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Thursday, 9 August 2018


PRP Knee Platelet Rich Plasma Injection 
For Knee Pain & Arthritis
Hi guys! I'm taking a break from my usual food posts to share about my recent experience of Knee Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection treatment I had at Premier Clinic in Taman Tun Dr Ismail Kuala Lumpur. 

 Posing With My Two Daughters - Carmen Hong (Right) & Clarrisha Hong (Left)

Age is just a number for me. I just turned 55 years old this year. I have two lovely daughters in their early twenties and a young teenage son. At the age of 55, I lead a healthy and active life in the blogging community. Auntie Lilly is a full-time mother, retired housewife and part-time blogger too.


Passion drives and I truly enjoyed doing reviews, food-tasting, meeting up with people at any events and last but not least, I have made lots of new friends from the blogger's community who calls me affectionately by the name of "Auntie Lilly".

My age never quite bothered me until recently when I felt like it's catching up with me. I don't have any issues with health but till recently about half a year ago, I started to have early signs of OA Osteoarthritis with stiffness and mild pain in my left knee. 

Like many others, there shall be a point in time when we reached a certain age, that health and beauty would be our main concern. Good health can be achieved if we maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right, staying psychically active, keeping our mind stress free and body free of harmful drugs and alcohol.

Two months ago, I also embarked on a daily exercise program by doing daily workouts at home for at least 30 minutes a day. My health and diet are important to me now, in order to feel good and look good at this age, so I can still enjoy my life to the fullest.

Hong's Family That's Blog Together, Stay Together

I do want to look my best and feel good at any age that I am. Well, I was introduced to this PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma injections by my daughter, Dr Clarrisha Hong who's a chiropractor too. She was treating my symptom for nagging pains that been bothering her dearest mommy and recommended that PRP is an effective treatment for my knees and joints.

So when I found that one of Malaysia’s leading aesthetic clinics, Premier Clinic does offer this exclusive Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for individuals suffering from arthritis and knee pain I could never be happier as it comes at the right time as I was looking for a good and effective treatment for my knee problem.

Image Via www.drnumb.com
Image Via physicalsolutionsli.com

What Is Osteoarthritis (OA)?
Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common problem affecting lifestyle and function, especially in older ladies. It usually occurs in the weight-bearing joints, and people usually experience the problem more in the knees. Basically, osteoarthritis is an inflammatory condition, which occurs due to the wear and tear of the cartilage between the joints.

Image Via Premier-Clinic.Com

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment?
PRP Injection Therapy is a natural and cost-effective alternative to surgery—designed to rebuild cartilage, repair torn meniscus and ligaments, and reduce swelling and pain. PRP is a relatively low-pain, low-risk procedure that uses your own blood to stimulate growth in injured tissues.

Image Via www.healthline.com

It attempts to utilise the natural healing properties of blood, using it to fix damaged tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and even bones and by stimulating the natural immune repair mechanisms and supplying the building blocks necessary to build tissue. 

To Know More On Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Check Out This Link At "HOW PRP THERAPY WORKS?

Posing With Dr Vanessa Leow At Premier Clinic (TTDI Outlet)

My journey started one month ago when I seek treatment for the PRP injection at Premier Clinic at their TTDI outlet. I was consulted by Dr Vanessa Leow, an aesthetic physician. Dr Vanessa Leow is a highly qualified MBBS doctor who graduated from the University of Malaya and also holds a Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine accredited by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).

In the consultation room, Dr Vanessa asked me about my knee condition. I shared with her my concerns over the knee pain and stiffness in my joints that have become more problematic to my movements over the last six months.

She was very thorough with me as she explained how Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection can treat my knee condition. She went on to explain that this is a very simple and pain-free PRP injection procedure. 

Dr Vanessa also adds that PRP injection is a safe and effective method for treating in patients with knee osteoarthritis especially in my case of early knee degenerative or mild OA conditions. The patient should notice a positive improvement in the functions of the joints and a reduction in the amount of pain felt in four to six weeks after the treatment.

PRP Injection Procedure

Here's what happened in the treatment room for the PRP injection process:

The Nurse Applied Numbing Cream To My Knee

Firstly, the procedure started off with the nurse applying numbing cream to my left knee. The role of numbing cream is basically to reduce the pain by numbing the area specifically for the injection.

It Takes Around 20 Minutes For The Numbing To Take Effect

Next, the doctor came to draw 18ml of blood from my right arm. I think the amount of the blood taken depends on where the PRP will be injected. 

18ml Of Blood Withdraw From My Right Arm

I was told that the blood collected is then spun in a centrifuge every quickly, causing the blood components to separate. A centrifuge is a machine specifically designed to concentrate platelets.  The separation process takes about 15 minutes. The total yield for 18ml blood extracted is around 6ml of platelets. 

A Numb Left Knee Ready For The PRP Injection

By that time, my left knee was feeling numb and it was thoroughly cleansed off to remove the numbing cream and prepared it for the PRP injection.

 Dr Vanessa Marking My Left Knee For Treatment

Dr Vanessa Identifying The Right Spot For The PRP Injection 

Dr Vanessa marks the area and identifies the right spot to be treated with a special pen. After that, she takes the separated plasma and prepares it for injection into the affected area. 

 To this, a nurse applied antiseptic lotion to sterilise the knee area prior to the PRP injection. 

Nurse Applied The Antiseptic Solution Prior To The Injection

Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment Being Administered

Then, Dr Vanessa injected the PRP gently into my left knee.  I can feel the doctor putting the needle and injecting the PRP into my affected knee but there was no pain or any discomfort.

Dr Vanessa was very gentle with me during the procedure and this makes me felt at ease and comfortable. She injected the PRP slowly into my knee while asking how I feel, assuring me that everything is good and fine and it's going to be over very soon.

The procedure was done professionally in less than 5 minutes as Dr Vanessa was very precise and careful throughout the whole PRP injection. I have no prior experience before with PRP injection but it was quite bearable for me.

A Plaster Over The Tiny Hole On My Left Knee

A Quick Recap Of The Pain-Free PRP Procedure At Premier Clinic

Is Platelet-rich Plasma Painful?
I do not feel any pain but only numbness in the area while the doctor was injecting the PRP into my knee during the procedure. I believe most people can tolerate the procedure well as this is a very short and quick process.

Dr Vanessa recommended that I rest the affected area and do not do any exercise for a day or two. I did experience some post-injection soreness and swelling for a day or two after the procedure.

2 Days After PRP

According to the doctor, because PRP injections are intended to promote healing or growth, I may not notice an immediate difference after receiving the injections.  I'm happy that there was no visible scars or marks on my knee and it heals well. 

This post was written past more than a month after my PRP treatment that was done on the 3rd of July 2018. I start noticing the significant improvement by the 4th week after PRP treatment. The original pain I usually experienced when I try to kneel has lessened over time on the 3rd week. Although, symptom improvement is slow and subtle as days and weeks pass, with my left knee stiffness is gone for the first time after so many months.

Two months ago, with advice from my family doctor, I have incorporated a 30 minutes exercise into my daily routine for good health and I can feel an increased endurance, more strength and flexibility on the left knee while I'm trying out my regulars Walk-At-Home Workouts especially during those knee-squats moves.

Well, overall I'm very pleased with the outcome of this amazing PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Injection I had for my knee condition. It's a safe and quick procedure with no downtime. I felt so much better now with no more pain and stiffness in those old joints of mine. 

Singapore Tripping With Daughter, Carmen Hong 
( I Can Walk 18,000 Steps On Those Happy Knees Now)

I hope this write-up and sharing can bring insight for those who are looking for alternative treatment for individuals suffering from arthritis and knee pain. This post serves as an avenue for me to share my experience with you, not just as a promotional post for these treatments.

Personally, I felt blessed and happy that these modern treatments help to ease my ageing problem and allow me to grow old gracefully and being able to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Selfies Time With My Daughters At Gardens By The Bay In Singapore

Being old doesn't mean you have to stop doing things that you loved, do the right thing as now we have access to better healthcare and that means we can be healthier longer and thus remain active. At the end of the day, it's all about you, what makes you feel good, making the best choices for yourself, and do what makes you happy! 😍😍😍    

Stay Busy. Stay Active & Enjoy The Ride!
Do contact their team at Premier Clinic to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our highly experienced and professional doctors about your arthritis, and to determine if PRP treatment is suitable for you.

Contact Premier Clinic today for information on PRP treatment for knee problems. Call them now at their respective outlets in Klang Valley at 012 – 662 5552 (Bangsar/TTDI branch), 016 – 7060101 (Puchong branch) or 018 – 871 9939 (KL City branch) to schedule a FREE consultation session. Available thru Mobile/WhatsApp daily from 8am to 12midnight or you can email contactus@premier-clinic.com

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    1. You can get in touch with Premier Clinic for a one-to-one complimentary consultation. Each individual's condition is different. For my case, I need only 1 treatment (PRP injection) for positive results. My PRP treatment per time cost around RM 2,000.

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