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Saturday, 19 October 2019


RM 288+ [adult] & RM 188+ [child]

This food post of mine is dedicated to all WAGYU BEEF lovers out there! If you love beef, I have GREAT NEWS for you. YUGO HOUSE in Publika is having an "EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN" WAGYU BEEF Promotion to heighten the meat-lovers dining experience in Klang Valley.

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A2-UG1-9 Solaris Dutamas
No 1 Jalan Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6206 5526

YUGO HOUSE, a newly opened Japanese casual fusion restaurant in Publika will for the first time serve premium Grade A5 WAGYU BLACK BEEF imported from Australia. 

Pure indulgence and a treat of premium meat for beef-lovers as YUGO HOUSE's ala carte buffet promotion features various cuts of Wagyu beef prepared in different cooking styles to showcase the diversity of the meats and its use in Japanese cuisine.

The A5 rating means the marbling, colour, texture and yield on the meat are of the highest quality. Wagyu beef is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Diners now can eat to their heart's content with not one but a total of FIVE beefy-licious dishes of WAGYU SHABU SHABU, WAGYU TATAKI, WAGYU STEAK, WAGYU SKEWER and WAGYU DON.

Tasty Sides Orders 

Enjoy these servings of ala carte WAGYU BEEF together with sides of Ikageso Karaage, Tori Karaage, Green Salad, Edamame, Garlic Fried Rice, Yaki Noodles and Yasai Itame too. 

Spacious & Comfortable Settings

 Outdoor Dining Area

Priced at only RM 288+ [adult] & RM 188+ [child] ~ this is a steal for all WAGYU BEEF lovers. YUGO HOUSE allows diners to stay a maximum of two hours [120 minutes] of the dining experience.  

My family and I had a big tasting of these lusciously tender and juicy A5 AUSTRALIAN BLACK WAGYU BEEF at Yugo House Publika which is cooked in 5 different ways.

Green Salad

Our Wagyu beef feast started off with some unlimited sides of Green Salad - featuring a combination of mixed greens with zucchini, cherry tomatoes and fresh seaweed for the extra bite. A flavoursome Soyu dressing sauce was served separately for diners to drizzle over it.

This healthy treat tastes really good and paired pretty well to up a notch with some juicy slices od seasoned Wagyu beef. 

 Edamame Chilli

For an authentic Japanese experience, diners may want to have a little snack of  Edamame Chilli to whet the appetite and prepare the taste buds before getting their first orders in.

Tori Karaage

There are also some sinful crunchy small bites of  Tori Karaage and Ikageso Karaage to indulge in. 

I was delighted with their deep-fried dishes such as the Chicken Karaage. It's not hard to see why the crispy deep-fried skin and tender, juicy meat is a guilty pleasure for diners. 

Ikageso Karaage

The Squid Karaage is also among the most appetising side items to order on the buffet menu. Just hearing my hubby next to me audibly bite into their crunchy Ikageso Karaage is enough to make me want it.

After all the small bites, the excitement went a notch higher when the chef served all five types of Wagyu beef dishes at one go.

Hungry and ready, our gastronomic Wagyu adventure has just begun. How many plates of A5 AUSTRALIAN BLACK WAGYU BEEF can you eat at one sitting for 120 minutes?

The chefs at YUGO HOUSE take their steak seriously with special cuts prepared into different dishes for us to savour at this value-for-money ala-carte beef buffet.   


It was gastronomic love at first sight with the first main dish of  WAGYU TATAKI. The Wagyu Tataki ~ fillet beef arrives greaseless, juicy and moist and lightly seared to perfection over high heat. Well-marinated and sliced thinly similar to sashimi, and served with a citrus-soy dipping sauce.

Using the best A5 Black Wagyu in Australia, it's served medium rare topped with some butter for the added flavour. This dish is rich but never heavy, perfect on its own or with a bed of salad.  


Moving on, WAGYU SKEWER got our taste buds excited with the bite-size Yakitori or Kushiyaki style ~ thinly sliced skewered Wagyu beef that's bursting with flavours - perfectly seasoned with an earthy saltiness that did not over-power the delicate taste of the premium meat. 

Best eaten when it arrives sizzling hot with an ice-cold beer or Sake!

More beef-licious dishes coming up with this biggie of a chunky 150 grams Wagyu beefWAGYU STEAK!
150 grams

Forget your diet plans when you bite into this A5 Wagyu beef haven. Tender and succulent, the slightly charred flamed-licked steak, it just melts in the mouth.

The meat is so juicy and full-of-flavours that it would be a sin to stop at just one piece. So, I don't ... Oh yes, I just remember this is an 'Eat-All-You-Can' Ala Carte Buffet, so go ahead and indulge, please!   

Last but not least, if you felt that you needed some carbs, to sum up the meal, then I highly recommend YUGO HOUSE's WAGYU DON. This is my first Wagyu Beef Bowl, one of those rare treats, of course.

Initially, I was worried if I could finish a bowl by myself but the chef assured me, "Mini portion only, don't worry". Thought to myself,  my hubby and son could have the rest of my portion if I can’t finish it.

When the Wagyu Don arrived on the table, I was hit by a wave of aromatic scent. The top was laden with the luxurious minced Wagyu beef cooked in special in-house beef sauce and onions over warm Japanese rice.

OMG, the Wagyu Don looks good and smells good is one of the best dishes I've ever tasted. A simple and classic dish that bound to delight your senses upon the first bite! Needless to say, my bowl was wiped clean that day.

Garlic Fried Rice

 To accompany the meats, carbs lovers can try the Garlic Fried Rice and Yaki Noodles. 

If you have a stomach for more, do check out their Garlic Fried Rice. It's really good on its own - fragrant with fine grains of flavoursome rice, hearty wholesome dish to satisfy your cravings for more rice dishes.

However, if you are not into feasting of the Wagyu Buffet, YUGO HOUSE does have lots to offer from their vast fusion Japanese menu such as the following dishes that includes...

Nasi Lemak Maki
RM 12

Nasi Lemak Maki ~ Delighted to try these bite-sized Maki. Cute in presentation, this is a marriage of both cuisines into a great tasting dish. If you enjoy nasi lemak, then you will definitely like this well-made fragrant sticky Japanese rice cooked in coconut milk.

The little Maki is topped with some sweet sambal, not too spicy, egg and cucumber and encased or hidden within is a piece of fried chicken to complete the whole ensemble of the perfect nasi lemak!

Ika Cream With Bun
RM 25

Meanwhile, Ika Cream With Bun is a hot seller on the menu. Seafood lovers will enjoy the fresh and succulent texture of the squid against the creaminess of the rich buttery sauce. The buns are great to mop up all the delicious sauce in the dish. 

Negi Salmon Wasabi
RM 25

Negi Salmon Wasabi is another tasty option for a small eater. Another YUGO HOUSE's attempts at invention featuring a fusion dish comprise of shredded salmon with chopped scallions and flavoured mildly with wasabi.   

Garlic Butter Toast

It reminds me of the Spanish cuisine, resembling the tapas (Spanish snack) served on baguette slices.  

The salmon is fresh and lightly seasoned, a great dish if you are looking for some nutritious and healthy bites to fill the tummy. 

 Cabbage Wrapped Chicken Breast In Clear Soup
RM 16

To steer off the seafood trail, diners can order the simple and homecooked style dish of Cabbage Wrapped Chicken Breast In Clear Soup.

Naturally healthy and delicious hearty soup dish consists of chunky pieces of breast meat wrapped in lettuce and cooked in a light clear broth. Served with generous toppings of chopped scallion adding to more flavour of the dish.

Yakitori or Kushiyaki 
RM 4 Per Stick 

YUGO HOUSE is running a BIG BOWL CHALLENGE to challenge all fast eater out there to finish one of their biggest 3kg or 1.5kg Chicken Katsu Curry in 45 minutes or 20 minutes.


Latest Winner ~ Mr Ichiro Okamoto
Just need 14 minutes to complete the BIG BOWL CHALLENGE & Won Himself RM 50 Cash Vouchers. 

Details stated as above. Well, if you are lucky, maybe you could win yourself some food vouchers. So if you and your friends are up for this crazy foodie eating feat, do gather up your makan buddies over for some exciting gastronomic adventures!

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