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Friday, 11 October 2019

THE TASTE OF PARADIGM – 'Spend and Be Rewarded’ Campaign At PARADIGM MALL Petaling Jaya

'Spend and Be Rewarded’ Campaign 
At PARADIGM MALL Petaling Jaya
Jom Let's Go Makan At PARADIGM MALL Petaling Jaya! Have you heard of ‘The Taste of Paradigm – Spend and Be Rewarded’ Campaign happening now at Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya? Read on as Auntie Lilly has some amazing news to share with all my foodies' friends today!

9 August – 17 November 2019

Now all loyal shoppers at Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya can EAT & REDEEM At Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya ~ Be rewarded with FREE FOOD & BEVERAGES when you dine from 19 August – 17 November 2019.

Oh yes, simple as that! Just dine with minimum spending of RM30 in a single receipt at any F&B outlets of Paradigm Mall PJ & you will be eligible to collect a stamp on "Taste of Paradigm" Passport. Once you collected the required amount of stamps, then you will be rewarded with food and beverages for FREE! 

Ms Selena Chua, Chief Executive Officer of WCT Malls said, “We are excited to offer our loyal customers an opportunity to be rewarded with free food and beverages at our mall. As a friendly neighbourhood mall, we not only offer unmatched shopping and leisure experiences to our customers but also provide them with a wide array of food preferences that promises to tantalize their taste buds. With close to a hundred F&B outlets at Paradigm PJ, our shoppers are spoilt for choice. The ‘Taste of Paradigm’ is the perfect platform to directly engage with our loyal patrons and reward them with delicious prizes.”

Paradigm Mall PJ has recently completed the first phase of Asset Enhancement Initiative (AEI) dedicating the entire LG level to the mall’s first and only food court – Food Arcade. The refurbishment showcased a mix of high-quality food & beverages (F&B) outlets offering shoppers a variety of flavours in their meal from authentic Malay, Italian, Middle-Eastern, Thai, Javanese, and Hong Kong to Taiwanese food.

The mall has also brought in a number of new F&B options such as Nene Chicken, Waffuru Café, Sedap Sedap, T Bun, SRK Noodle House and Farmers Street. There are new tenants that will be joining soon which are Mr Chizu, An View, Harum Manis, Daboba, GinGer Thai and Salad Atelier.

How To Redeem FREE F&B? 
1. Collect a "Taste of Paradigm" passport from Concierge, Level G
2. For every RM30 spent in a single receipt in any F&B outlets in Paradigm Mall PJ, you will receive one (1) stamp.
3. Redeem a FREE food/drink upon achieving a certain number of stamps.

Full contest details at www.paradigmmall.com.my

Foodies can redeem the free F&B from Sepiring, The Chicken Rice Shop, Waffuru Café, Seaweed Club, The Energy Club, Fish & Co, Warung Mama, Vanilla Mille Crepe & Papparoti at Paradigm Mall PJ once they have successfully collected a certain number of stamps on their Taste of Paradigm passport. 

So what are you waiting for? Well, cepat-cepat let's gather your foodies' friends and loved ones & head on Paradigm Mall today to enjoy all their mouth-watering food options and get rewarded while you're at it! 

Remember ya -  go EAT-EAT & REDEEM at Paradigm Mall before the campaign ends on 17 Nov 2019.

For more information about the activities and promotions, kindly visit the malls’ WEBSITEFACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM *Terms & Conditions applied

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  1. Nampak semua sedap2 belaka, Maaf bertanya ia halal bagi orang Islam. hehe. Jika semua halal boleh Naim cadangkan kepada kawan-kawan yang berada sekitar kawasan ini. hehe

  2. macam sedap jer semua nasib dah makan tadi haha

  3. wah semua nampak sedap sekali. nasib baik la paradigm mall ni memang dekat office kat kelana jaya tu. boleh la ajak officemate datang makan kat sini..

  4. This program is good for foos lovers searching for something different in one place. Ends 17 Nov so hurry...

  5. Semua food nampak sedapnya... i belum pernah sampai paradigm mall lagi. Mesti banyak food yang sedap. Nnt i pergi boleh la join

  6. Menarik kan.. Belanja makan kemuian kumpul stamp then tebus maknn free.. Perghh.. Makan pulak semua sedap.. Syoklaa... Nanti nak pergi drnga kawan-kawan

  7. Makanan dia looks tempting. Bestnye, makan sini dapat makan free lagi.

  8. Wah... Tawaran yang bagus ni. Makan makan makan... Pastu redeem. Kena kasitau kengkawan family ajak makan sini

  9. Wahhh... Bestnya. I teruja tengok promo yang dibuat. Tapi tuhlah Paradigm Mall jauh pulak. If dekat confirm i dah bawa family makan di sini dan join campaign

  10. Bagus ni. Program dari Management Paradigm Mall ni boleh dipuji, beri rewards kpd customer, disamping restoran/cafe dpt kekalkan customer mereka

  11. Oh I didn't know this is still going on, thanks for reminding me, shall go back and makan makan again

  12. This Disember nak ke KL boleh lah singgah sini. Ramai yang review kata okei makan kat sini.

  13. Wow.. still got until 17 November. Can still go and makan2... Thanks for sharing...

  14. A good program to reward the customers. Wish they can organize more of such campaigns :D


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