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Saturday 11 August 2018


A Hotpot Of Goodness Awaits Diners
 LUNCH ~ RM 35.90+ (Adult) 
 DINNER ~ RM 45.90+ (Adult) 
 Child ~ 90 to 130cm gets 50% Discount 
Child Below 90cm Eat For FREE

HOT POT restaurants are a dime a dozen but Fei Fan Hotpot sets itself apart with its healthy choices and Hongkie elements. In any hot pot, the soup and fresh ingredients are the most important things that make up a wholesome meal. Fei Fan Hotpot Hong Kong-Style Buffet Hotpot in SS15 Courtyard Subang Jaya completely nailed it with its own special pork bone soup coupled with several recipes of homemade meatballs and signature sauces.

Lot G-10 SS15 Courtyard
Jalan SS15/4G
47500 Subang Jaya

 An Enjoyable Dining Experience At Fei Fan Hotpot  

Hotpot lovers can now enjoy hotpot in Klang Valley's latest nook - Fei Fan Hotpot - which literally stands for "Extra Ordinary Hotpot" in Cantonese. Located strategically in the bustling SS15 Subang Jaya, this newbie hotpot restaurant offers a hotpot dining experience unlike any other. 

Crowd's Favourite ~ Spicy Mala Soup

Fei Fan Hotpot stand apart from the rest as it is known for its Hong Kong concept in serving a broth base made from quality pork bones. Several flavours are available, including Pork Bone Soup, Pepper Pig's Stomach Soup, Spicy Mala Soup and Tomato Soup, and patrons can choose up to two for their meal.  

My Top Pick
Signature Pork Bone Soup

All the soups are made from the based of pork bone broth which is cooked for more than six hours to fully extract the porky milky flavours. The four different soups are distinctive in taste.

Signature Pork Bone Soup

My favourite was Fei Fan's Signature Pork Bone Soup.  This mild pork broth is somewhat sweet and its flavour gets richer as various ingredients are added in the hotpot.

Pepper Pig's Stomach Soup

If you're looking for a pepperish spicy soup, then go for the Pepper Pig's Stomach Soup. Here, you have a mild version of the white pepper soup with a rich and thick milky texture.

Spicy Mala Soup

Those who prefer something spicier and strong in flavours can opt for the Spicy Mala Soup which is a favourite among the younger generation.  

Tomato Soup

Last but not least, the Tomato Soup is a good choice if you wanted something healthy - sweet to mildly sour. This soup is good to have if you are dining with young children as this flavour will definitely appeal to their palate.     

KJS Hua Tiao Clay Jar Series Chinese Wine
Green Porcelain (10 Years) RM 120/Bottle
Brown Porcelain (3 Years) RM 46/Bottle

At Fei Fan, you can purchase these exquisite Hua Tiao Chinese wine to add-on on to your pork bone broth if you like. These wine will not only mask the gamey taste of meat but also enhance the final flavours of your soup. 

We add in some wine on our second round of the hot pot broth.

Yums-Yums My Healthy Dining Choice

Apart from the broth, the restaurant prides itself on serving homemade meatballs that are prepared daily from fresh ingredients to maintain its originality. Patrons get to savour a range of handmade meatballs such as homemade Pork Ball, homemade Chicken Ball, homemade Beef Ball, and Tau Foo Pok With Pork Meat.

Assorted Handmade Meatballs

Homemade Pork Ball

Homemade Chicken Ball

Homemade Beef Ball

Tau Foo Pok With Pork Meat.

Patrons can also expect plump-looking handmade Shrimp Dumpling, handmade Chives Dumpling as well as the unique homemade Fish Noodle. 

 Handmade Shrimp Dumpling

Handmade Chives Dumpling 

Unique Homemade Fish Noodle

Fei Fan's Buffet-style spread offers up to fourteenth fresh handmade hotpot food items and these include Pork Collar/Shoulder, Pork Belly, Pork Intestine, Pork Liver, Beef Slices, Chicken Slices and their special Chicken with Rice Wine too.   

Pork Collar/Shoulder

Pork Belly

Pork Intestine

Pork Liver

Beef Slices

Chicken Slice

Special Chicken with Rice Wine

Special Chicken with Rice Wine ~ This is something really special, you can get any other hot pot restaurants. The chicken thigh flesh was marinated for a day with the in-house concocted sauce with rice wine. Flavoursome, sweet-meat & it also helps to tenderise the meat. 
Also available from the buffet-line are fresh vegetables, mushrooms, seafood tofu, crab stick, yam, pork balls, noodles as well as ice cream for dessert. Different food items are placed on the self-service buffet line and are changed daily for variety, so regular patrons coming back to dine will not be bored and they get to try a wide selection of food items. 

Vegetables, Tofu, Crab Stick, Yam, Carrots

Housemade Udon, More Vegetables, Enoki Mushroom, Pork Balls, Seafood Tofu, Crab Stick Ball, Potato Slice

Broccoli, Oyster Mushroom, Pumpkin Slice, Lotus Slice, Seafood Tofu, Button Mushroom, Meat Ball, Beancurd Roll

A Must Try ~ Housemade Udon

Noodles fans must try their special Housemade Udon - this probably the first I found in a hotpot restaurant that does not only make their own meatballs but serves their own udon noodles. So what you get is fresh, ala-dente (not soft) and chewy udon to go with the flavourful pork bone soup.

 Spinach Noodles, Foochuk & Eggs

No hot pot meal is complete without the right sauce, and Fei Fan offers that, and more. They took it to another level with a selection of twelve variety of sauces. Spoilt-for-choice with a selection of three house-made sauces, ranging from Thai Chilli Sauce, Belacan Spicy Sauce to Ginger Chilli Sauce, there's also the signature sauce that you must try.

DIY Fei Fan Signature Sauce

Fei Fan Signature Sauce

Damn Spicy ~ Thai Chilli Sauce

 Bearable ~ Belacan Spicy Sauce

 Ginger Chilli Sauce

 Get Your Dessert Treat Of Soft Serve Chocolate, Mint & Vanilla Ice Cream Here

 Orange & Honey Lemon Cordial Drinks

Mint & Lemon Drink

Chinese Tea RM 6/Pot
Tiger Beer RM 15/Bottle
Coke/Sprite RM 3/Can

Apart from the buffet items, Chinese tea, beer, soft drink and Chinese wine are available from the drinks menu.    

Overall, I truly enjoyed my dining experience at Fei Fan Hotpot. Fresh ingredients, delicious broth with homemade food items make up a wholesome hot pot meal for all. I like the buffet-kind of dining 'Eat-All-You-Can Buffet' as it allowed me to enjoy the entire menu and eat whatever I want.

Fei Fan Hotpot welcomes you into a delightful cosy atmosphere for a relaxing and enjoyable one-of-a-kind hot pot experience. The seating area is spacious, bright and airy. Each table comes with an in-built induction hob for ones to cook.        

Spacious Indoor Dining Area
Lovely Bright & Airy Outdoor Dining Area 

Buffet Time 
Lunch 11am to 5pm
 Dinner 5pm to 11pm

Fei Fan Hotpot Hong Kong Style Hotpot Buffet is priced at RM 35.90+ (Adult) and RM 17.95+ (Child) For LUNCH &  RM 45.90+ (Adult) and RM 22.95+ (Child) For DINNER at 120 minutes per session.  Children between 90 to 130cm height are entitled to 50% Discount for lunch and dinner while children below 90cm height get to eat for FREE.

Students are most welcome here as they enjoy 20% Discount on Weekdays for LUNCH BUFFET 11am to 5pm.

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SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PROMOTION FOR SEPT 2018Birthday Boy/Girl Get To EAT FOR FREE with 3 Paying Adults. It's valid within 3 days Before & After the actual birth date and proof of IC is required for identification for this BIRTHDAY Promotion. 

So don't wait anymore, come let's get your family and friends together for a scrumptious birthday celebration over a hot pot of goodies at Fei Fan Hotpot now!

Location Map To Fei Fan Hotpot

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  3. hi, great informative post.. is it everything include the meat are refillable?

    1. Yes, it's a buffet with eat-all-you-can style. The meat are all refillable.

  4. Food is satisfy and nice place to located in subang jaya. But staffs are disrespectful conversation with customer which are from Philippines staffs. If the staffs have bad behaviour no-one come to there restaurant. Unstasify for service......

    1. Hi, can i know is the homemade food all refillable?

    2. Yes, it's a eat all you want concept - u can order ala carte from menu & other side dishes is self-service buffet-style from the buffet line.


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