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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

GOLDEN DRAGONBOAT Restaurant House Of Dim Sum At Kampung Pandan Kuala Lumpur

Presenting House Of Dim Sum
For The Desires Of The Heart
Variety is one of the dim sum's most pleasing qualities and if you're a fan, Golden DragonBoat Restaurant in Kampung Pandan in the city centre could be your choice. Founded in 1999, this restaurant been around for more than 17 years, building a reputation for its flawless and scrumptious spread of Chinese cuisines. 

A Beautiful & Grand Looking Golden Horse Sculpture Adorns The Front Entrance

This time, I was invited to taste and sample some their latest ala carte dishes and their dim sum cuisines too. Both excited and curious, I was looking forward to try out interesting and innovative food in their menu as I have heard about this restaurant for the quite some time. 

There's two blog posts for this tasting session as I have split it to Two Posts - Dim Sum & Ala Carte Dishes for easy reading and reference for there are far too many food pictures to post in a single blog.

Read my ALA CARTE MENU REVIEWhttp://bit.ly/GoldenDragonBoatALACARTEMenu

 Classy & Grand Settings

They offer perfectly executed dishes with elegant surroundings for private dining event, banquet occasion or business dinner/luncheon for corporate functions or events in Klang Valley.

 Spacious & Comfortable Seating

Dim sum literally means "touching the heart" and this denotes the amount of effort put into making these bite-sized delights, as well as the happiness they can bring to those savouring them. Golden DragonBoat Restaurant offers dim sum originating from both northern and southern regions of China, local specials and the Chef's own creations.

Wide Selection Of Mouth Watering Dim Sum 

Dining here offer you the chance to savour tasty creations from the old-school dim sum chefs. They focus solely on serving traditional and authentic staple dim sum such as Siew Mai, Har Gao, Yee Mai, Xiao Long Bao, Char Siew Bao, Chee Cheong Fun among other traditional dim sum. If you're looking for some fusion and new range of dim sum to try out, you might be slightly disappointed.

Fret not, with a smorgasbord of steamed, baked and fried barrage of quality, good portion and delicious dim sum from their menu of over 30 dim sum items, you are in for a real dim sum treats. At Golden DragonBoat, the dim sum here are prepared fresh daily using only premium and quality ingredients. As the dishes are only cook or steam upon ordering, diners need to allow at least 10 to 15 minutes of waiting time before it can be served. 

Let's start the feasting with your eyes in this Dim Sum Post of mine here ....

Steamed Dim Sum
Prawn Dumpling
RM 8

Crystalize Prawn Dumpling
RM 8

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao
RM 8.50

Steamed Pork Ribs With Black Pepper & Yam
RM 7

Beancurd Rolls

Steamed Chicken Dumpling  With Black Pepper
RM 7

 Steamed Fish Paste
RM 6.50

Cheong Fun

Steamed Rice Roll With Prawn
RM 9

Steamed Rice Roll With BBQ Pork
RM 8.50

Fried & Baked Dim Sum
 Deep Fried Special Prawn Roll
RM 8.50

 Crispy Golden Bag
RM 8.50

  Special Crispy Yam Puff
RM 7

Deep Fried Carrot Cake
RM 7.50

Crispy Cheese Prawn Roll
RM 8.50

Deep Fried Prawn Roll With Golden Sauce

For the desserts section, Golden DragonBoat beg to differ with their appetising and exciting modern new range of refreshing desserts to complete your dim sum dining here. Moving away from the conventional sweet desserts like the tong shui, herbal jelly (guilinggao) or the longan/sea coconut soup, prepare yourself for a variety of amazing chilled delights specially crafted by their desserts chefs to tempt your senses!


Dreamy Desserts Beautifully Presented

Special Pomelo Sago Cream
RM 10

Special Pomelo Sago Cream is something different you should try if you like a mixed of fresh fruits of pomelo, strawberries, mango and sago with the creamy pudding. Bursting with flavours and textures, it definitely goes well with the taste buds of Malaysians.
 Personal Favourite
Sweet & Sour Jelly With Lime Sorbet
RM 8

On the other hand, the Sweet & Sour Jelly With Lime Sorbet is my personal favourite. I love and enjoy the sourish flavours it gave upon first spoonful of this refreshing lime dessert. A perfect reliever of bloatedness or indigestion caused by too much of food and drink. It could do better if I could have some honey added to this too!   

Special Honeydew Sago Cream 
RM 8

 Green Tea Pudding With Sesame Ice Cream
RM 10

Tropical Mango Pudding
RM 10

Tropical Mango Pudding didn't fare very well in my books. I'm not too fond of the pudding as it was not smooth with the melt-in-mouth texture. Tasted more like the agar-agar type, so this was just average for me.

Time To Pose With The Eye-Catching Golden Horse

No.10 Jalan Kampung Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 9281 1313/ 9933/ 6633
FaceBook: Golden DragonBoat Restaurant

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