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Thursday, 14 May 2015

10 Malaysian Food Bloggers To Guide Our Food Adventures With Reliable Reviews by VulcanPost.My

Today I would like to write about how thankful and happy I felt as my Blog ~ FollowMeToEatLa gets recognition by Vulcan Post.my as one of the '10 Malaysian Food Bloggers To Guide Our Food Adventures With Reliable Reviews'.

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As I have written on my blog that I'm foody at heart, ever ready to try out new food and dishes whenever I chose to eat out. My family of foodies loves eating - they practically live to eat and is always on a look out to try KL/PJ best places to dine. 

Good Food Makes My Day 
~ Appetizing Frontera Fiesta Platter ~
Courtesy of Fontera Sol Mexico

Our love for good food got my blogger hubby who blogs at Bestrestauranttoeat.blogspot.com, Uncle Hong compiling a personal list of the best food to eat for value and money. I also love reading food reviews and checking out new recipes to feed my ever hungry family. My foodie family often goes on a 'culinary trip' or 'food tripping' out of KL to check out Malaysian cuisine.

Mother~Daughter Blogging Session at Bmon Cafe
~ Photo Credits To Carmen Hong ~

Besides that, my daughters are part of the reasons why I chose to be a food blogger. Both of them are lifestyle bloggers, especially my eldest daughter, Carmen Hong who actively blogs at www.carmenhong.com since she was still studying. My second daughter, Clarrisha Hong also blogs at Clarrishahong.blogspot.com was a great influence for me too. They inspired me to write about my dining experiences thus joining them on the bandwagon as a food blogger

Hong's Bloggers Family Selfies Time
~ Photo Credits To Carmen Hong ~

Blogging together with my family has brought me lots of fun and happy-bonding time with them especially my two girls. I enjoyed many perks as a blogger besides the free food-tasting but most of all, I get to spend lots of  quality time and bonding time with this blogger family of mine, especially with my two lovely daughters. I am very lucky and blessed to enjoy a close mother-daughter relationship with them since I started my hobby in blogging.

Nothing was easy at the start for me. Imagine a full-time home maker, a stay-at-home mum who only knows how to cook, clean, care for my family for the last 17 years and now have to start learning how to use the computer to write, blog and shares my blog post after every food sessions. But with many hiccups like missing draft posts, different fonts in post, alignment all out thingy.... I have to learn everything from scratch with great help from my family of course.     

Celebrating my 52nd Birthday with courtesy from Manhattan Fish Market 

The 'Hong Blogger Family' ~ We hang out, we chill, we ate, we blog and be merry together and the coolest part, is that Auntie Lilly get to be friends with their bloggers friends too. Blogging has brought me immense happiness and satisfaction, now that I have a wide circle of friends or my 'Makan Kakies' gang as I called it. My daughters' friends called us Auntie & Uncle every time we met at food sessions, so therefore we decided to use it as my blogging names as Auntie Lilly & Uncle Hong ever since.   

A Surprise Birthday Cake I received from Udon Ya San Restaurant's Boss ~ Mr Wong Wai Hoong

The blogging world also opened up many opportunities for me to meet and talk to successful business owners of restaurants and passionate, creative famous Chefs as they shared their passions and dreams of working in the food and beverages industry. It was an enriching and eye-opening experience for me as well. Many friendships have been forged too through blogging and I have many friends and associates from F&B. PR and media industry.  

Senior Sous Chef Eugene Lee of Tanzini & Executive Chef Eddie Yap of Cristallo
( From Left to Right )

Memorable Cooking Lessons with Kampachi's Executive Chef Koji Tamaru

Chef Ng of Malaya Hainan & BBQ Chef of Palm Garden Hotel  
( From Left to Right )

Executive Sous Chef Johnson & Pastry Chef Kit of Royal Gourmet Chinese Cuisine 
with Royal Gourmet Moon Cake Series
( From Left To Right )

Chef Fazli of Mono Coffee &  Executive Chef Alex of Okonomi
( From Top To Bottom )

Head Sushi Chef Makoto Saito (Sam) & Business Owner ~ Miss Cassandra Lynn Kurata
of Kurata Japanese Fine Dining
(Standing beside Me)

Happy Pics of Auntie Lilly with various Chefs from Tim Ho Wan, Soi23, Royal Gourmet & The Palm Garden Hotel

Blogging With My Son  @The Piazza The Curve
HungryGoWhere Turns One ~ A FOOD TRUCK FIESTA 

Chilling with RM 109.90 Crab-licious Chilean King Crab
@ Manhattan FISH MARKET

'A Family That Eats Together, Stay Together' 
Blog Session at Isme Beauty Cafe

Ending my special blog here with special thanks to Vulcan Post Malaysian and Miss Jean Khoo  for choosing Auntie Lilly of Followmetoeatla.blogspot.com as one of 10 Malaysian Bloggers to guide our food adventures in the web.

Feeling so very thankful and humble to be picked among the many others good and passionate food writers/bloggers in Malaysia. I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that each and every one of us is good in our own right, have our faithful followers, readers and supporters to inspire and drive us to continue writing and sharing in our blogs!

Check out Vulcan Post Malaysia post by clicking: Here   

Website: vulcanpost.my
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/vulcanpost  

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    1. Just a short blog post about my beginnings & journey from a simple auntie, stay-at-home mom to becoming a passionate food blogger. Hope this can inspire many others wannabe newbies to work hard & stay focus, to enjoy blogging as much as I did & be happy always with what life brings. Nothing is hard once you put your heart & soul into it. Passion drives !

  2. That's some pretty good food adventure!

    1. Haha... I called my food adventure my 'Happy Eats' :-)


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