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Saturday 25 August 2018



Let's celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with Grand Harbour Restaurant as these special festive moments of traditions are enhanced with an array of authentic and new mooncakes delights.  I was delighted to be invited for the sampling of their Mid-Autumn Festive Menu tasting recently together with the presentation of their mooncakes offerings.

FACEBOOK: Grand Harbour
Lot LG2-01 (01) & LG2-01 (02)
Lower Ground Two
Fahrenheit 88
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 – 2141 1763 / 2141 1660

Grand Harbour's Amazingly Creative 3-Tier Mooncake Gift Box

This year 2018, Grand Harbour stays true to tradition with its classic mooncakes flavours but also gets creative when it comes to new recipes. Chef Chan Peng Wah aka 'Tai Pei Sifu' (Big Nose Chef) is proud to launch its delectable new range of mooncakes this year, inspired by the many colours and flavours of our homeland, Malaysia.

Grand Harbour's Mooncakes Treats

While keeping timeless selections such as White Lotus Single or Double Yolks, Red Bean Paste and Fruits Nuts Mixture, Grand Harbour launched two new flavours with a varied use of fruits such as lemon for the zest and honey to sweeten the mooncakes. The two new flavours are Golden Zest and Fruity Duet adding to the enjoyment of the Lantern Festival this year.  

Golden Zest
RM 24.50/Pc
RM 98/ Box Of 4 Pc

The new flavour of  Golden Zest Mooncake features classic delicacy of lotus paste mooncake with single yolk, infused with the sweetness of honey and a distinct tinge of lemon zest. They wanted something that would appeal to the younger generation, but would also be acceptable to the older generation. The honey is a great addition for the natural sweetness while the lemony flavour blends in a hint of sourness for better taste.

Fruity Duet
RM 21.50/Pc
RM 86/Box Of 4 Pc 

Meanwhile, the new offering of Fruity Duet consists of a smooth blend of cranberry and lotus paste, enveloping a sweet pineapple centre that appeals to fruit lovers. Fresh cranberries are blended into the lotus paste and the vibrant colour one's sees come purely from the cranberries. A novel blend of cranberries and pineapple paste, this divine creation gives a fruity sensation.

Fruits Nuts Mixture
RM 22.50/Pc
RM 90/Box Of 4 Pc

This traditional classics of Fruits Nuts Mixture appeals to those looking for healthy and guilt-free eating of mooncakes. The assorted nuts and seeds are mixed together, therefore it's a treat to eat. The taste of the selected nuts and seeds matches, and doesn't overwhelm one another.   

Jade Lotus Single Yolk
RM 21.50/Pc
RM 86/Box Of 4 Pc

Grand Harbour offered a total of 12 mooncake variants from Baked Skin to Snow Skin. A beautifully designed 3-tier hexagon pastel florally themed boxes make an excellent Corporate Gift Box for RM 138 per box. 

Corporate Gift Box 
RM 138 For 6 Pcs 

Check This Delightfully Creative 3-Tier Hexagon Mooncake Box

Grand Harbour's Limited Edition Corporate Gift Box makes for an impressive and refined gift for loved ones, business associates, clients, friends or corporate partners. Featuring a tiered mooncakes box, a mix of both traditional and new flavours, it is an impressive and delicate gift for all.

Grand Harbour Mooncakes are available from now till 24 September 2018 at all of their two Grand Harbour restaurants respectively at:  

Grand Harbour Mooncake Order Form 2018 

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  1. Haven't seen double egg yolks anywhere yet this year, I need that! Or 4 egg yolks!


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