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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

BBQ MA EUL CUP BAB Korean Restaurant Uptown Damansara Petaling Jaya | Korean BBQ With Cheese

BBQ MA EUL CUP BAB Korean Restaurant
Grilled Goodness In Heart Of Uptown Damansara 
A new kid on the block, BBQ MA EUL CUP BAB Korean Restaurant is the latest addition to lots of Koreans bbq restaurants mushrooming around the Klang Valley. The relatively new Korean BBQ restaurant prides itself on serving authentic with the original taste of Korean cuisine run and owned by 2 Korean chefs.   

They have been getting rave reviews from foodies since opening for business around 3 months ago. Ensconced in Uptown Damansara - one of the Petaling Jaya's all-embracing food hubs - the BBQ restaurant's pinkish-blue lanterns and bright neon signage will catch your attention as you enter.
Totally a no-frills restaurant - Simple and clean offering Korean food lovers affordable yet wholesome and delicious menu for families and yound adults dining.

While most Korean restaurants in town are backed by international chains and large corporations, it's refreshing and a pleasant surprise to find one, run by individuals. This popular Galbi restaurant focuses on serving marinated and non-marinated galbi, both pork and beef versions together with some seafood selections of baby octopus, prawns and house made smoked duck. 

Alfresco Outdoor Dining 

Diners can choose to dine comfortably in their indoor air conditioned area or opt for the outdoor alfresco dining style at their spacious corner shop lot. I prefer to dine outdoor to enjoy the aroma of the grill meats, with the sights and sounds while treating myself to the sizzling live visual performance of chefs in motion at the grills.

Come early as things can get a bit hectic on the weekends, but with some of the best galbi in town, you're in for a complete Korean experience. 

Meats On Fire 

What's makes them special is that charcoal is used for the barbeque or grilling, therefore the meats are infused with a delightfully smoky flavour. 

These are the amazing fiery shots taken at the back of the restaurant where hot charcoal stoves are being prepared and fired up before being placed on the dining table.

BBQ SET MENU 2 (For 2-3 persons)
RM 79

BBQ MA EUL CUP BAB's menu is simple and easy to choose from. Diners can take their pick from the BBQ Set menu or A la carte food items. For RM79 only, you will be served with 3 choices of meats - Sliced Pork Belly, Spicy Grilled Pork Belly, and Pork Ribs marinated in soy sauce with a hearty bowl of  Kimchi Stew.  

Kimchi Stew

Spicy Grilled Pork Belly

Sliced Pork Belly

Pork Ribs Marinated In Soy Sauce

Get into action to cook these well-marinated pork ribs and enjoy fresh galbi right off the charcoal grill. Remember to keep an eye while grilling as the charcoal stove is really hot and your lovely meat might get burned or charred, losing its juiciness if you don't watch your stove. 

I thoroughly enjoyed both the marinated pork in soy sauce and spicy pork belly. The marination of the meat was thorough and good enough to eat off the grill, without any sauces. Take your first bite on its own without any sauce, and followed by wrapping it in fresh crunchy and juicy lettuce with a slice of garlic, green chilli, and some dipping sauce for the Korean experience!

If you're not an expert in grilling, I suggest you leave it to the chefs or 'Grilling Master' to cook them for you. Just inform the waiter that you would like yours to be prepared, just sit tight and wait patiently for the experts to serve you those tender and juicy grilled-to-perfection porky- licious dishes.

Melt-In-The-Mouth Cheese Dipping

Oh yes, one of their special offerings is the Cheese Dipping. I bet cheese-lovers will be over the moon savouring their grilled meat with these cheesy hot dipping which is available upon request. Absolutely mouth-watering and can get addictive too!

Hunje Ori Gui ( Grilled Duck )
RM 28

Check out this house made Grilled Smoked Duck - tender slices of freshly prepared duck meat marinated and smoked to soak up plenty of flavours and flame-grilled for that unbeatable smoky taste. Another Must-Try if you're a serious duck meat lovers! 

Smokin' Grilled Duck

Well, that's almost irresistible and enough to tempt any meat lovers. It was finished within minutes once served on our table. Best eaten without any sauce wrapped with the fresh crunchy lettuce or with some Japanese warm rice! 

Pork Skirt Meat
RM 23

Fulfil your fatty cravings with some Pork Skirt Meat also known as "Secreto" in Spain. You must be wondering what is this "Pork Skirt Meat"? This cut comes from the belly of the pig (where the meat for bacon comes from). Layered with lean meat and fat, it's tender and juicy making it just perfect for marinating and grilling quickly.

The meat was supernaturally tender with a mild, nutty, porky flavour. Thanks to its generous visible fat, Secreto is juicy and sinfully rich.

Spicy Rice Balls
RM 18

If you have the stomach for more, order the Spicy Rice Balls for some carbs attacks. The Spicy Rice Balls is warm sticky Japanese with homemade sambal sauce made from caramelised onions and chillies topped generously with shredded seaweed and fragrant sesame seed. 

Easy to made these rice balls, just mixed everything up evenly and use your palm to form them in cute round rice balls. Get creative and be adventurous, you can form them into any shape or design you like - flatten like a burger, or even in a heart-shaped to impress your partner. These cute round rice balls are definitely filling, that's no joke. Grilled them in the hot pan for the added crisp and charred effect or just eat them as it is.  

 Buckwheat Noodles Soup (Cold) with Grilled Pork 

Complementing the tasty grilled food is the Buckwheat Noodles Soup (Cold) with Grilled Pork. Served cold with flavourful broth, the buckwheat noodles is a refreshing change from the fiery hot grilled food. Doused the flame with these slurpy cold noodles with some special housemade mustard sauce for the kick. Guaranteed to heighten your tastes and senses with its strong pungent wasabi taste.    
Complimentary Refillable Sides Dishes 

The best part of dining in any Korean restaurant is their refillable and unlimited varieties of sides dishes to savour upon. Feel free to request for the unlimited servings of the "Banchan" - at least 6 to 7 small plates of side dishes will be served on the hot plate.

Banchan menu is changed on a daily basis so diners can be assured of different side dishes every day. Must have is their Kimchi and that night we get to taste some tau foo, pickled turnip, spinach, mung bean sprouts, and Korean salad.

Following are some of the outstanding and unique Banchan dishes that deserves mentioned as follows:
Jap Chee

I have tasted many variations of Jap Chee or Korean Glass Noodles but I have to say that so far, this is the BEST! The glass noodles were cooked to the perfect springy textures as how it should be, not too soft neither too hard, just loved the flavour and sauce used to soak the noodles. We had 4 plates of this lovely dish, and that is until they ran out of it that night. 

By the way, if you wanna try this... it's only available on Fridays and Saturdays only. Do come early as they run out fast too!


Kimchi lovers will in love with the first taste of their Kimchi. My family and I (with the exception of my hubby, Uncle Hong) love this traditional fermented and very healthy side dish. My daughter and son just loved this spicy and sourish seasoned vegetables, a popular Korean staple dish. 

Meanwhile, if you really love their Kimchi, they are also for sale at around RM10 per container.

Korean Salad

Their house Korean Salad was the first thing that caught my attention while dining here. Although it's a simple Korean salad, I guessed it must be the right mixed of ingredients such as lettuce, scallions, mung bean sprouts together with the dressing of sesame oil, vinegar, sugar and salt that makes it so captivating and addictive too.   

Korean Flavoured SOJU

Beverage wise, there's the Korean flavoured SOJU, famous Makgeoli (Sweet rice alcoholic Korean beverage) and SAC-SAC (Korean fruit juice). 

Korean Rice Wine
Korean Red Ginseng Makgeoli & Original Makgeoli

Korean Juice Drink With Real Fruit Kernels   

It was an enjoyable dining experience especially for family or group dining, where everyone gets to try and share some of the best Galbi cuisines from BBQ MA EUL CUP BAB, a culinary expert when it comes to Korean style of cooking. Price wise I would say it's pretty affordable if you order their Set Menu 1 RM59 or Set Menu 2 RM79 only.   

So, for a truly delicious and satisfying meal from the first to the last bite, BBQ MA EUL CUP BAB is an excellent choice.

Korean Restaurant
No: 48 Ground Floor
Jalan SS21/58
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 7732 9955
HP: 012-282 9555/ 012-282 9049 
FaceBook: BBQ Ma Eul Cup Bab

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