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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Doiffee Cafe @Taman Desa Kuala Lumpur

Beyond Coffee and Cakes 

There are many new cafes with unique features and interesting ambience to explore in Klang Valley, especially with the cafe culture becoming popular over the last few years. Most of these quaint cafes managed by both families and friends are located in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

Tucked in a quiet corner among the shoplot in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur, this cafe offers a variety of freshly brewed specialty coffees, soothing teas and ice blended besides freshly baked cakes. While the menu is small the food is light and tasty, the home cooked style pasta are to die for and the coffee is great. The service is good and friendly.

One of the newest cafe in the neighbourhood barely 3 months, Doiffee Cafe is a family-run business. Situated on suburban residential area, this is a lovely place to stop over for a cup of coffee and cake or a light meal.

Rustic and Homely Decor

It has a charming atmosphere with rustic and homely touches, from antiques, small potted plants, wall decors to the wood-grained tables. The attractive raw brick wall has character and warm tones while the cafe counter are made from unique design of sliced wooden logs which helps to create a focal point in the cafe. A casual and relaxing space that is both cosy and welcoming to their patrons. 

Drinks Menu
Cappuccino ~ RM 9

Coffees start at RM7 for a single espresso, but I loved their Cappuccino. Espresso with steamed milk topped with a layer of foam milk, this suits me fine as I enjoy the luxurious texture of the frothed foam.

Blended well with their Caribbean South American-Cuban beans, offering a stronger espresso flavour and certainly makes a satisfying drink for caffeine lovers.

Doiffe's Popcorn Latte

Introducing specially concocted drink by Doiffee themselves, Popcorn Latte is a good combination of Highlander Coffee and caramel syrup and turns out, well-balanced between the two flavours. I would described as having a flavour like 'buttered popcorn'.  

Hot Chocolate ~ RM 11

For those who love their chocolate drink strong and thick, try Doiffee's Hot Chocolate. The fresh concocted cocoa drink is made using several types of dark chocolate from Belgium, France and Swiss produce, promises a rich and bitter chocolatey beverage.     

Affogato ~ RM 13 

Our favourite will be Affogato which uses high quality Kapiti ice-cream from New Zealand to go with their espresso coffee from France. Soothing and addictive hence the strong flavour and works well alongside with the creamy ice-cream.

Iced Americano ~ RM 8 & Iced Latte ~ RM 11

For something more common, opt for the Iced coffees which uses a special shaved ice (alkaline based water) with properties that doesn't melt easily and stay cold longer. Both are great drink to quench thirst especially on those hot days.   

As I'm done with the drinks, let move on to the food .....

Food Menu on Wooden board

Amidst the rustic surroundings, Dioffee's team of mother and son delight diners with their repertoire of light salad and all-day dining favourites. Their papaya and mango salad are such a lovely mixes of sweet, sour and spicy flavour. 

Papaya Salad ~ RM 9

A spin-off of the pickled papaya, Penny's special recipe of the Papaya Salad is local fused with Thai influences. Finely julienne raw papaya is both crunchy and well-marinated, this makes a great light and refreshing appetiser any time of the day.

Guilt Free Mango Salad ~ RM 9

The Mango Salad is another one of Penny's great salad. Something more exotic, made from premium mango imported from Thailand. Freshly shredded raw mango served together with peanuts for the added crunchy bite, chopped chilli padi for the spiciness and special fish sauce with lime juice for dressing.

Zesty, spicy and appetising, taste good till the last spoon, highly recommended for those mango lovers. 

Healthy Summer Salad ~ RM 13

Next on the list ~ Colourful and Picture pretty Summer Salad. This tangy combination of green capsicum, cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, carrots,  pomegranate, alfalfa and kaffir lime leaves with special 'Refreshing' or 'Oriental' dressing. An option of two dressing will get you to zoom into a zippy-dee mood of those lousy days!

Mango Sticky Rice ~ RM 9

In addition to the refreshing salads, Doiffee cafe also offers sweet treats. There are two choices on the day of my visit - Mango Sticky Rice and Coffee Jelly

The fragrant glutinous rice is a result of rich coconut milk marination, well-cooked with special technique as the rice is not too starchy or mushy. Served with premium Japan Lily mango with a spoonful of rich sweeten coconut milk on the sticky rice. It tastes particularly nice with the sweet fragrant mango.

Next up, Doiffee takes pride in their pasta dishes as Penny, an excellent cook with ample of experience and crafty mind come up with ideas for the cooking. She executes them very well too in her following two dishes I'm about to introduce.
Her pasta dishes are available in two styles; Seafood and Kerabu style. We attempted both and find that both are extraordinary and truly an unique dish on its own which can't be found any where else.

Drunken Seafood Spaghetti ~ RM 18

Penny's Thai-infused dishes is just simply amazing and delicious especially this signature Drunken Seafood Spaghetti. Tasty and light in flavours, this wine infused pasta comes loaded with fresh prawn, chunky squid and scallop. Fresh chopped chilli padi gives the kick and with spiciness coming from the hot peppercorn. A fantastic treat for seafood fans. 

So if you are looking for something spicy, you won't go wrong with this Drunken Seafood Spaghetti, and do have it with extra chillies too.

Kerabu Chicken Spaghetti ~ RM 13

Their Kerabu Chicken Spaghetti is also great value for money. Definitely a good choice for the health-consious as this Thai-style pasta dish is cooked with lots of fresh herb like basil, kaffir lime and mint leaves together with minced chicken, peppercorn and chilli flakes. They've got the pasta perfectly al dente here, full of sting and zest. Thumbs up for that!      

Coffee Delight -  Koi Fish shape jelly
RM 10
Emerald Jelly ~ RM 5 for 4 pcs

Spot light of the day would probably be this special Jelly Coffee dessert. A home made jelly - coffee flavoured known as Coffee Delight and pandan flavoured cute little green jelly called Emerald Jelly.

We ended our meal with the final surprise, some jelly to reminisce childhood for some of us perhaps? An absolute delight to taste such nice tasting coffee jelly and richly pandan flavoured emerald jelly that will put a smile on every faces.

Premium Kapiti ice cream all the way from New Zealand

All in all, a pretty cool place to hang out. Menu may not be extensive but its cakes and ice cream with brewed coffees and premium teas are the attractions at Doiffee Cafe for the time being. Their artisan roasted coffees are popular, with shots at prices between RM 7 and RM 14. Check out their Affogato and Popcorn Latte, they really rock.

10A, Jalan Desa Jaya
Taman Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012 - 639 0405
Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday (12.00pm to 10.30pm)

Facebook: Doiffee
Instagram: #doiffee
Website: www.doiffee.com

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  1. Their artisan roasted coffees are popular, with shots at prices between RM 7 and RM 14. Check out their Affogato and Popcorn Latte, they really rock.


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