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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

GOLDEN DRAGONBOAT Restaurant Ala Carte Menu At Kampung Pandan Kuala Lumpur

Best Of Golden DragonBoat Cuisine
Heart-Warming Chinese Delicacies

Looking for a place to host a wedding, family reunion dinner or corporate annual dinner where you can leave the cooking and clean-up to someone else? Golden DragonBoat Restaurant, is one of the finest restaurants have banquet facilities that will accommodate your event with ease. All you have to do is choose your date and cuisine.

Located strategically in the heart of the city along Jalan Kampung Pandan is a gem of a restaurant called Golden DragonBoat Restaurant that serves simple yet luxurious Chinese cuisines with an emphasis on banquet dishes fit enough for the king.

With a grand and spacious seating capacity that can accommodate up to 2000 diners with 200 tables, it's an excellent choice for wedding receptions, corporate lunch, full moon parties and all other functions.

My food tasting begins with their sumptuous spread of ala carte dishes to be followed by their latest fare of the traditional dim sum. Due to the large amount of food pictures I wish to share and post on my Golden DragonBoat's review this time, so I had decided to split the review to 2 Blog Posts. 

You can read my DIM SUM REVIEW: http://bit.ly/GoldenDragonBoatDIMSUM  

As meals were served to us , it was evident that much thought and effort went into the dishes, not just the blending of ingredients, but also in taste and food presentation. We were served several courses modern Chinese dishes starting with my top picks as follows:

Curry Grouper 
RM12 Per 100gm

Curry Fish, one of the most well-known and loved Indian Mamak dishes in Malaysia, is also served here but on a grander scale with premium fish such as Grouper cooked together with a generous portion of  must have such as brinjal, long beans, tofu puffs (tofu pok), ladies fingers, and some tomatoes.

A very impressive dish indeed, the chef had indeed prepared the curry dish with pride, having just the right amount of fresh herbs and spices plus seasoning and condiments so as not to drown the dish in artificial flavours. Highly recommended especially for those curry fish head lovers out there! 

Baked Prawn 
RM 10 Per 100gm

Prawn lovers will love their Baked Prawn dish, served fresh and succulent coated in fragrant and delicious creamy house made sauce. The huge and generous servings of prawns will sure put prawns lovers' cravings to rest.

I simply love the special sauce coating of the sauce. To savour the prawns to the fullest - You must first suck up the sauce clean off the whole prawn, detached the head and peel the shell off before sinking your teeth into the tender and moist prawn. Yummy, truly a finger licking good dish!     

Pork Belly Tail
RM 45

Another new dish in their menu, Pork Belly Tail is their speciality here that you may not find in any restaurants as claimed by their manager. To be frank, I was never a fan of any pork innards or even the chicken feet, but I discovered a new appreciation for pork belly (something I have never liked thanks to the bad reputation of cholesterol high food). Dig in deep and you might find the piggy tail too!
Dong Po Pork
RM 50

 True Essence of Unctuousness With This Dong Po Rou

Moving on to more pork dishes, the chef was also happy to introduce his signature Braised Pork Belly or more commonly known as Dong Po Rou. Perfectly braised with special spices such as star anise and cinnamon, this dish is enhanced with red yeast rice powder for the extra kick. The strong sweet taste of red yeast is quite prominent in this dish, which makes it different from the usual ones we tried before. 

Diners who enjoy pork knuckle will like the Dong Po Rou, where both the meat and fat have been soaking in the aromatic black sauce, thus absorbing the flavours. Slow-cooked to perfection resulted in something rich, luxurious and fabulously fatty rich taste of the pork's belly fat. Each bite was pure pleasure, you would understand the true essence of unctuousness after eating this caramel pork belly!

Tried to eat it as slowly as possibly could, just to savour every bite... It was just so unctuous. And, this dish goes well with rice.

Roasted Duck 
RM 48

Next, I had the pleasure of the signature Roast Duck which looked ordinary enough when it makes its appearance on our dining table. But the crisp skin and succulent flesh belied the expertise that went into the gentle roasting, which resulted in a mouth-watering platter.

Duck Dishes like Roast Duck are the highlights

Roast Chicken

Yong Tau Foo

Other favourites small bites includes the Yong Tau Foo which is served in a clay pot, a combination of 4 types of vegetables stuffed with fish paste and minced pork.

No.10 Jalan Kampung Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 9281 1313/ 9933/ 6633
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