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Wednesday 1 August 2018

HOKKIEN MEE At Jalan Dua Chan Sow Lin Sungei Besi Kuala Lumpur

One Of KL's Best Hokkien Mee In Town
Jalan Dua 
Chan Sow Lin Kuala Lumpur 
HOKKIEN MEE At Jalan Dua Chan Sow Lin Kuala Lumpur  

Hi-hi, any Hokkien Mee lovers out there? Every single person I know is crazy and obsessed with Hokkien Mee. Haha... from my foodies family to my sisters-in-law and right up to my schoolmates or bloggers' gang.  

Each of them will definitely have their own special or favourite place to go - getting those cravings to satisfy the tummy for a good Hokkien Mee in town. Me too, have a few of my personal favourites getting my kicks of the comforting thick, rich and flavoursome 'Fook Kien Chau'. Read on as this is one of my favourites!

Roadside Stall 
Jln Dua Off Jln Chan Sow Lin
Kuala Lumpur
Location Opposite Chan Sow Lin Foodcourt
Operating Hours: 5pm till 11pm
Closed on Sundays

This is an impromptu post actually. The food images were taken with my Mi handphone as this was a late night supper with my foodies and hubby after a 'not-so-filling' food-tasting session at a restaurant, so we adjourned to this noodles stall by the roadside at Sungei Besi in Chan Sow Lin.

I heard that this stall has been here for many decades for around 4 decades and even my hubby remembers coming to eat there with his late father. My foodies' friends and I gave our thumbs up to this yummy Hokkien Mee for it's full of Wok-Hei, possesses fragrant aroma of the perfect 'Fook Kien Chau' should be!

See The Moist, Rich & Thick Hokkien Mee Loaded With Pork Lard

This good-tasting slightly burnt aroma noodles comes with a decent amount of pork slice, prawns and the crucial ingredients of 'Chee Yau Char' - deep fried pork lard, something that's a Must-Have for the Hokkien Mee. It was not too oily either and comes in thick, dry and sticky black sauce coats every single strand of the yellow thick noodles. 

Definitely a hot favourite among the locals by judging from the numbers of plates forming during peak periods. Using the lard, this Hokkien Mee comes nicely moist, rich and thick best eaten with the sambal belacan and minced garlic too. Spicy chillies and pungent garlic, it complements the dish perfectly.

Oh yes, be prepared to wait - my record time was waiting for more than 45 minutes when we dropped by for a takeaway for dinner time. But if you come later at night or much earlier before the dinner crowd arrive, perhaps the crowd will be lesser and waiting time is definitely shortened.    

If you have not heard of this place, then you must come and try it for yourself to give me your verdict in the comments below. Please share your personal top best place to eat the Hokkien Mee if you have somewhere that you think that deserves a mention here.

Location Of  The Hokkien Mee Stall

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