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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

YE ZI At The Roof Steamboat Restaurant @ First Avenue 1 Utama Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya

A Melting Pot Of  Flavours
Ye Zi At The Roof
Steamboat, otherwise known as 'Hot pot', is a favourite during family reunions or friends gatherings. The joy of gathering around a simmering hot pot for meals is a long -practised tradition since ancient China and it's still a popular dining method.

With the mushrooming of steamboat restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, it is not difficult to find a decent one. But at Ye Zi At The Roof located at First Avenue in Bandar Utama, this popular dish has been taken to a whole new level by its innovative chefs. Steamboat restaurants would normally serve customers clear or tom yum soup but YE ZI's steamboat stands apart as it is known for serving a broth base made from pure coconut water.

5 Signature Gourmet Broths from YE ZI The Roof

YE ZI The Roof Steamboat Restaurant introduced five must-try gourmet broths as well as meat and seafood platters as the perfect accompaniment. The essence of any good steamboat comes from the type of broth selected. Steamboat lovers can choose from YE ZI's signature broths which are Original YE ZI Broth, Imperial Canton Broth, Aromatic Taiwanese Beef Spice Broth, Fragrant 'Shao Xing' Wine Seafood Broth and the most premium plus exquisite Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth.     

Stepping into the YE ZI At The Roof Steamboat Restaurant felt like being transported back to China. The traditional setting with wooden features was further enhanced by the eye-catching beautiful lighting, endearing decorations and marbled tables. Exuding a palace-like beauty befitting its name, this lovely restaurant exudes a luxurious, private and sophisticated dining ambience for anyone to enjoy. 

Posh indoor dining spaces touched with earthen tones of brown hardwood dining chairs with marbled tops.

Great Ambience Dining Setting 

Commendable Good Service

YE ZI At The Roof Steamboat Restaurant takes pride in ensuring that diners receive not only the highest quality food, but also the best service available. Hence, efficient and friendly waiters will serve and be on stand by on each table at your service.

A delightful steamboat restaurant overlooking a panoramic view of the city while savouring the premium delicacies. The seating area by the balcony, from which you can enjoy your piping hot meal with a breathtaking view of the ever thriving Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) and Damansara.
An Early Evening Shot at 7pm 
~ Credits To www.carmenhong.com ~

Evening View from Yezi The Roof at 8.30pm
~ Credits To www.carmenhong.com ~

Breathtaking View while Dining at YE ZI The Roof
 ~ Credits To www.carmenhong.com ~

Another Spectacular Late Night View at 11.30pm
~ Credits To www.carmenhong.com ~

As we wait for the soup to be ready, we started our dinner with appetizing small bites or starter with a cold dish of 'Tong Sum' Century Egg With Ginger Slice and a hot dish of Bean curd skin With Chicken Floss.  

Cold Dish of 'Tong Sum' Century Egg With Ginger Slice
RM 12

Captain Sim told us that these 'Tong Sum' Century Egg is unique and special due to its runny and creaminess texture of the yolk. You will love it as it's practically melt-the-mouth without the ammonia taste and so good to be eaten with the sourish preserved ginger slices. 

Hot Dish of Bean curd skin With Chicken Floss
RM 12   

Crispy bites whet your appetite for the grand meal of steamboat

In house Self Concoct Dipping Sauce

YE ZI shares its own dipping sauce recipe that comes with four difference ingredients, including premium soya sauce, minced ginger (Sa Kiong), chillies padi and freshly squeezed calamansi juice. 

Premium Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth     
~ Vegetarian Broth With Strong Flavours & A Bouquet of  Truffles ~
RM 78

Highlights on the broth menu was the exotic Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth. which is First of its kind to be introduced in Malaysia, Made from a flavourful and rich vegetarian base broth cooked for three hours with pure coconut water added for the extra sweetness and premium black truffle add-on last just before it's being served.
I could taste the black truffles goodness in the well-infused broth. We were actually quite addicted to the hearty broth even before the other food items were added in. In terms of soup base, the restaurant definitely nailed it, thumbs up for that!
Auntie Lilly's Happy Eats at YE ZI 

Diners can opt for the ala carte selection such as home made meat balls, signature dumplings, home made paste, meat slices, organic vegetables, root, mushrooms, noodles, frozen seafood, live seafood such as Australian lobster, Dragon Tiger Garoupa, Turbot fish, Australian Baby abalone, Alaskan crab, clam and even geoduck for a more unusual meal.

Delightfully Tasty Home Made Meat Balls

Mui Choy Pork Meat Balls
RM 12 per serving

Digging into their home made Mui Choy Pork Meat Balls was a delight as it comes with a firm texture with a hint of sweetness and saltiness which comes from preserved vegetables of Mui choy.

Waygu Beef Tendon Meat Balls
RM 18 per serving

On the other hand, Waygu Beef Tendon Meat Balls packed a punch with its chewy and tender texture. Solid and firm, every bite was so enjoyable with the beefy flavour and little chunky pieces of the tendon within the meat balls.
Fresh & Meaty  Home Made Meat Balls

Black Truffle Meat Balls
RM 24 per serving

My personal favourite was the Black Truffle Meat Balls. These big and bouncy meat balls are made from squid meat and black truffles which explains why it was so tender and ridiculously delicious in every bite. The restaurant does not skimp on ingredients and you get balls loaded with unmistakeable minced black truffles, which was probably why everything was so tasty.

Chicken Meat Balls With Mushroom
RM 12 per serving

Last but not least, still on the meat balls story .... the Chicken Meat Balls With Mushroom fared pretty well but overshadowed by the two super tasty truffles and beef tendon balls. 

A Set of 4 Varieties of Cooked Meat Balls

The aroma of the outstanding nourishing vegetarian Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth wafted through the air while the tender and meaty meatballs is to yearn for.

Home Made Paste
Fish & Tobiko Paste 
RM 18

I was pretty pleased with the cute-looking shell used for serving the Fish & Tobiko Paste. Very creative and artistic, pleasing to the eye too. Tobiko (flying fish roe) adds a twist to the fish paste to cater to modern taste buds. I especially enjoyed biting into the little bits of tobiko which gave up lovely flavours and contrasting textures with every mouthful.

Home Made Paste
Prawn Paste
RM 20

As for the Prawn Paste, it was good and fresh. I loved the smooth with a bouncy texture of the prawn paste. 

 Waiter in hand with the cooking of the Fish & Tobiko Paste.

Prawn paste being added in by the waiter on duty at our table 

Signature Dumplings
Coconut Dumplings
RM 12 per serving

A must-have for the steamboat was this unassuming looking Coconut Dumplings. Simply a mixture of corn, chicken paste with coconut, it gave out uniquely fragrant flavour of the coconut with a light hint of the sweet corn. I thoroughly enjoyed the signature dumpling with the melt-in-the-mouth smooth and thin skin of the dumpling. You can see the speckles of the black truffle on the tasty dumpling in the photo above.    
Have a taste for meat? Rest assured that YE ZI's choices of beef from Matsusaka Japan, pork from Spanish black pig and local pork are served fresh and thinly sliced  to ensure they absorb the full flavour of the soup. 

Special Pork Neck Meat Slices 
RM 16

Succulent yet sinful looking Pork Neck Meat Slices for the pot

Special Beef Slices
RM 25

King Oyster Mushroom RM 10 & Abalone Mushroom RM 10
Bamboo Charcoal RM 5

Organic Vegetables 
 Spinach, Romaine Lettuce, Bok Choy
All at RM 10 per serving

Imported Taiwanese Bamboo Ramen

Noodles selections are aplenty in the menu with imported Taiwanese ramen and vermicelli, udon noodles, yee mee and dong fen too. My foodie son choose to have ramen as it resembles his favourite instant maggi mee, therefore opting for the healthy bamboo ramen to go with his truffle soup.    

Happy Eats For My Noodles-Loving Son

The imported ramen was of superior quality as it did not have an artificial taste and the size of the portion complemented the steamboat condiments without overpowering the meal.

My son plating his own bowl of bamboo ramen with black Truffle balls & beef slices

Home Made Fragrant Coconut Ice Cream
RM 10

Our sweet ending to a scrumptious steamboat meal with its signature dessert - Home Made Fragrant Coconut Ice Cream. It was smooth and creamy but a bit too sweet for my taste buds.

Mother & Daughter enjoying a bowl of coconut ice cream dessert

Ice Blended Coconut Drink
RM 13

To complete my YE ZI (Ye zi means coconut in chinese) dining experience, I got to try out their Ice Blended Coconut Drink. It was refreshingly tasty and fragrant with bits and pieces of the blended coconut flesh in the drink.   
Relaxing after a hearty and satisfying steamboat meal at Stratosphere At The Roof ~ Asia's first & only grassed Helipad Bar. Needless to say, the view was spectacular that night. 

Memorable Dining Experience for the Hong's Family

YE ZI At The Roof Steamboat Restaurant 
The Roof Sky Level
1 First Avenue
Bandar Utama
No.3 Lebuh Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya


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  2. I now understand why their meatballs are so pricey d! They are made from good and premium quality meats! They look so appetizing in the pictures too! Cant wait to give it a try!

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