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Friday 31 August 2018

GOA BY HUBBA With Celebrity Chef Sapna Anand at The Ascott Kuala Lumpur

GOA BY HUBBA With Celebrity Chef Sapna Anand

By its very nature, Indian food is an anomaly. Often refer either to the Northern or Southern Indian cuisine, dishes from this tropical gem are rich and aromatic with the blend of spices celebrating the community's rich heritage and culinary. With this in mind, it was with great anticipation that I welcomed the opportunity to have a tantalising delicious affair with celebrity Chef Sapna Anand at GOA By Hubba. This restaurant is located at the prestigious Ascott Kuala Lumpur, right in the heart of the Golden Triangle.

Excited Meeting Celebrity Chef  Sapna Anand at GOA By Hubba

I was totally delighted getting to meet celebrity Chef Sapna Anand, who was born and bred in Goa. With her many months away recently at India's tropical Malabar Coast, Kerala, Chef Sapna has brought home some of the most interesting and exciting flavours to entice your taste buds. You can follow her social media page www.facebook.com/sapnaanandkl 

The Ascott Kuala Lumpur
No 9 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 012 210 3055
Business Hours 
6pm till 1am, Daily 
WEBSITE hubba.asia

Celebrity Chef Sapna Anand & Her Keralan Cuisine

"My food is simple and is what I would cook for my family. I'm so happy to be able to share it with you tonight. The hero of tonight's food are the spices, the cooking and the combinations you tasted tonight are the secret to sublime Indian cooking," said Chef Sapna Anand.

Our Welcome Drink of Rasam Shooter

The all new dishes were showcased in this exclusive tasting session I had recently at GOA By Hubba. Chef Sapna is proud to present authentic Kerala and Goan delights to appease the taste buds of Indian food lovers.  

Chef emphasises on food authenticity, creating everything through her passion and injecting freshness and originality into the menu. There are five new dishes synonymous with Keralan  and Goan fare that was presented with flair. 

Delightful Light & Crispy Homemade Appam

The hero was the homemade Appams which served as the base to be enjoyed with the new dishes. Appams, also referred to as hoppers is a common food in Kerala. They are delicate, light and crispy along the edges and fluffy and soft in the centre. 

I enjoyed eating these white lacy appams biting into the crisp side while the fluffy and airy centre is perfect for mopping up the traditional Kerala stews and curries that night.  

Beef Pepper Fry

Next new dish on the table was the Beef Pepper Fry that features bite-sized chunks of beef laden with spices especially pepper made for a tasty snack. Similar to our local favourite of Rendang Tok, this dry beef dish is stewed in shallots, spices, plenty of black pepper and in true Kerala-style with desiccated coconut added in for the smoky flavour.   

Malabar Style Mutton Curry

There's also the melt-in-your-mouth, Malabar Style Mutton Curry. It's rich, spicy and mellow, an additive dish some will die for, drawing the most 'ooooohs and aaaaaaahs' from the table. Mutton is never an easy meat to cook, and most are not able to make it tender but Chef Sapna's Malabar Style Mutton Curry was absolutely tender and soft.

The mutton pulls away with the slightest tug and the first bite is filled with rich, creamy taste that lingers in the mouth. More appams please.... to mop up the gravy!

Fish Mango Curry

Moving on, if prawns do not appeal to you, then you can try their healthy offerings of red snapper in their Fish Mango Curry dish. It has a distinct and lingering flavour ~ spicy, tangy and delicious. Usually, the tang in the curry comes from tamarind paste but chef substitute it with mangoes thus making the unique fish curry a fresh tasting curry instead.

This is my first time tasting a fish mango curry dish.  I love the mango in curry as the delicious tang that mangoes impart into the sauce makes this dish so good. Together with the fresh flaky white fish meat, it just gets better.  

Papadam With Moong Dhal Salsa

Goa has garnered an assembly of admirers drawn to the rest of their signature dishes served that night such as the Kashmiri Lamb Chop, Garlic Butter Prawn, Vegetarian Mantoa and Beef Vindalho. 

Vegetarian Mantoa
Chinese steamed bun stuffed with spiced cauliflower, pepper, caramelised onion and coriander

Butter Chicken With Cranberry Rice
Grilled chicken thigh in mild curry sauce 

Kashmiri Lamb Chop
Fresh cut lamb rack grilled with a blend of homemade spices and served with mint chutney

Garlic Butter Prawn With Fried Mantao

Seafood lovers would be over the moon with this spectacularly rich and creamy, Garlic Butter Prawn that comes with a plate of four soft deep-fried mantao. 

An aromatic and steaming hot bowl of  Garlic Butter Prawn came to our table with a wafting smell of garlic, butter and curry leaves whetting our appetites and turns out to be a hit even with my young son who's a non-prawn-eater. We just loved the creamy curry gravy that goes so well with nice warm mantao, mopping up all the tasty gravy again. 

Vegetable Ishstew
Vegetable stew cooked in coconut milk

Sweet Apam 

We ended our satisfying dinner on a high note with sweet delight of sweet apam served with vanilla ice cream topped with brown sugar, almond flakes, condensed milk and finishing touches with a drizzle of dessert brandy and caramel to heighten the sweetness of the dessert.    

All these new delectable Indian cuisines are well complemented by Goan Inspired Cocktails that is bound to amuse the palate with exotic spices.

Goan Inspired Cocktails
Kinky Kokum
Gin, Lychee Liqueur, Lychee, Kokum, Roasted Cumin, Lime

Mama Manca
Gin, Lemon Juice, Ginger Syrup, Tumeric Syrup, Dash Of Cayenne Pepper

Pandhara Martini
Vodka, Rum, Gin, Fresh Apple Juice, Lime Juice, Falernum Syrup, Cinnamon, Fennel Seed, Cumin 

Spiked Mango Lassi
Vodka, Herbal Liqueur, Mango, Mango Puree, Yoghurt, Chilli Padi, Puffed Black Rice 

Location of GOA BY HUBBA

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