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Monday 10 June 2024

Delicious & Cheap At Sekinchan Seafood Restaurant Ka Lok 嘉乐茶餐室-清蒸鱼头

Discovering Affordable Seafood Delights In Sekinchan:
A Foodie Road Trip to Restoran Ka Lok
Foodie Road Trip to Sekinchan Seafood Restaurant Ka Lok 

Sekinchan, a bustling fishing village in Selangor, is a haven for seafood enthusiasts. Known for its fresh catches, Sekinchan attracts visitors eager to indulge in delicious seafood at its many restaurants. On our recent foodie road trip, we discovered Restoran Ka Lok (嘉乐茶餐室-清蒸鱼头), a gem located in Pekan Sekinchan (Sekinchan Town) known for its steamed fish head. 

Delicious & Cheap At Sekinchan Seafood Restaurant Ka Lok   

Restoran Ka Lok
No 372, Site B, Lorong 6,
Pekan Sekinchan,
45 400 Sekinchan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 017-676 2399/ 012-284 9053 
Opening Hours:

Restoran Ka Lok is renowned for its delectable steamed fish head, but we couldn't resist trying a variety of seafood dishes such as follows:

Giant Grouper Sekinchan Steam 
RM 54 

Lala (Clams) 
RM 15

Chilli Prawn 
RM 22 

The prices were incredibly reasonable, especially for the Giant Grouper, which is a steal considering its premium quality. The steamed grouper was tender and flavorful, the Lala was fresh and juicy, and the Chilli Prawn packed a perfect punch of heat and taste. 

The total bill for 3 seafood dishes was RM 97 only!

For seafood lovers looking for a delicious and affordable dining experience, Restoran Ka Lok in Sekinchan is a must-visit. You’ll enjoy fresh, high-quality seafood without breaking the bank! Highly recommended! 

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