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Tuesday 1 October 2019

LUCKIN KOPI Petaling Street Chinatown Kuala Lumpur

Petaling Street Chinatown Kuala Lumpur
LUCKIN KOPI Petaling Street Chinatown Kuala Lumpur

The smell of freshly brewed 'Kopi' wafting through the air and the sight of the Peranakan-inspired table set against the traditional heritage brick walls amid the retro ambience confirm that you have stepped into KL's latest Kopitiam joint - Luckin Kopi at Jalan Panggong Petaling Street, the Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur. 

14 Jalan Panggong
50000 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel 03-2856 2811
Opening Hours Daily
7am to 9pm 

This Muslim-friendly and pork-free cafe is a newcomer to the popular food scene in Petaling Street in Chinatown is a hidden gem among the many food and beverages outlets in this part of the town.

Frontage Of Luckin Kopi

Sitting snugly at the corner of the hustle and bustle of Chinatown of KL, in one of the city's happening address along Jalan Panggong, right next to the famous 'Kwai Chai Hong', history-rich lane set to be the latest tourist hotspot.

Housed in a 150-year old heritage building, Luckin Kopi has been lovingly-restored transforming into a modern-meet-old 'Kopitiam' restaurant feel. The interior that carries the charm of a century’s old heritage building is equally impressive and totally nostalgic especially for me and my hubby, Uncle Hong as we spent a great part of our childhood here. 

Luckin Kopi is one such Kopitiam that was refurnished from its original structure of the pre-war building. With the stunning ambience, reliving a significant era through its food and decor, Luckin Kopi aims to bring back a sense of nostalgia and sweet memories with each dining experience at their cafe.

Stepping into Luckin Kopi feels like being transported back to good old days of the 1960s. Dining at this place brings back lots of nice memories for me as I grew up in this part of Chinatown. 

Reminiscing my childhood days where I used to drink Kopi Kaw from a saucer while savouring kaya butter on toast at these coffee shops. 

I still remember the strong scent of roasted coffee beans, the warm aromas of baked bread,  the perfect half-boiled eggs and the characteristic thick-rimmed cups and saucers. Life was so much simpler and carefree then!

I grew up in this part of Chinatown and it was like travelling back in time and finding myself in the bygone days while dining at Luckin Kopi!

For Full Menu, Click Luckin Kopi Full Menu

Beyond the sights of the quaint cafe, the people behind Luckin Kopi are serious about their food choices that are being offered in the cafe. Diners are spoilt-for-choice from breakfast, lunch to dinner menu with a wide variety of local Malaysian and Western comfort food to delight their taste buds.

I have to say that the food they serve is really good quality. Fresh ingredients are used in all their cooking, from making their own sambal to the spicy rendang paste that is all made from scratch. The dishes are original and unique, completely different from the commercialised or franchise outlets. 

As the saying goes like this "The best recipe comes from our heart" is no lie!

[1]+[1] = RM 7.90
[1]+[2] = RM 10.90

Let me start off with WEEKDAY BREAKFAST 'MIX & MATCH' SET. For me, this is one of the most affordable and great value breakfast menu in town that won't burn a hole in your pocket. Great selection indeed with some of the top Malaysian favourites for satisfying breakfast choices!


It's a SUPER VALUE FOR MONEY - WEEKDAY BREAKFAST SET where you can 'Mix & Match' your mains pairing with your choice of drinks, Nyonya Kuih and Half-Boiled Eggs.

Nasi Lemak 

Top Choice For Breakfast 
Mee Siam

Indo Mee

Chee Cheong Fun 


Starting from as low as RM 7.90 only [1]+[1] option, you get to savour a satisfying and delicious Malaysian breakfast of either rice or noodles such as Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam, Indo Mee, Chee Cheong Fun or Toast to go with Kopi Kaw, Tea, Half-Boiled Eggs or any 2 pieces of Nyonya Kuih.

For those looking for a bigger bite, you can always opt for the [1]+[2] option where you get to choose 2 items from the 2nd menu

The super-value Breakfast Set is available on weekdays from as early as 7am to 10am. So early riser, come early and come hungry to savour their highly recommended Nasi Lemak and Mee Siam too!     

FREE FLOW - Unlimited Refill Luckin KOPI KAW 
RM 14.80

Moving on to the Luckin Kopi's lunch menu, coffee lovers or 'Kopi kaki' will be excited to know that they offer FREE FLOW - Unlimited Refill of their signature Luckin KOPI KAW with their lunch set menu.

Just choose your choice of rice or noodles dish -  Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam and Indo Mee and pair it with Add-On from not one but nine selection of side dishes to go with rice or noodles dish.

There's a repertory of mouth-watering options to pick from to suit any fussy eater from Chicken Karaage, Ayam Berempah, Curry Chicken, Buttermilk Chicken, Rendang Chicken to seafood's selection of Buttermilk Prawn, Sambal Prawn, Sambal Petai and Sambal Sotong.

 Top Choice For Me 
Sambal Petai

For lunch, I would recommend having the Nasi Lemak as it's really good to eat together with any of the sides dishes including Ayam Berempah, Curry Chicken, Rendang Chicken, Sambal Prawn, Sambal Petai and Sambal Sotong! 

Rendang Chicken

Thumbs up to this great value of Lunch Set for RM 14.80 with a FREE Unlimited Refill Kopi Kaw, available on weekdays from 12 pm to 3pm.

Egg On Toast RM 4.90, Peanut Butter Toast RM 4.50, Kaya Butter Toast RM 3.50, Butter Kaya Crackers RM 3.50
(Clockwise From Top Right)

Luckin Kopi also offers diners other ala cartes choices apart from the Breakfast and Lunch Set Promotion.  Their menu is vast ranging from light snacks of Toast, drinks, Chops, Pasta to home-cooked Chinese dishes + Soups, desserts, local bites and many more.

RM 8.90

 Geng Chow Chicken Bun
RM 12.90

2 Steamed Buns Filled With Chicken Fillet & Chef's Specialty Sauce 

Petai Bun
RM 12.90

Rendang Chicken Bun
RM 11.90

Hainanese Chicken Chop 
RM 16.90

Asam Laksa
RM 9.90

Aglio Olio Pasta
RM 19.90

Petai Pasta 
RM 20.90

Sawadee Pasta
RM 19.90

Salted Egg Pasta
RM 20.90

Salted Egg Chicken Rice
RM 11.90

Cheesy Indo Mee & Egg
RM 14.90 

Cheesy Chicken & Fries
RM 26.90

Hot & Sour Soup 
RM 12.90

For these delicious homecooked soups dishes, you can add-on rice or noodles for RM 2 to go with them for a complete meal.

Herbal Chicken Soup
RM 12.90

If you like some spicy and sourish seafood dishes, then the Hot & Sour Soup would be a good choice while the Herbal Chicken Soup is a mild, non-spicy and sweet-tasting soup to warm your tummy.

Mandatory OOTD Spot

The back seating area is smaller with the middle of the Kopitiam, a covered up air well, there's an often-Instagrammed spot with rattan stools, wildflowers decor, suspended from the ceiling. 

Great place with good food and do stay for the really Insta-worthy surroundings.  

I'm drawn to Luckin Kopi's hard-to-beat ambience, the affection for the good old days, coupled with the modern practicality and comfort. Will definitely come for the food and stay for the ambience!


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  1. Aunty Lily, the food looks really tempting and the restaurant look very cozy with the superb interior design. love the design, looks a bit classic and of course classy...

  2. very very interesting place to go eat! but where do u park ya if you go here. not sure if i missed that info in your post. because i am really looking forward to go to this place.

    1. Oh for parking, you can just park your car right infront of Luckin Kopi. There's a open air parking lot conveniently located right opposite the cafe!

  3. OMG! I'm so in love with its decoration! So beautiful and looks like it has many Instagram-worthy spots (and foods) too! Hehe. Will definitely give this restaurant a visit someday. Plus I think it is quite near to Kwai Chai Hong as well. :D

  4. Menariknya konsep dan decoration kopitiam ni aunty. mesti nice ni kalau buat shooting dan ootd kat sini kan. Tengok makanan pun semuanya menyelerakan sangat.

  5. The place so interesting & nice place to lepak n chill. The food also looks delicious with affordable price. I will visit here when I reach KL 😛

  6. best lah interior luckin kopi ni. macam best pulak kalau nak makan makan sambil tngkap gmbr. harga pun okei lah tak mahal sangt. still affordable.

  7. cantikla konsep dan decoration dia. syok bergambar ni, makanan pun nampak best

  8. I am so fascinated with the interior design of the cafe - so very Chinese Peranakan. And looking at the menu, I think this will be the best place to bring my international friends for a taste of Malaysia.

  9. Klasik kedai makan ni ya. Hiasan dalamannya juga cantik dan kemas. Makanannya pula banyak pilihan. Nampak sedap semuanya tu


  10. Suka dengan decoration of this restaurant and the food also tempting. The portion is also quite big so definitely balik dengan perut yang kenyang.

  11. wah, makan besar ye madam lili. macam2 makanan interesting dalam gmbr ni. paling best ofcoz i nampak nasi lemak. mee jawa pun look nice. banyak sgt makanan best. will visit soon

  12. saw this shop a while ago! ready to tryyy!!! all looks so delicious...


  13. mak aiiii... menyelerakan sungguh kesemua menu yang ada kat dalam entry you kali ini... OMG... jatuh chenta sangat dengan decorationnya... konsepnya pun menarik gitu... nanti bila saya ke area sana, nak singgahlah... thanks for the info ya...

  14. The decoration and the ambience in this place is so cool! Love the style and the art. Btw, thee foods looks yummy too. Definitely will go to this place with friends later.

  15. Wahh banyaknya menu cheesy. Suka kopitiam yang ada local and western food. So banyak pilihan. And coffee no. 1 favourite ☕😁

  16. Nice place and nice food lah aunty kat sini hehehe kita juga nak datang cuba boleh tak nanti you belanja kita semua nampak sedap dan menarik lah kat sini hehehe...

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  18. I suka konsep dia and makanan dia banyak giler pilihan. I like. Senanh kalau nak makan keluarga dan kawan2. Sebab byk pilihan macam2 ada

  19. Tak jauh pun dari rumah i. Nanti ada masa nak cuba makan kat sini sebab ramai cakap sedap.


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