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Wednesday 6 May 2015

Cha Po Tion Seafood Restaurant @ Sekinchan Kuala Selangor | Food Trails ~ Food Tripping

Sekinchan ~ Kuala Selangor 
Food Tripping

I always believe that food bonds people together. My family loves food and travel, so we are always on a look-out for good food and good places to eat and have some family time together. We had lots of fun and share many unforgettable experiences of food-tripping, going on culinary trips to seek out good food.


Recently, my foodie family decided to go on a 'Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan' trip seeking out the best in Sekinchan and Kuala Selangor which are famous for their fresh and cheap seafood. Recommendation came from my friend, Jason Liew aka blogger at fattyjason.blogspot.com, tempting us to go on a food trip to Sekinchan, a small town located in the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

Restoran Cha Po Tion

Our first stop for an early brunch was at Restoran Cha Po Tion, famous for their shark soup, seafood porridge, vermicelli (mee hoon) seafood soup, steamed lala and deep fried calamari among others. We make it a point to arrive much earlier at around 9am to avoid jamming with the tourist and dine peacefully with the locals.

A lively fishing village, Sekinchan is often visited for its fresh seafood. It also draws diners from Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh where seafood lovers come all the way just to savour the delectable seafood here.

It is advisable to arrive early before 11am to dine at  Restoran Cha Po Tion. You see, the locals usually come to eat here for their breakfast or early lunch at 9am to 11am. The 2nd batch of crowd ~ outsiders or tourists starts coming in after 12pm in droves, jammed packed the restaurant and it can get a bit chaotic especially on weekends.

Spicy Sour Vermicelli or Meehoon Seafood Soup
RM 20

We started off with famous dish, Spicy Sour Vermicelli or Meehoon Seafood Soup. An excellent combination of fish slices and fish balls cooked in a broth of pickled mustard green (ham choy) with tomatoes.

Highly Recommended Dish 

You will love the special vermicelli used in the fish broth, it's thicker and smoother to taste. The fish balls were out of this world, super bouncy and fresh and fish slices was tender and succulent. Parsley added in the flavourful soup brings out the character and taste. Real comfort food for me!

House Specialty ~ Shark Soup
RM 14

This is my first time trying out this Shark Soup. My family and I really enjoyed eating these baby shark fillets especially my young son as it was served boneless. The sweetness of the fish was accented by the pickled mustard green (ham choy) topped with a generous amount of parsley and chopped spring onions. 

Seafood Porridge
RM 25

Another winner again, this rich seafood porridge was practically loaded with sweet and fine tasting shark meat slices and firm large water prawns. Cooked Teo-chew style as you can see the rice are still firm and intact after being cooked in the piping hot soup.

Deep Fried Calamari
RM 20

Deep Fried Calamari was lightly dusted with flour and fried till crispy, our crunchy calamari was served with home made chilli dipping sauce. Portion was generous and for once everyone in the family got to eat to their heart contents. No fighting over who's getting how many pieces or who's eating more !  

Superior Soup Lala with Ginger (Xiong Tong Lala)
RM 16

This is the best lala dish I had ever tried. Totally fresh, a wonderful briny flavour of the sea served steamed with superior soup with ginger slices which enhance the overall experience bringing out the natural marine saltiness in the clams. Generous portion and slightly bigger in size as compared to those I ate in KL or PJ. Remember to savour every single drop of the broth of this dish as it was really tasty.

Our bill came out to a total of  RM 100 only which worked out to a mere RM 20 per person with 5 dishes and 5 bowls of rice. I had to say that the pricing and quality of the food served in this place was second to none. Worth the drive and truly satisfying meal for my foodie family of 5.

We took a short ride to Pantai Redang Beach to stroll along the beach and visited the Chinese temple too. We made our prayers at the temple and took the time to write our wishes on the red ribbons. Stalls were set-up along the beach, some selling food and drinks such as deep-fried crayfish, pan-fried Oh Chien (fried oyster omelette), stir-fried clams (lala), lime juice, fresh coconut water among others.

 On top of the many tree houses by the beach 

Perfect Mother & Daughter Selfies 

Happy Family Picture
 with a gorgeous backdrop of the 'Wishing Tree' entangled in red ribbons 

Each of us wrote out our wishes on red ribbons provided at the temple and hang it on the wishing tree, with hopes they will come true for each of us.

Seize The Day ~ Capture The Shot

Fried Oh Chien (fried oyster omelette)
RM 10 per piece

Fried Oh Chien (fried oyster omelette) is a favourite hawker food in Redang Beach. There are plenty of choices to enjoy this delicacy around the beach as most stalls are selling it.  

Deep Fried Crayfish
RM 1 per piece

Stir Fry Dish of Lala  

Next, we took a short drive to Sekinchan town from Redang Beach to 'Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan' at this small fishing town. Luck was with us as we spotted a small crowd lining up at a little roadside stall, selling some fried snacks.   

It's easy to find this stall as it is located along Jalan Bahagia, facing the junction and a coffee shop called Old Friend Kopitiam.  

The husband and wife team together with their daughter sells a wide range of crispy fritters from banana fritter (goreng pisang) , sweet potatoes fritter, radish cake to hot-selling prawn fritter or better known as cucur udang.  

Best-Selling Crispy Cucur Udang
RM 1 per piece

We loved the extra big piece of the crunchy cucur udang or prawn fritter priced at RM 1 per piece only. The difference is that these tasty bites are loaded with prawns unlike those sold back in Klang Valley. Do remember to come down to Sekinchan town for this little nice snacks as you probably won't want to miss it, right?

Goreng Pisang In The Wok

We indeed had a fun and full-filling day with scrumptious seafood brunch, praying at a temple and enjoy the panoramic view of the Redang Beach. Good food, great place and most of all, happy-bonding time with my family. 

It was a perfect day for us which left us with wonderful memories of our food tripping in Sekinchan. We continued our culinary trip to another fishing village at Sg Janggut, Kapar ~ Kuala Selangor on the same day after visits to the Rice Museum & Padi fields. 

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Cha Po Tion Restaurant
9990B Jalan Besar Bagan
Bagan Sekinchan
45400 Sekinchan 
Tel: 016 - 6761 769

Redang Beach 
Jalan Pantai Redang
45400 Sekinchan

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  1. Remember this quote "A FAMILY THAT EATS TOGETHER, STAY TOGETHER'' ... Take time off from busy schedule to go on a day trip with family and friends to unwind and de-stress :-)

  2. Had a fun and full-filling day with scrumptious seafood brunch, praying at a temple and enjoy panoramic view of the Redang Beach. Good food, great place and most of all, happy-bonding time for my family. It was a perfect day for us which left us with wonderful memories of our food tripping in Sekinchan.

  3. Thank you auntie Lilly! Glad that you enjoyed my recommendation! :) A family that blogs together, stay together too! :)

  4. I agree with that food bonds two people together. I also love to food and travelling. We had went to San Francisco restaurants last week and we had a great time there. It was truly an unforgettable experience.

  5. As amazing as those pictures of you guys and the food, you have to take some of the journey too. Pull over a few times and snap some pictures of the surrounding area. Looks like such a great place to travel with friends. I bet you guys really had some great times during your journey through the villages with each other.

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks

    1. Yes, its true. Family travelling together really bonds together. It doesn't matter where you travel to with your family, its just being together enjoying each other company, trying out new food, checking out new places .... making wonderful memories together, that's all it matter :-)


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