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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

LE PONT Boulangerie et Cafe ~ The Art Of Coffee & Desserts Treats 'Sweet Sensations' @ Bedford Business Park Old Klang Road Kuala Lumpur

LE PONT Boulangerie et Cafe
Presents The Art Of 
Coffee & Desserts Treats
'Sweet Sensations'
Coffee and desserts were never on my top list of food to eat... I'm more of the Kopi-O and nasi lemak regulars. So, when I was invited to review Le Pont 'Sweet Sensations’ Coffee + Desserts Menu Tasting recently, I hesitated at first thought.

Nevertheless, with a foodie family like mine who loves cakes, pastries, bread and coffee, I brought my family along for the food-tasting session last week to LE PONT Boulangerie et Cafe, located at Bedford Business Park, along with Old Klang Road Kuala Lumpur.

French Bistro Inspired Facade

The inspiration behind the name Le Pont comes from the French word which meant ‘The Bridge’. A place to connect people; where family and friends can come together, enjoying memorable moments and forging new friendship while savouring great food and drinks at a French European boulangerie-patisserie-cafe.

Modern, contemporary yet casual cafe, Le Pont gastronomic experience revolves around the trio of pastries and bread, the cafe and speciality coffee. Enjoy artisanal yet innovative bread and pastries, with their our custom-roasted house blend coffee and specially-crafted drinks. 

At Le Pont, it’s all about Connecting People, Bridging Moments, Coming Together Over Great Food.

With over 40 different varieties of bread and pastries, all baked daily, always from scratch, you will be spoilt for choice and that's nothing short of perfection. Signature offerings at the bakery are the chocolate caramel mousse, flourless chocolate cake, the Fougasse, croissant and vanilla cream doughnut.

Posing With Le Pont ~ Head of Coffee 
Mr David Leong & his Coffee Creation  

I was truly honoured and lucky to have met up with passionate barista, David Leong who hold a string of notable accolades as the Head Of Coffee for Le Pont. Besides, being certified Authorised Trainer with the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), as well as the Director and Lead Trainer with the Barista Guild Asia’s Coffee Academy, he also oversees the Public Relations for Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association. His task at Le Pont is simple but challenging; that is to ensure every customer at Le Pont has the perfect beverage accompaniment to their meal or simply, the time spent at the cafe.

Coffee Origin Platter
RM 18.90

For the month of Mar and April 2016, Le Pont adds a new chapter to their storied list of a great marriage of taste with its specially crafted new Coffee & Desserts Menu; a labour of love by their passionate and creative chefs, the Coffee & Desserts Menu aptly named 'Sweet Sensations'.

Featuring world-famous coffee presented in a unique serving method, as well as together with 6 signature desserts bound to impress sweet tooth everywhere. 

A coffee lover's dream has come true with the Coffee Origin Platter at Le Pont Boulangerie et Cafe. Am impressive and captivating three-in-one serving tray of Himalaya Supersonic Coffee in difference enjoyment styles. 

Head of Coffee David Leong explained that to enjoy the coffee platter, one should start off with the filtered brew which exudes out only the pure and natural taste of this highly sought after bean from El Salvador; followed by the coffee mocktail which is sweetened by the blueberry syrup with a tinge of lemon. Last but not least, to taste the aromatic espresso brewed with textured milk which enhances the full aroma of the special blend.

Latte, Coffee Mocktail, Espresso
(From Top clockwise)

My personal favourite was the refreshing Coffee Mocktail, perfectly concocted with blue berry syrup  and refreshing zesty flavour from the lemon rind, giving it a unique complexity. Sipping the mocktail between portions of dessert brought a harmonious combination of flavours to my palate.

Creamy Coffee Tart
RM 43.90 for Whole Tart / RM 12.90 per slice

To paired with this special coffee brew, we were treated to the mouth-watering sweet creations of Pastry Chef Muhammad Padzli. With patisserie experience of 15 years, Chef Padzli exciting culinary journey takes him all over the world and into the kitchens of award-winning famous French Chef Joel Robuchon and internationally acclaimed Italian Chef Umberto Bombana.  

Currently, Chef Padzli overseas all the pastry, cakes and bread created in the kitchens and enforces rigorous standards of pastry and bread-making, whilst working with premium ingredients like Valrhona chocolate in his signature creations like chocolate caramel mousse.

Coffee aficionados will go gaga over this wonderful Creamy Coffee Tart, a delectable shortcrust pastry baked with the coffee mix from the Himalaya Supersonic single-origin beans. Revel in a velvety smooth confectionery of the rich and distinctive aroma of the coffee in the tart as the flavours slowly tickle the palate. Diners can savour it as a single slice at RM 12.90 or take home a whole tart for a mere RM 43.90. 

Le Noisette
RM 17.90

Another crowd favourite that stood out the most (besides the Creamy Coffee Tart) is the Le Noisette ~ freshly baked with Crunchy Hazelnut and Chocolate Bar paired with melt-in-your-mouth Mascarpone Cream. 

It has the right balance of bitterness and sweetness. I loved the fact that the dessert is not heavy even after each bite, it's due to the fact that extra rich-tasting hazelnuts added to enhance the taste and texture.

Le Pomme
RM 15.90

Making its round was the Le Pomme, a French word for apples. Chef  Padzli created a Warm Apple Tart served with vanilla ice cream. A nice warm treat, you will love the crisp and light pastry topped with sweet thinly sliced green apples. I like mine without cream or ice cream, just perfect paired wonderfully with your favourite cup of latte or espresso!  

Caramel & Mixed Nuts Tart
RM 10.90

CARAMEL AND NUTS HAVOC! If you love the combination of the melt-in-mouth soft caramel and mixed nuts, this the choice dessert to savour. Pamper your taste buds with one of Chef Padzli's finest offering of delightful baked shortcrust pastry filled with mixed nuts and soft caramel, topped with chocolate mousse. Needless to say, the competently concocted treats were finished in no time!

Apple Crumble Tart
RM 10.90

Other selections from the 'Sweet Sensations' menu includes an Apple Crumble Tart. It's basically a classic apple tart topped with sliced green apples on a bed of frangipane, with almond crumble, lightly seasoned with cinnamon powder.

Just in case, you are wondering what is frangipane (or frangipani); it's a filling made from or flavoured with almonds sweet pastry cream. Made with milk, sugar, flour, eggs and butter, mixed with either crushed macaroons or with ground almonds and used for various desserts, sweets, cakes and pancakes.

Peach Melba
RM 16.90 

Another Must-Try is Peach Melba; what a sinful delight! And I was right to be wary of the dessert, and it turned out even better than I feared. A mouth-watering cold dessert, perfectly layered with ice cream, fruits, syrup and whipped cream, topped with sliced almonds served in a tall and wide-rimmed glass. 

I have to say that the serving portion is generous, good for sharing for 2 pax. It tasted yummy but a tad too sugary and creamy for my taste buds. 

Le Pont Boulangerie is the right place to pamper your taste buds as their variety of homemade creations and world-famous coffee take centre stage. Their bread, pastries and cakes are made with optimum freshness and flavour in mind and are free of preservatives.

From classic European hard bread to Chef Padzli’s delicate pastries, their bread and pastries are baked daily, always from scratch, and nothing short of perfection. It's where the flavour is paramount and presentation sublime.

Apart from that, Chef Padzli is always exploring and striving to improve and broaden his culinary creations. As I see it, Chef and his kitchen team are constantly challenging themselves to create something new, improve the standards and strive to find the wisdom to leave a good thing alone!

Your senses come alive while you dine with their everyday pastries that are transformed into culinary creations that are special and unique. Come and experience this passion firsthand and share it with your friends, your family and your colleagues... everyone!  

Great coffee and gorgeous desserts, these two comes together hand-in-hand in sweet harmony at Le Pont this March and April. Slow down, step in and indulge in some moments of bliss - as there's always a special time to catch up over coffee and desserts! 

LE PONT Boulangerie et Cafe
No. 6 Lorong 1/137C
Bedford Business Park
Batu 5 Jalan Kelang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 7783 0900

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