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Friday, 31 October 2014

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse @Avenue K Kuala Lumpur

Swanky Way To Wine and Dine 

If you are in search of an exclusive meaty dining experience, try Samba Brazilian Steakhouse in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Capturing the soul of Brazilian cuisine, this steakhouse serves premium top quality meat on skewers grilled to perfection together with an assortment of grilled seafood.

They offer Churrasco (pronouned as shoe-has-ko) style dining, where fresh meats and vegetables are grilled and brought directly to your table by their meat servers. Distinctly a South American style rotisserie, it owes its origins to the fireside roasts of the gaúchos of southern Brazil traditionally from the Pampa region, centuries ago.

Be prepared to feast upon a wide array of highly appetizing buffet spread of renowned international delicacies ranging from Brazilian dishes, chilled seafood bar to refreshing salad and selection of fresh sushi and sashimi complete with wasabi and ginger.

Exclusive Fine Dining With a View of The Petronas Twin Towers

Those who have never been to Samba Brazilian Steakhouse in Avenue K, should definitely pay the restaurant a visit. The view of The Petronas Twin Tower from the balcony alone is quite breathtaking. Nothing gets any better that dining with barbecue food with an overwhelming scenic view of the towers.

The restaurant's impressive cellar

Modern and unique furnishing sets the mood for a lavish buffet spread  

Elegant Setting

City’s trendiest dining spots like Samba Brazilian Steakhouse shines through with in house bar and live band throughout the night to entertainment the diners. Classic attention to detail shines through at this fabulous modern Brazilian restaurant with its retro furnishing, cosy ambience and stylish decor.

Be prepared to feast upon a wide array of highly appetizing flaming smoking good grilled meat with more than 20 types to choose from. Fans of beef, this is a meat haven for you as they are known to serve its diners fresh and tender beef, it tastes exceptionally good as it is meltingly tender.

Bacon wrapped delights with Prawns, Beef and Chicken breast 
(From left to right)

Marinated seafood and meat on skewers grilled to perfection served by their meat servers which are polite, discreet and purposeful. They move through the restaurant from table to table, first bearing a skewer of freshly grilled or barbecue meat, slice it nicely piece by piece skillfully.

Smoky Wonder: Rump Steak 

The meats are premium meats with a good ratio of fat and lean meat. Craving the beefy-li-cious Rump Steak at the dinner table for a dramatic presentation. 

Standing Out: Rib Steak

Signature Rib Steak ~ Gloriously char, lusciously tender and juicy. Get ready to sink your teeth into it and indulge with satisfying meaty goodness at every level.

Special Vertical Rotisserie used to cook the Rib Steak to perfection
Delicious looking: Sirloin Steak and Lamb Leg

Coax your tongues and taste buds to a delicious platter of succulent and moist sirloin steak together with juicy lamb leg. Totally flavourful and flame-licked to perfection, so good you can eat it on its own without any dipping sauce.  

Chunky Peppery Beef in Skewer with Capsicum 

 Star of the Night: Savoury Premium Smoky Duck Breast

We rarely stumble upon duck for skewers and surprisingly, the meat is rather tender and with a little fats, it's luscious to bite along. Delightfully tasty with the smoky flavour, I just can't get resist not having a second or third slice after my first bite. It offers a tender texture infused with a savoury, smoky flavour. My favourite for the night!

Glorious looking: Black Pepper Chicken Sausage, Bacon wrapped chicken & Chicken Thigh
(From left to right)

Special Chicken heart, Chicken Char Siew, Quails
(From left to right)

Non-beef eater fret not, this restaurant offers its diners a wide range of chicken grills to tempt your palate with selections such as black pepper chicken sausage, bacon wrapped chicken, BBQ chicken thigh to special Chicken heart, Chicken Char Siew and even Quails.

Fresh & Tasty Grilled  Squid, Pineapple & Fish Fillet on Skewers
(From left to right)

Freshest: Prawns wrapped with Bacon

Proud of the lavish buffet barbecue, they serves not only meaty grills but also variety of seafood such as prawn in bacon wraps, chunky fish fillet and squids.

These are some of my favourites for the night. All Bacon wrapped items are simply delightfully to eat and light on the stomach. I  really enjoy eating the well-marinated small morsel of meat and prawn on skewers grilled till close to perfection. And -Oh My God-they tastes so wonderful, I'm still fantasising as I'm writing about it days, afterwards. 

Thumbs Up for the meat & meat-servers too!

So, get your lips smacking and taste buds tingling... Samba Brazilian grills are some of the best cooked meat I've ever had.

Green & Red Chips

Another unique feature the restaurant practices is that you will be given a chip looking similar to the ones used in casino - red and green on each face. While your chip remains green side up, the meat servers will continue to bring fresh selection of meats to your table. When you have finished or would like a break, simply turn your chip red side up and the meat servers will skip your table.

The Buffet Spread 

Diners spoilt for choice with an interesting array of dishes to choose from the buffet line.

Baby Potato & Mushroom Sauteed, Creamy Bechamel Penne 
(Clockwise from the Top) 
Cheesy Parmegiana Beef, Summer Rice, Fish Moquecca  
(Clockwise from the Top)

Various Choices of Pasta Salad

For starters, diners can have the widest range of salads to pick from starting with Caesar salad, Tropical fruit salad, Potato salad, Greek salad to Pasta salad.   

A lovely distraction to all the meat 
Colourful Tropical Fruit Salad & Fresh Romaine Lettuce 

For Seafood lovers, there are cold platter of Chilled Tiger prawns, succulent Oysters and fresh Slipper Lobster available with some Tabasco sauce.  

Premium Offering: Fresh Oysters and Slipper Lobster 
Blue Cheese & others types of cheese offerings
Cold Meat ~ Chicken Mosaic, Turkey Sandwich & Beef Pastrami
(Clockwise from top)  
These are famous Brazilian savoury soups and beans based stewed dishes. They are Pinto Beans, Beef Rubacao, Nuts Vatapa and Shrimp Bobo.
Assorted buns, garlic toast,  Roast Chicken & Steamed Fish are also part of the scrumptious buffet spread.

Japanese spreads of Sushi, Sashimi, Seasoned Baby Octopus and Jelly fish 
(Clockwise from Top)
Passion Fruit Mousse

Ending the feast with a tempting dessert ~ Passion Fruit Mousse. Creamy and rich, sweet yet sour, there is an explosion of tastes and sensations. A Must have for dessert lovers!     

Diners can chill and enjoy some  interesting cocktails specially concocted from the bar  

The Team behind the Restaurant
Daniel Kok, Daniel Lira, Mariana Barbosa ~ Brazilian Chef & Michel Peter  
(From left to right) 

One For the Album ~ Uncle Hong & I with Chef Mariana Barbosa & Michel Peter 

Auntie Lilly having great time while taking photos with some hot & pretty looking Brazilian models 

Feeling excited posing with the gorgeous & sexy Samba dancers 

Roda De Samba was one of their event I attended during my review session on 24th October 2014. 

 Buffet Lunch Promotion ~ Pizzaria Rodizio Lunch Buffet 
RM 29 ++ from 1.30pm to 3pm (Mon-Fri)

 A la Carte Snacks Menu
 Pasta & Salad Menu 

 Happy Hours Promotion

 Monday Dinner Buffet Promotion 
Pay RM 99++ with an additional of RM 49.90++ for Free flow of Caipirinha

Tuesday Promotion of Free House wine for 6 paxs 
 When you come together with your family & friends 6 paxs & above get a bottle of House wine on Every Tuesday

Wednesday Night Promotion
Dinner Buffet @50% Discount only For Ladies

Besides that, they have a weekend promotion ~ Brunch Buffet for only RM 69++ from 11.30pm to 3pm (Sat & Sun). Churrascaria Dinner Buffet is available daily for RM 99++ from 6pm to 10.30pm (Daily).

Myself with my fellow bloggers, Joanne ,Vivian Chooi & the Brazilian models

Summing everything up, I'm happy to say that I had a wonderful experience dining at Samba Brazilian Steakhouse. The food is top-notch, service is good and the company I dine with that night are awesome. Many thanks to my friend, Joanne blogger @luvfeelin.com that extended her invites to my hubby and I.   

Also, if diners feel like partying after their meal, they can head to the dance floor for salsa night!    

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse
L3-3 & L3-4A
Level 3, Avenue K
156 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 2181 8112 / 2181 8212
Operating Hours: 10.30am to 10.30pm Daily

Facebook: SambaAsia & KualaLumpurSamba
Website: www.Samba-asia.com

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