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Tuesday 28 August 2018


Mid-Autumn Festival 2018
9-Course Set Menu 

It's the time of the year to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival this September with the familiar sight of moon-shaped pastries sold at Chinese restaurants and hotels. This is also the perfect reunion time for the family to gather and bond over the specially designed meal for Mooncake Festival.  

Famous Cantonese Cuisine Chef  'Tai Pei Sifu' - Chef Chan Peng Wah

I was delighted to be invited to the GRAND HARBOUR RESTAURANT & PRIVATE KITCHEN at Fahrenheit 88, indulging in special meals specially curated by 'Tai-Pei' Sifu - Famous Chinese Tai Sifu Chef Chan Peng Wah in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Celebration.

FACEBOOK: Grand Harbour
Lot LG2-01 (01) & LG2-01 (02)
Lower Ground Two
Fahrenheit 88
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 – 2141 1763 / 2141 1660

Sprucing up the traditional occasion to celebrate the festival that falls on Sept 24, Grand Harbour Restaurant & Private Kitchen has created a nine-course menu for diners. Priced at RM 1188+, the meal is only available upon pre-order. 

Apart from that, diners can indulge and bond over Chef Chan's Mid-Autumn creations - a showcase of three nourishing ala carte dishes prepared using seasonal ingredients such as lotus seed, chestnut and red dates. 

Chef Chan's Mid-Autumn Creations

Steamed Chicken With Lotus Seed & Garlic In Lotus Leaf
RM 120+

Chicken is a must-have in any Chinese festive meals. Chef Chan's Steamed Chicken With Lotus Seed & Garlic In Lotus Leaf was a winner that night. The steamed village chicken dish's aromatic fragrance gushes out when unwrapped, brings a nostalgic feeling. 

It takes the chef's meticulous tedious cooking task to prepare this dish from poaching to simmering it in a salty broth seasoned with special ingredients to marinate into a flavourful dish. This was followed by cutting it into individual bite-size portion before steaming it wrapped in the lotus leaf with lotus seeds and garlic to enhance the flavours. The end results present a juicy, tender and flavoursome chicken with the essence of chicken in the broth too.   

Braised Spare Ribs With Chestnuts & Fried Onion
RM 50+

Moving on the impressive concoction of flavours is the pork-licious dish ~  Braised Spare Ribs With Chestnuts & Fried Onion. Drenched in the mouth-watering brown sauce, the delicate almost fork-tender spare ribs practically melt in your mouth upon the first bite.   

Layers Of Lean & Fats For The Spared Ribs Dish

Chestnuts and fried onions added by the chef brought in more flavour and texture to the dish. The chestnuts are soft and savoury to the taste.

 Red Dates Layer Cake
RM 9.80+

Keeping up to its healthy and nourishing menu, Grand Harbour's special Mid-Autumn creation for dessert is the Red Dates Layer Cake. Red dates represent good fortune and sweetness of blessings, so this makes it an excellent dessert to serve for the festive season.

We loved the chewy texture of the cake which bears a resemblance to the local Kueh Lapis Sagu but made using red dates. The red dates gave it an extra layer of fruitiness, not too sweet with a very nice delicate flavour that appeals to many.

Braised Crab Meat Thick Soup With Assorted Dried Seafood & Crab Roe

Aside from the three delectable a la carte dishes, diners can check out Grand Harbour's Mid-Autumn Festival Set Menu. During the sampling session with Chef Chan, we were treated to some of the dishes from the nine-course menu for dinner that night.

With Chinese sit-down meals, one can expect the soup as one of the dishes served. Braised Crab Meat Thick Soup With Assorted Dried Seafood & Crab Roe proved to be rich and full-of-flavour, with an assortment of seafood treasures such as fish lips, fish maw, scallop, crab meat and grated chestnuts adding crunch and colour to the orangey broth.

Wok Fried Giant Grouper Fillet In Hong Kong Fishing Village Style

The Wok Fried Giant Grouper Fillet In Hong Kong Fishing Village Style carries the typical aromatic flavours that go well with many fish lovers. The dish seems simple enough in presentation - a platter of the deep-fried fish fillet at first glance, nestled on a bed of deep-fried dried chillies, scallions and crunchy flakes from the flour coating. 

Then you bite into the meat and it's bursting with the salted black beans aroma which was deep-fried with the fish giving a savoury taste.

Poached Ming Prawn With Chinese Yellow Wine 

The restaurant's Ming Prawn is also another example of simplicity in presentation as it is served poached to preserve the originality in the flavour of the crustacean. The big juicy fresh prawns are laid on the pot before being cooked with Chinese yellow wine for around one minute in high heat at the dining table.

Chopped garlic enhance the flavours and the freshly cooked, steaming hot Ming prawns are best eaten once it's cooked so you can enjoy the firm prawn flesh to the fullest together with the warm sweet wine broth.

Feast Your Eyes Over These Freshly Cooked Ming Prawns In Chinese Yellow Wine Broth

Braised Homemade Bean Curd With Fish Lips & Mushroom With Abalone Sauce 

Keeping up to its quality of serving premium dishes, Braised Homemade Bean Curd With Fish Lips & Mushroom With Abalone Sauce was the vegetable dish on the menu. 

Fried Rice With Eel & Black Pepper

A Chinese set dinner is not complete with the rice dish. Here's Chef Chan's creation of the Fried Rice With Eel & Black Pepper was something out of the norm. He incorporated eel meat and black pepper into the fried rice dish with mustard leaves and corn for the added texture.

 Grand Harbour Mid-Autumn Treasures

Of course, the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations will not be completed without the traditionally baked mooncakes. Grand Harbour introduced its array of mooncakes which include baked and snow skin options.

Customers can choose from twelve flavours such as White Lotus Single or Double Yolks, Red Bean Paste and Fruits Nuts Mixture, Grand Harbour launched two new flavours with a varied use of fruits such as lemon for the zest and honey to sweeten the mooncakes. The two new flavours are Golden Zest and Fruity Duet adding to the enjoyment of the Lantern Festival this year.

For Full Review Of These Mooncakes, Go To My Latest Blog Post right here - http://bit.ly/GrandHarbourMoonCakeFestival2018

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