pies, grilled meat among others, savours appetising creations by their creative Chef Yogi.

Come weekends, prepare to relish a mean Sunday Roast at the restaurant, where you can relax with your friends and family; enjoying an authentic British Sunday Roast over ice-cold pints or bottles of your favourite beer or drink of choice.

White Horse Tavern is the perfect place for those who enjoy good food and drinks by folks who enjoy great food and drinks. Their mantra is simple, good food brings great happiness and if Chef Yogi is not satisfied with what is made, it does not get served!

Arrangements can be made to host birthday parties, a celebration, a product launch or host an elegant dinner followed by a great after party at White Horse Tavern.

White Horse Tavern
Lot G08B Grd Flr 
218 Jalan Ampang
 55000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 2166 0708
Business Hours: 11am till 1am

Insta/ Twitter: @WHTavernMY

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