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Monday, 6 October 2014

Houz Warming ~ Heart Warming Nyonya Fare @ Bandar Puteri Puchong Kuala Lumpur

Why travel all the way to Malacca to enjoy Nyonya food, when one of KL's best is right here at in Kuala Lumpur! City dwellers craving for Nyonya dishes need not go far in search as a mother and daughter team had just open up a new eatery called Houz Warming serving  an array of tantalising and authentic Malacca Nyonya cuisine to local folks in Klang Valley. 

Though Puteri Puchong seems far from the city’s trendiest dining spots like Publika, Bangsar and TTDI, it rightly deserves to be considered as one, as well. Eateries of all sorts are mushrooming there, specializing in dim sum, shabu-shabu, steamboat, desserts, noodles houses, coffees, cakes and more.

Expect a palatable adventure featuring homely dishes, definitely soul warming, including Daily Special Patong Chicken, Cheese Butter Milk Chicken Chop, Asam Bandung Seafood, Sambal Fried Fish and Asam Nenas Prawn.

Front Entrance
Simple & Cozy Setting

Despite its minimalist interior, it offers quality, fresh and moreish Nyonya Peranakan dishes in its simple, no-frills yet homely looking eatery. Set up is simple, bright and cheery, truly a no-frills eatery where the focus is purely on serving all day dining delicious meals to its diners. 

 Set Lunch Promotion

Located on Jalan Puteri 1/6, Bandar Puteri Puchong's famous food street, it's becoming a popular eatery among the office workers and Puchong folk. Prices are reasonable and value for money with set lunches starting from as low as RM 7.90 to RM 13.90 for their Daily Special. 

There are 20 dishes on the Daily Special which are on a rotational basis based on availability of the fresh ingredients. Daily Special Set includes a main dish with a plate of rice with fried egg and a glass of honey jasmine. Add-ons for rice is only RM 1.00 for the big-eater. 

Houz Warming, a family friendly restaurant also serves Dinner Set Menu for 2 pax with prices ranging from RM 19.90 to RM 21.90 with a complete meal of chicken and  pork dishes together with  rice, vegetable and soup for the day.

Dinner Set Menu

The menu here is dominated by drool worthy Peranakan culinary treats such as Sambal Fried Fish, Stewed Pork Belly (Tau U Bak) and Curry Chicken. To take things a notch higher, all its sauces and gravies are freshly made every single day. Just like any friendly, everyday Chinese eateries, the foods here are reasonably priced!

The owner, Celine takes great pride in her Nyonya delights. Although not a nyonya herself, she grew up in Malacca and learnt to cook the peranakan cuisine from her maternal relatives since young. Her love and passion for good food drives her to open up a restaurant serving her family time-honoured recipes that has spanned over 2 generations. With Houz Warming, now her family's legacy lives on in the dishes she served to customers every day.

Here are some of their Daily Special Signature dishes in the house....

Patong Chicken

Patong Chicken features a crispy deep fried chicken drumstick drenched in a spicy paste of fresh chilli, shallots, tamarind, ginger flower (bunga kantan) and tumeric (kunyit). 

This spicy dish sits deliciously on top of our dining table with its aromatic scent as soon as it is served to us. Using their own specially blended home made fresh ingredient of ginger flower (bunga kantan), tumeric (kunyit), shallots, fresh chillies and many other fresh spices/herbs to achieve the tastiest gravy you can get out of a chicken dish. 

All-in-one chicken dish that comes with extra onions and long beans to go with the meal. Sourish flavour comes from the green lime to tickle your senses. I simply loves the gravy, damn good to go with your warm plate of rice with or without the chicken. Thumbs up for that!   

Asam Bandung Seafood 
The Asam Bandung Seafood is one of my favourite dish that day. Fresh prawns and squid are cooked just right with fresh ingredients of fresh chillies, lengkuas, limau kasturi, asam paste and coconut milk being excellent vehicle to bring all those seafood flavour together. 

The fragrance from the aromatic spices just permeates through and the taste of the ingredients cooked in this dish come forth instead of being overwhelmed by it. Sweet, spicy and sour flavour that is sure to please seafood lovers! 

Cheese Butter Milk Chicken Chop

Cheesy Creamy Nyonya~Style Chicken Chop that wins everyone's heart 

Another winner for me. I simply cannot get enough of Cheese Butter Milk Chicken Chop! A myriad of crispy battered chicken drenched in an appetising cheesy creamy flavoursome gravy.

Must be the rich and creaminess of the 'Guoda' cheese, or the crispiness of the deboned chicken drumstick, but the combination of it all is nothing less than addictive. I couldn’t stop myself from slurping the savoury and delicious gravy! Simply addictive with rice or even with bread. Definitely a Must-try for chicken chop lovers! 

Asam Nenas Prawns
Next up is an excellent fresh 'Ming har' prawns cooked spicy & sour-style called Asam Nenas Prawns. Tangy claypot dish comes with sourish and sweet flavour from pineapples while saltiness comes from salted fish alone. Unique and authentic, the freshness is top-notch and is especially prominent in the plentiful portions of the prawns served. The gravy is splendid, a wonderful accompaniment with white rice. 

This particular dish may only be served on certain day due to the availability of the main ingredients namely the prawns and pineapple. But be rest assured, on the days you having this special, they are of the best and freshest of the day for the diners.

This is the Best Value for Money offer in their Daily Special as with serving of 4 to 5 large prawns (depending on size on that day) with a plate of rice with fried egg and a glass of jasmine tea that price at only RM 13.90. Highly recommended for prawns lovers!

House Special Sambal Fried Fish
Deep fried cencaru topping with sambal. Nyonya style add on  buah keras for the sambal which gives it a special taste. I'm not really fond of it as I'm pretty used to my mum cooking style where the spicy sambal are cooked with dry shrimp, dry chillies, shallots and  shrimp paste (belacan). 

This stuffed cencaru fish dish remind me of my childhood. My mum used to fry this type of fish too after stuffing some home made dry prawns sambal inside it. Nostalgia dish for me! 

All the Daily Special comes with a plate hot steaming white rice and sunny side up egg.

Nyonya Delights

Hakka Vinegar Pork
One of its kind and something different, Hakka Vinegar Pork is Houz Warming speciality dish which you would not find any where else. This must be age-old traditional recipe that are the very same recipes used and passed on to Celine's family during her childhood. 

Pork trotter is stewed together with radish for its sweetness and white rice vinegar for a minimum of 6 hours,which is a time consuming cooking process indeed. 

For those who dislike the original black vinegar pork dish for its strong sourish taste, would definitely enjoy this milder and more palatable to the taste original Hakka Vinegar Pork. It's savoury sweet with a mild sourish from the rice vinegar, and goes well with rice too.

Must Try ~ Prawn Noodles
Paying homage to noodles fans, one simply must order this in house Special Prawn Mee. The broth is made from long hours of brewing the prawn shells and spices together to bring out the rich taste of prawns. 

It come served with generous portion of 2 large size prawns, thick slices of pork and egg. Plentiful fried shallots is used as a topping to bring out it's flavour. The trick to savouring its exquisite taste is to stir and mix the soup with the toppings before eating. The noodles is very appetising, the prawns are fresh and the delicious broth give lovely flavours with every mouthful.   

Pork Noodles

Another noodles not to miss out is their Pork Noodles. Highly recommended by Celine, which has a long history of 30 years behind it. This is a special recipe passed down from her husband's family in Ipoh who have been in the pork noodles business for 30 years ago.

Usually doused in a heavier and oily based broth, the Ipoh version is really executed to my taste. The broth is a light and clear but I could taste the meaty goodness in the broth. Hitting the high points is the melt-in-the-mouth tender and juicy slices of pork and pork innards that comes with the noodles. Worth a try if you like pork soup with everything in lah!

We leave feeling full and utterly satisfied. During our lunch, Celine shared with us her hopes and dreams. Having her mum and herself helming the kitchen, I believe they are truly passionate people in the food business, driven by passion to preserve heritage of dishes. 

The authentic flavour is their secret to attracting customers who crave for Peranakan culinary treats. Daily Special are served every day and their menu differs depending on the fresh produce available for the day. No short cut for them as instead of ready-made paste, they prepare it from scratch everyday. 

So, if you are craving for home-cooked Nyonya cuisine, just come by for some heart & soul warming meals prepare right from the kitchen of Celine and her mom at Houz Warming here ! 

Houz Warming
5-G Jalan Puteri 1/6
Bandar Puteri Puchong
Puchong Town Center
47100 Selangor
Tel: 8060 0722

Opening Hours: 8am to 10pm Daily

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  1. So, if you are craving for home-cooked Nyonya cuisine, just come by for some heart & soul warming meals prepare right from the kitchen of Celine and her mom at Houz Warming here !