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Friday, 3 October 2014

The Salad Bar Simply Healthy @Citta Mall Ara Damasara Petaling Jaya

What a coincidence and how ironic that I'm writing a review for a salad bar on October 1 which happens to be The World Vegetarian Day. As October is World Vegetarian Awareness Month, carnivores are encouraged to make concerted efforts to eat meatless meals a few days a week or take up the full challenge and go meat-free for the entire month.

So I hope after reading my blog today, go challenge yourself and go meatless at least for a day and check out this place too.

Well, here goes ....

Being an advocates of healthy eating, I will always try to incorporate lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy grains into my family's diet. As for myself, I usually goes on a fortnightly vegetarian diet due to my Buddhism beliefs that requires me to do so on the 1st & 15th of the Chinese calender month too.

Guilt Free Salad Bar

Multi Layered Tasty Salads

So, I was totally thrilled when invited to attend a food tasting session at The Salad Bar recently. It's an eye-opening experience for me to see such wonderful spread of tantalizing, nutritious and all natural wholesome salads, sandwiches, pastas, smoothies and juices too.

The setting is simple and pleasant, comprising of dark wood furniture and comfortable soft seating at the end of the salad bar. Larger than life colourful posters of salad and pasta certainly brighten up the otherwise dull and plain walls. 

Besides offering an extensive range of a la carte salads in the menu, customers can personalised to DIY their Own Salad to suit individual taste from the fresh and delightful selection of the 2-3-1 Salad Menu.

Choose from an extensive variety of greens and pick your choice of toppings with some delectable nuts, seeds, fruits, grains and complete your healthy and well-balanced salad with your choice of dressing. Small eater like me can go for Half serving for RM 7.90 and for RM 11.90, customers get a Full serving, perhaps having it as the main meal. 

Please note that all the Salad reviewed for this session are all on Half serving. Portions are really big as you can see, generous and money for value too. 

Create Your Own 2-3-1 Salad Menu

Wide Range of Toppings for Your Salad

Market-fresh Greens

Vitamin-rich Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruits & Cereal   

Choices of Salad Dressings

 A La Carte Salad Menu

Our gastronomic adventure starts in an endless parade of colours, textures and flavours from every salad served, artistically fused together for an unforgettable vitamin-rich, all-natural and well- balanced experience.

Fruit Salad Bowl ~ RM 12.90
232 calories

We kick start our vegan and guilt free dinner with a delicious Fruit Salad Bowl.

Fresh red strawberries and grapes served together with honey for the added sweetness, walnut for the crunchy bite and topped with healthy chia seeds and zesty homemade citrus poppy seed yogurt for dressing. Looks good and taste good till the last spoon, highly recommended for those strawberries and yogurt lovers. 

Old Granny Caesar Salad  ~ RM 13.90 
 Extra Topping Avocados ~ RM 3
276 Calories

Next on the list ~ our All-Time Favourite Old Granny Caesar Salad with added avocados. This tangy combination of herb chicken, cheese, olives, tomatoes, boiled egg and romaine lettuce with garlicky mixed herbs Italian dressing will get you to zoom into a zippy mood.

Topped with extra sliced avocados, this makes a great tummy filling salad. If you're not vegan, add even more protein by adding chunks of herb chicken or spicy teriyaki. Yum!
R.E.D Salad ~ RM 10.90
189 Calories

The R.E.D Salad comes with everything that in red from the chicken sausage, red pepper to tomatoes, grapes, carrots with sweet and sour cider Russian dressing. Could have been better with some crisp bacon chips rather than the boring sausages. 

B.L.O.G Salad ~ RM 8.90
346 calories

Next comes this funny name salad called B.L.O.G Salad. This Zesty Fruity Salad is colourful, with a mix of orange, white, yellow and green leaf lettuce complete with 4 colours of food ~ olives, dried apricot, raisins, tofu, onion and orange and served with savoury Asian dressing ~ a special taste of premium soy sauce and roasted sesame.

Squares & Rounds Salad ~ RM 8.90
374 Calories

This multi-layered 'Squares & Rounds' Salad is a Must try! It is one of the of the healthiest salads around; chock-full of fresh, raw veggies with a mix buckwheat, millet, chickpeas, olives, tomatoes, cucumber and served with a healthy blended miso with spring onion dressing. Miso dressing give a refreshing kick, while chickpea provide tasty vegan protein. So delicious and guilt free! I could eat this all day and not get tired of it.

Salad Bar also offers a selections of sandwiches and toast too to go with your great salad.
Sandwich & Toast Menu

Yo Dawg ~ RM 9.90
404 Calories

The Yo Dawg, funny name sandwich is basically a simple sausages sandwich served with melted cheese. I'm sure this winning combination will go well with many as these two items of sausage & cheese are usually a favourite for everyone! 

Tuna Croissant ~ RM 12.90
327 Calories

This is a typical 'Subway-style' sandwich ~ Buttery croissant with tuna served with tomato, cucumber and lettuce. Comes in combination set of tuna croissant with salad to complete the meal.

Turkey Club ~ RM 11.90
337 Calories 

Turkey Club sandwiches is a turkey ham with wholemeal bread served with fresh cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce.

Hot Picks: From The Kitchen Menu

Cauliflower Fried Rice ~ RM 12.90
205 Calories

Everything so tasty with this crunchy Cauliflower Fried Rice. Totally a wholesome meal, minus the carbs as the rice is switch to nutritious cauliflower. Well seasoned and cook to perfection with the special aroma similar to fried rice. Comes in two version either spicy with chilli padi or the garlic flavour. No guilt eating this flavoursome fried dish!

Spicy Chicken Pasta ~ RM 12.90
458 Calories 
(Photo credits to Ivy Kam of Foodmsia.com)

The star of the night is Spicy Chicken Pasta. Paying homage to pasta fans, one simply must order this pasta dish. A simple fried dish with Asian touch cooked with chicken fillet, chilli padi and basil. Flavoursome, bursting with delicious savoury and slightly spicy flavours, I would have loved to hog this whole plate to myself !

Tuna Pasta Salad ~ RM 14.90
437 Calories

This well-balance Tuna Pasta Salad is loaded with market fresh lettuce, generous serving of tuna, olives and tomato and topped up with runny egg yolk. Great wholesome dish for those looking for protein and carbs to go with their bowl of crispy salad.     

Tomato Pasta ~ RM 10.90 
419 calories

A great dish for vegan. It's tangy and sourish pasta with housemade tomato puree, basil, celery, carrot and onion. Nutritiously garnished with cherries tomatoes and coriander leaves, try this if you loves tomatoes!

Air Fried Chicken Chop ~ RM 18.90
419 Calories

Chicken Chop can't get any healthier than this. No oil cooking, simply air fired with wheat flakes batter and served with air fired crispy fries. It's kind of dry and not juicy enough but quite well seasoned though. A dish that rated average in my books simply because I prefer the deep fried version which is of course more juicy and tender, sinful food sometimes does taste better!
Smoothie Menu

       Skin Glowing Smoothie ~ RM 10.90                  Purple Glitter Smoothie ~ RM 10.90

For the finale after an overflowing of vitamin-infused dinner, we are treated to some naturally delicious smoothies. My Skin Glowing Smoothie is a blended concoction of fresh avocado, strawberry, banana with homemade yogurt, rich in Vitamin C, B6 and folate. 

My 2nd smoothie is recommended by my fellow foodie friend called Purple Glitter Smoothie. This  immune-boosting, brightly coloured smoothie is loaded with fresh dragon fruit, lemon and homemade yogurt, with healing properties to improve digestion and lowers blood pressure

Thumbs up for both smoothies. Skin Glowing Smoothie is rich, smooth and filling while  Purple Glitter Smoothie is perky, refreshing and prefect thirst-quencher with a hint of zest. 

Juices Menu 

Snack and Sweet Treats Menu

Tantalizing & Vitamin-Rich Spreads 

At Salad Bar, you are able to fully experience and appreciate the genuine taste of everything nutritious, healthy, wholesome and yet tasty. Be amazed by the variations and the choices you can choose from.

Eat Well, Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Live Happily and challenge yourself and go meatless this Oct to celebrate The World Vegetarian Awareness Month !

Website: saladbar.my
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/thesaladbar

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  1. Eat Well, Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Live Happily and challenge yourself and go meatless this Oct to celebrate The World Vegetarian Awareness Month !

  2. At Salad Bar, you are able to fully experience and appreciate the genuine taste of everything nutritious, healthy, wholesome and yet tasty. Be amazed by the variations and the choices you can choose from.