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Monday, 6 August 2018


A Surprise Find In Food Court

There are plenty of surprises in the Klang Valley when it comes to street food and my latest discovery was this noodle stall in Sungei Wang Plaza Food Court or Hawker Centre at 4th Floor. Located in Jalan Bukit Bintang, the Sungei Wang Plaza Food Court used to be a popular lunch spot amongst locals due to its variety and affordability.  

4th Floor Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

It's been many years since I last come here for the food and shopping.  Many decades ago, Sungei Way Plaza used to be the haunt for many locals for food, movies and shopping. Still remember the good old days when Sungei Wang was "THE" place for some real shopping, with shops cramped from corner to corner, selling many affordable items from clothing to accessories. 

Weekends were somewhat predictable back in those days - jam-packed with shoppers, but nowadays, most of the shopping activities are concentrated at Berjaya Time Square and Low Yat IT Mall now.

Signboard In The Lift 

Coming back to my food story, we were at the mall and my teenage son wanted for a quick meal, so ventured around looking for decent makan places in the mall. We were in the lift and saw a sign stating that there was a Hawker Centre at 4th Floor.

The Lift Serve Only - Level G, 1st, 4th & 6th floor

The View Once You Come Out Of The Lift

If it's your first time there, you may get lost. Go to DAISO and use the mid stairs to walk up to the 4th floor. Otherwise, if you are coming from the monorail, take the first lift by the door entering the mall and take a direct lift to 4th floor.

Walk out to the carpark and look across for the food court entrance. The car park area is empty and might be a bit scary if you have never been to this part of the mall. Just walk across the car park towards the main entrance and you will see a signboard. 
Another Entrance From The Other Side Of The Mall

No Frills Settings

With kopitiam-style tables, sunshine-yellow plastic chairs, and exposed piping, the food court may seem a bit rundown compared to most food courts you’d find in shopping malls. However, you will get to enjoy authentic Malay, Indian and Chinese fare in one convenient location.

This is the first stall that greets us when we enter the food court area. This humble stall run by a Myanmarese lady serves up a variety of local favourites. 

Those looking for a meal of noodles such as Kolo Mee, Pork Noodle, Fish Head Noodle, Curry Mee, Claypot Yee Mee, Dry Curry Chicken Wantan Mee, Lam Mee, Prawn Mee, Tomyam Mee Dumpling Mee, Dry Yee Mee, and even Yong Tau Foo Mee can get their cravings satisfied here. She also offers snack food of fried wanton and dumplings too.  

Although Sungei Wang Plaza may be a bit grubby and rundown, the popular mall houses one of the best food courts in the city. We were attracted to this noodles stall with super cheap and affordable prices starting at only RM 6 for a decent bowl of noodles.

That being said, we settled for this noodle stall managed by the Myanmarese lady. Without hesitation, my son went for his top favourite, the Fish Head Noodle (RM 6.50) while my hubby opted for a plate of Dry Curry Chicken Wantan Mee (RM 6).  

Fish Head Noodle
RM 6.50

A Whole Chunky Piece Of Fish Fillet

We were bowled over by this bowl of fish head noodles. The soupy delight came to us in a milky anchovy, flavoured with Chinese cooking wine and lightly deep-fried battered pieces of fish. No, not really; there was this generous portion of fish fillet accompanied with several pieces of the smaller portions in the bowl.    
I have requested for more flesh and not fish heads, so we have this yummy piece of fillet for my son to enjoy without any bones. Generous amounts of coriander leaves, tofu, fried shallots, tomato,  lettuce, preserved mustard and ginger lend flavour to the broth that has mee hoon in it. The generous use of ingredients offers a burst of flavours. 

For me, this bowl is worth every single cent you paid for it or even more. So far, this is my first encounter getting to eat such a delicious bowl of fish head noodles at such a cheap price for a chock-full of ingredients for RM 6.50 only! So cheap you can't find anywhere else and definitely in the city centre like in Bukit Bintang area where the rent is expensive. 

Dry Curry Chicken Wantan Mee 
RM 6

On the other hand, the Dry Curry Chicken Wantan Mee, well, was just average. The lady overcooked the wantan mee making it was very soft to the bite. Together with the curry gravy, the mee was soaking in, so it becomes soggy.  
Nevertheless, apart from the soggy noodles, the curry chicken was actually very delicious to eat. My hubby gets to enjoy the generous portion of four pieces of curry chicken wings with some potatoes too. The curry was rich and thick, fragrant and palatable.

In actual fact, his first choice was the hearty bowl of curry noodles when he noticed another diner enjoying a very tasty-looking big bowl of curry noodles. It was sold out, so he opted to have some dry curry mee instead.

Wantan Soup

I find the wantan soup that came with the dry curry mee to be pretty decent. Again, there were lots of lettuce in the soup and the mini dumplings were good too. Do note that the stall opens at 7am and closes around 5pm every day.

Food choices here are predominantly Chinese, but you can also enjoy authentic Malay and Indian dishes. There are also several stalls selling local beverages and dessert, including assorted Malay kuih,  coffee, tea, and fresh fruit juices. 

I also spotted a  stall selling Vietnam Coffee for RM 2.50 only. There was also a Chicken cum BBQ Pork Rice stall selling a plate of chicken rice or Char Siew rice for RM 6 only.  If you’re looking to sample some mixed rice, there are two big Chap Fan stalls just next to this noodles stall with more than fifty dishes laid out in a buffet-like spread for you to choose from.

I will definitely come back for more to check out the rest of the stalls and share more findings of good affordable eats on my blog soon!   

Location Of Sungei Wang Plaza Food Court 

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