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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

CRAB B RESTAURANT ~ Treats For Seafood Lovers At Bandar Puchong Jaya Selangor

Bandar Puchong Jaya

Calling all crab lovers! There's a new seafood restaurant specialising in serving more than 12 crabs dishes cooked in different style and flavours to suit your taste. If you crave for delicious seafood especially fresh crabs, head on over to Crab B Restaurant at Bandar Puchong Jaya along Jalan Kenari 20 in Puchong now.
This restaurant is easy to find as it's located along the busiest Jalan Kenari, with the black and red signboard featuring a huge red crab. Even their side door, have a picture of another crab dish to tempt the passers-by. 

Actually, it's a family run business headed by their brother who opened his first restaurant, Fei Fei Crab Restaurant in Desa Aman Puri, Kepong, followed by their 2nd branch, Crab Generation  Restaurant located at Taman Len Seng, Cheras.

Crab B Restaurant is their 3rd outlet, an offspring of the popular Fei Fei Crab Restaurant. I was told that the brother heads the 1st outlet together with his two sisters who helps to run the 2 others restaurants.  
Award Winning Chef 

The owner cum Head Chef  trained the rest of all the chefs in the respective two restaurants, churning out unique taste and flavours with his creative touch into their seafood-laden menu including all types of Chinese cuisines too.

Crabs Menu
RM 98 For 2 XL Crabs
RM 153 For 2 XXXL Crabs

Crab B Restaurant has a dedicated special menu just for crabs. Crabs lovers will be able to spoil themselves silly over these mouth-watering menu with a variety of cooking styles such as steamed, baked, deep-fried and pan-fried just to name a few. 
 Steamed Egg Crabs
2 pcs XL Crabs 
RM 98

Lunch begins with a dramatic plate of Steamed Egg Crabs that  came with a strong sense of Chinese wine, topped with a generous amount of shredded ginger. Steaming is one of the best form of cooking method employ to seal in the rich taste of the seafood, especially crabs for this instance. 

The sweetness of the crabs was accented by the Chinese wine and light soy sauce dressing. The soft and smooth egg enhance the overall experience, you can taste the marine saltiness which serves only to emphasise the character of the crabs.  

I would say this a highly recommended dish to try at Crab B despite many diners trying out their famous sauce-based crab's dishes. Well, I don't know whether it's me or not, but I have a great liking to all steamed dishes especially if they are seafood. 

 Milky Salted Egg Crabs aka Ham Sap Crabs
2 pcs XL Crabs 
RM 98

Another house speciality is their all-time favourite Milky Salted Egg Crabs. Cheekily named as "Ham Sap Hai", directly translated to Chinese it meant pervert crabs; this dish is a crowd favourite for many in Crab B's menu. 

A hit with those who are crazy over the rich and creamy salted egg yolks sauce, you will notice that many diners here are busy digging into the scrumptious Ham Sap crabs. The fresh crabs are cooked fresh milk, salted egg yolks, curry leaves and dry chillies as part of the ingredients. Rich and savoury milky yellow sauce enveloping every crab - you will never get enough of this delight.  

 Fried Mantou
RM 9 For 2 Rolls

 RM 4.50 Per Roll

The milky crab dish is best eaten alongside fried mantou. We used the mantou to mop up the creamy sauce off the plate, which will leave you wanting more. Also, the best way to eat these crabs is with your hands ... cause it's finger-licking good!
 MILO Butter Sauce Crabs
2 pcs XL Crabs 
RM 98

MILO Butter Sauce Crabs - is their latest addition to the restaurant's crabs menu. Cooked with the chocolate taste of Milo and butter, it didn't go well with my tastebuds. Served strong with an aromatic creamy MILO sauce, the shells are cracked a little before cooking to allow the flavours to seep into the meat.      

The MILO Butter Sauce Crabs does not appeal to me probably because the chocolaty sweet sauce destroys the natural sweetness of the fresh crabs. 

 Fried Red Snapper With Special Sauce
Seasonal Price

Apart from the selection of crabs, Crab B Restaurant also offers an extensive fish, clams, squid, prawns, pork, chicken, and tofu dishes to suit your fancy. Fried Red Snapper With Special Sauce is another appetising dish thanks to its flavourful sauce accentuated with their house sauce made from chilli, garlic, and dry prawn. 

The large red snapper is deep-fried to the perfect crispness and drenched beautifully with a garlicky spicy sauce. Every single part of the fish is eaten including the crunchy head and tail. Nothing is left to waste except for the bones of the fish.

Diners can choose from their seasonal selection of fish to cook such as Threadfin (Ma Yau), Red Snapper, Siakap and Grouper (Garoupa) fish based on their budget and taste. 

Thai Tom Yum Crayfish
RM20 (Small)

 Sa Pak Clams Spinach Soup

If you're looking for some seafood soup, you can try this two-in-one dish of  Sa Pak Clams Spinach Soup. The soup, which is light and clear, is filled with a generous portion of fresh and succulent Sa Pak Clams and baby spinach to add to the sweetness of the soup.

You'll notice that the clams are very fresh and meaty, good to chew on. Make sure the chef cooked them thoroughly as it was half-cooked during our lunch that day in which we had to request for a replacement. 

If you're a great fan of clams soup, come and check out my recommendation here: Restoran New Peng Wah SS22 Damansara Jaya

Pork Ribs In Sesame Sauce 
RM 20 (Small)
RM 28 (Large)

Paying homage to pork fans, Pork Ribs In Sesame Sauce is a dish that deserved mentioned here. Meatily delicious and hitting the high points was the positively thick and flavourful gravy of the sesame sauce. Created from a perfect mixed of mayonnaise, sesame, onion and chilli, it brought out the best in the ribs. We just loved it to bits.

Steamed Tofu In Minced Pork Sambal Petai Sauce
RM 15 (Small)

This is my first time tasting tofu served on a bed of sambal petai sauce. The bland tofu really goes hand-in-hand complemented by the spicy sambal petai with minced pork. Being a petai lovers, I naturally fall in love at first taste. The addictive gravy was soaked up by the rice and good to the last spoon. A Must-Try for this Petai Tofu!     

Apart from their ala carte menu, Crab B came up with some real appetising and budget-friendly Bento Set for their diners. Aptly named as "Love U Bento", diners are offer 5 choices of Bento Rice Sets to choose from. If you read Chinese, you will notice the Bento Sets each have lovely-dovey romantic verses to bring a smile to your partner! 
Sweet & Sour Pork Bento Set
RM 13.90

These delightful Bento Sets with a love theme comes with a drink, ice-cream and soup. The value-for-money Bento Set offers a cute heart-shaped rice, vegetable of the day, scrambled egg, baked beans and a meat dish. Truly affordable and good meal especially for those wanting a balanced meal without burning a hole in the pocket! 

Sweet & Sour Pork 

Baby Pak Choy & Heart-Shaped White Rice

There's an on-going promotion of the "Love U Bento" where for Every 10 Bento meals purchased, the eleven one is FREE!

Super Value Lunch 
RM 9.90

Butter Chicken Set
RM 9.90

If you're looking for a quick bite, do check out their Super Value Lunch costing only RM 9.90.  This one-dish meal comes with a drink, ice-cream and soup.  

Menu Ala Carte Dishes

Opening Hours

θžƒθŸΉε“₯ε“₯ Crab B Restaurant
No. 85 Jalan Kenari 20
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Selangor
03 - 80708659
Business Hours:
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/CrabB

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