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Saturday, 13 August 2016

SANOOOK Thai Japanese Sunway Pyramid Hotel West Subang Jaya

Thai-Japanese Cuisine
Fusion In Balance
Sanoook Thai-Japanese Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid Hotel West is all out to wow diners with the clever combination of flavours and ingredients. This brand new restaurant, not more than 2 months ago aims to cater to diners who want the best of both worlds. With tastes of Thai and Japanese together in a dish, they're all set to tingle the senses of our palates. 

Their name of "Sanook" meant "fun" in Thai. With an additional of ani and "O" to present a circle of friendship, Sanoook practically means having fun together with friends while savouring the fusion of Thai and Japanese flavours to make a dining experience a fun adventure!

You'll be greeted with an attractive mini toy train painting in bright red upon entering. Oh yes, the restaurant is quite distant from the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. Located at the new Sunway Pyramid Hotel West, you will have to walk thru PADINI Concept Store and The PARENTHOOD International Preschool, and another floor down to reach Sanoook.      

"Sanoook is all about fun, food and friendship"

Daughter & I having fun posting in the cute mini train

Sanoook Salad Japanese Cucumber Wrapped With Salmon, Avocado & Baked Apple 
RM 29.90

Sanoook appetisers are a delight in their own right, using a variety of fresh ingredients of cherry tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, baked apple and Japanese cucumber wrapped with salmon dressed in fragrant savoury sesame sauce.

Frankly, the serving portion for the salad is good enough for the main course especially for those watching their diet as it comes packed with greens, fruits, and proteins as well.  

Sanoook's Rainbow with Sesame Sauce
RM 19.90

Sanoook's Rainbow with Sesame Sauce is also another appetising fusion sushi roll to check out if you're a fan of the sesame sauce like me. Taking the sushi-making skills to the next level with this Sanoook's Rainbow Sushi, their creative chef married the complex flavours of assortment ingredients, with zucchini (instead of Nori sheets) wrapping the sushi rice. This colourful elegant sushi roll in skewers will surely delight your taste buds!

4 Season Platter
RM 37.90

Moving on, we have a good-tasting of their 4 Season Platter. A combination of 4 deep fried mini bites of Crispy Calamari, Salmon Cream Croquette, Vegetarian Spring Roll and must haves of the favourites of Thai Fish Cake with Thai Chicken Ball.  

These delightful bites are not only tasty but refreshing as well, eaten with 3 choices of dipping sauce to suit your palates. Well, it's a great starter set to get your appetite going. My favourite pick is the Salmon Cream Croquette, that came with the crispy on the outside with creamy taste of melted cheese oozing out upon the first bite.

Tom Yum Soup With River Prawn 
RM 23.90

Once done with the starter, we just have to try their Tom Yum Soup With River Prawn. Filled with 5 fresh and succulent River prawns and some shimeji mushroom, this red spicy broth is really strong and rich in herbs and spices, but with a toned down spiciness,

 Pan Fried Tuna Steak With Spinach & Mixed Mushroom Served With Teriyaki Sauce 
RM 28.90

For the health conscious, this dish of  Pan Fried Tuna Steak is an ideal choice for a healthy and nutritious meal. Full of flavour, packed with protein from the tuna steak served with sauteed spinach and mixed mushroom enhanced with teriyaki sauce.

Skewers Selections

BBQ lovers fret not, you have the option to choose from seafood, meat to vegetable skewers. Be prepared to be won over with their array of perfectly grilled skewers of salmon belly/fillet, chicken breast/wings, beef, prawns, scallop and as well as vegetables to whet your appetite.

Discover some of the best-tasting dipping sauce offered such as their house made Sanoook sauce and lime chilli made for grilled seafood while massaman, green curry and chu chee sauce are best eaten with grilled meat.  

 Salmon Belly Skewer With Lime Chili Sauce 
RM 77.90

Salmon Belly Skewer  ~ Totally a premium treat for the senses. Salmon Belly is also known as "Sake Toro" in Asian cuisine, an expensive delicacy in Japan. The chef had upped thing a notch by rolling out the more substantial ingredients. 

Grilling the Sake Toro produces a natural caramelising effect and the marbling of fat in the belly makes it's very flavourful indeed. I skipped the dipping sauce to get into the original fatty taste and textures. Good stuff, highly recommended!

Chicken Skewer With Massaman Sauce 
RM 32.90
Besides salmon, we tasted some chicken breast in skewers. Meaty and tender, best eaten with the Massaman Sauce. The famous sauce is a Thai style curry sauce made from onions, coconut milk, peanuts and chilli which explained its creaminess.

Vege (Tomato, Corn, Zucchini, Capsicum, leek) With Sanoook Sauce 
RM 28.90

Well, after having a feast of meat and seafood food items, we balanced it out with mixed vegetable skewers. 5 types of vegetable excellent for grilling is the tomato, corn, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, capsicum, broccoli, King  mushroom and leek. House made Sanoook Sauce is the best complementing sauce with these bland vegetables.
Good Healthy Skewers

Moving on, if you have a yen for sushi, do check out their wide array of up to 8 types of fusion sushi, specially crafted for the discerning diners. 
 Soft Shell Crab With Thai Mango Chili Sauce Sushi 
RM 34.90

Soft Shell Crab With Thai Mango Chili Sauce Sushi  is bound to win you over, with its delectable morsels of soft shell crabs and juicy Thai mango all nestled inside fresh Japanese rice, topped with tiny orange tobiko. If you enjoy eating the crispy soft shell crab like me, then this would be a good pick. 

Tuna With Tom Yum Sauce Sushi 
RM 27.90

In contrast, the Tuna With Tom Yum Sauce Sushi features a bold combination of tastes; Fresh tuna garnished with orange tobiko and deliciously paired with spicy Tom Yum sauce. Each bite of this fusion sushi is a pure burst of flavours, with the creamy spicy sauce complementing with the rest of the ingredients. 

Spicy Tuna Sushi 

Diners can opt for River Prawn Tempura, Unagi, Mixed Vegetable & Fruit, Marinated Beef, Smoked Salmon and signature Sanoook's Rainbow sushi apart from the ones featured here.
Chicken Burger With Teriyaki Sauce 
RM 17.90

If you're looking for something more filling, try this Japanese-inspired Chicken Burger With Teriyaki Sauce. Japanese rice is used to replace the burger sesame bun. Sandwiched between the two patties of sticky rice and lettuce is a de-boned grilled juicy Teriyaki chicken thigh meat topped with a Nori sheet.

Fresh Durian Ice-Cream With Coconut Milk 
RM 21.90

Craving for a little something sweet and creamy, you must try their newly introduced Fresh Durian Ice-Cream With Coconut Milk. This dessert was actually better than it looked, no thanks to the melting ice cream, hahaha!

It's simply tempting with oh-so-fresh durian pulp and creamy coconut milk sago to heightened the taste. What a sinful delight! If you have a sweet-tooth, try the lip-smacking Fresh Durian Ice-Cream With Coconut Milk to make you "happy & merry".  

 Thai Volcano 
RM 18.90

To live up to its Thai cuisine, Sanoook does serve some interesting Thai Milk Tea, strong brewed of Ceylon tea. Similar to the Korean's Bingsu, their Thai Volcano comprised of Thai milk tea ice shavings and various ingredients such as almond flakes and black pearls, which you can let the smooth ice flakes slowly melt in your mouth, and your heart. 

Vitamin Pumpster
Orange, Carrot, Apple
RM 13

Reddy Ruby-Ruby
RM 15.90


 Salad Jaar Takeaway

Go Green and be Healthy with these Sanoook's Salad Jaar Takeaway. The latest health food in the scene that serves tasty, fresh and premium quality salad jars at an affordable price. Meals-in-a-jars are simply salad - thoughtfully constructed in a glass mason jar to ensure it stays fresh plus not soggy and most of all, deliciously addictive with every bite. 

Now, clean eating comes easy with these lovely Salad Jaar that will nourish and fuel you for the day. The jars are packaged fresh upon order. With Sanoook's Salad Jaar, you get to eat great meals that are always delicious, healthy, chef-prepared meals. Each of  Sanoook's salad jars is easy, on-the-go, and wallet friendly that you can take with you to eat almost anywhere.

 Thumbs Up "I Promise Never To Eat Junk Food Again" 

Advocates of healthy eating with my lovely blogger, Miss Ivy Gan of www.hiphippopo.com! We both loved the salad-in-a-jar. Choose from 4 combinations to suit your taste from A Full Feeling Soba (RM12.90), Orchard Muesli (RM12.90), All-Rounder KickBoxer (RM14.90) and Omega Goodness (RM14.90). 

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Sanoook Menu

Lot 4 Ground Floor
Sunway Pyramid Hotel West
Bandar Sunway
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03 - 5650 5196

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