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Thursday 2 August 2018

KNOWHERE Eatery, Bar & Cigars At Bangsar Kuala Lumpur

New & Delicious 
 Eatery, Bar & Cigars At Bangsar 
KNOWHERE Eatery, Bar & Cigars At Bangsar Kuala Lumpur

KNOWHERE Eatery, Bar & Cigars is the new place to head to if you fancy tapas and cocktail food in a classy bistro. Located in the affluent neighbourhood of Bangsar, this French-inspired tapas eatery cum bar provides good food with an exciting drinks menu.  

KNOWHERE Eatery, Bar & Cigars
50 Jalan Maarof
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 010-220 2358

Trendy and cosy, KNOWHERE is a haven for many city-slicker to get together after work to unwind and de-stress at this contemporary watering hole-cum-bistro. Opening its door to customers less than a month ago in July 2018 is making its mark on the map as a trendy chill-out restaurant bar.

The Decor With Led Lightings 

The bright little-led lighting on the ceiling glows, and smooth R&B oozes from the speakers setting the mood for this stylish bar with high stool and the long tables next to the long bar. 

This is a world of soul food in the night of delectable tapas, pizzas, sandwiches to assorted swanky crafted cocktails and mocktails to excite our palate and senses. On my first visit to this newly opened eatery, we were treated to their variety of tapas such as the Smoked Plume and Plum, Burnt Butter Steak, Grill Calamari, Duck Confit Pizza and Al-Funghi Pizza among others. Read on for more.

Burnt Butter Steak
RM 26.80

Diners have a wide variety of meat items to choose from for the tapas menu. My top pick has to be the Burnt Butter Steak featuring a well-seasoned sliced flank steak lightly seared to perfection in a medium rare done, maintaining it's original juiciness and completes the dish with a final drizzle of the flavourful of chilli burnt butter sauce.

Smoked Plume & Plum
RM 24.80

Another tapas worthy of mentioned is the Smoked Plume & Plum ~ House made smoked duck served with plum and peach salsa, mango sauce and onion marmalade. Although it was a simple dish of smoked duck, the way it was prepared made all the difference. 

Grill Calamari
RM 24.80

For something Asian, especially for seafood lovers do try out this Grill Calamari that comes with their signature dipping sauce of the Sambal Belacan Salsa. This house made concoction of the  Belacan Salsa rocks big time with everyone at the table that night.

It was wickedly delicious, super addictive and you would to eat more - not only with the grill calamari that originally comes with it but this superb sauce practically goes with everything we had that day. My hubby has a great-tasting of the eating the sambal salsa with the pizza too. This makes me wonder if in future there'll be any bottled-version for sale!
Knowhere Nachos
RM 26.80

Next on the table was the Knowhere Nachos, consisting of  crispy fried tortillas topped with Knowhere special sauce, guacamole, jalapenos, Monty Jack cheese and pulled roast chicken. 

Mussel Sambal With Basil Lime
RM 15.80

The Mussel Sambal With Basil Lime is other small plates options for those seafood fans. This is Chilean Black Mussel cooked in basil lime chili with the spicy sambal belacan salsa lending a spicy sourish taste to the dish.   

Chicken Liver Pate
RM 15.80

Get hold of this house specialty of house-made Pate served with crackers, breads and jams.

Duck Confit Pizza 
RM 36.80

Pizza lovers can rejoice, as much as I did, with the Duck Confit Pizza, a Flambé Style pizza with onion marmalade, confit onion and duck confit. The fluffy sourdough-based oval pizza is made-from-scratch; as is the smoked duck.

This love for things-made-from-scratch extends throughout the menu - freshly baked bread, the sauces made fresh, house-made pate, even the duck is house-smoked. 

Chicken Mexicana Pizza
RM 28.80

Those not keen on duck, can opt for the Chicken Mexicana Pizza. This pizza is served with grilled chicken, chicken sausages, sun-dried tomatoes, jalapenos and olives.

Al-Funghi Pizza
RM 28.80

Another pizza to relish is the Al-Funghi Pizza - Topped with the creamy wild mushroom, the pizza was generously baked with loads of cheesy cheese.  

Knowhere bar boasts a long list of original mocktails and cocktails together with a variety of jovial beverages such as premium malted whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and beers to get you boozy. The drink list takes up two pages on the menu so you may take some time to make a choice.

Kopi Negroni 
RM 32

Spiced Rum with Homemade Kopi Tongkat Ali liqour & Kopi Hitam

Its Nangka Thyme
RM 30

Jackfruit and Habanero infused Rum with lime, curry leaves and homemade grapefruit & thyme soda

Smoked Popcorn Old Fashioned RM 36
Sirap Setan RM 32

Sirap Setan 
Lemongrass & Pandan infused Gin with homemade rose water, cherry blossom & sours

Smoked Popcorn Old Fashioned 
Whisky stirred with popcorn syrup & grapefruit bitters smoked with in house wood chips

Knowhere's quality food and drinks go hand in hand with a pleasant setting. Their food offerings are best enjoyed with Knowhere's extensive list of spirits as well as speciality cocktails and mocktails. 

Perhaps, Knowhere's vision is to offer patrons more than just food and drink but an entire experience by having an exquisite cocktail paired with flavourful dishes complemented by comfortable setting - That's what Knowhere Bangsar is all about!    

 Cheeky Toilet Signs

All prices are subject to an additional 10% Service Charge.

Location Map To Knowhere Bangsar Bar
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