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Saturday, 23 July 2016

SUSHI + ROTARY SUSHI BAR Malaysia At Bandar Puchong Jaya Puchong - First In Malaysia Cooling Conveyor Belt

A Fresh Take On Sushi
Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar

Auntie Lilly's "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan" adventure brings me and my hubby to this unique 2-in-1 eatery serving Japanese cuisine called Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar where fresh Kaiten sushi are served using a hassle-free rotating conveyor belt. This lovely 8 months old Japanese restaurant features a brand new concept; being the first to have a refrigerated covered rotary conveyor belt sushi system in Malaysia.

You can never miss this sushi bar with it's eye-catching sign board located  at a corner shop lot along Jalan Kenari 9, Bandar Puchong Jaya.  Located along Jalan Kenari 19, the restaurant is just one floor above the Old Town White Coffee shop and next to famous Moonlight cake House.

Though Bandar Puchong Jaya seems far from the city’s trendiest dining spots like Publika, Bangsar and TTDI, it rightly deserves to be considered as one, as well. Eateries of all sorts are mushrooming there, specializing in dim sum, shabu-shabu, steamboat, desserts, noodles houses, coffees, cakes and more.

Kaiten Sushi Spread
Diners enjoys the one-of-its-kind unique and specially designed rotary sushi bar where sushi items are kept cool, hygienic and fresh; brought to the table through the covered refrigerated or cooling conveyor belt system that moves paste tables and counter seats. The most remarkable feature of conveyor belt sushi is the stream of plates winding through the restaurant typically in a clockwise rotation to make it easier to grab the plate as it passes by. 

Diners may simply choose a prepared plate from the belt and final bill is based on the number and type of plates used. I enjoyed eating at Rotary Sushi Bar  because it gives the pleasure and time for a leisurely dining where it's easier to grab the plate as it passes by. 

No skills are needed to read a menu or to order, and  the risk of leftover food is minimized by the continuous supply of small portions. A light eater may choose just what is needed, and those with bigger appetites can help themselves to another serving. So,choose your fresh dish from the belt with confidence!

Fascinating Kaiten Sushi System

I have a huge fascination with food served on conveyor belts. Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar reminds me of my 1st visit to a popular Taiwanese Shabu-shabu in Taoyuan. My first experience with the conveyor belt was in Tang Dian Shabu Shabu, an eatery that serves fresh food on small bowl on a non-stop conveyor belt to all its diners. There was something about seeing the little, covered bowls of food go around and around and around.

Tantalizing Spread Of Sushi 

Prices here are pretty affordable and value-for-money with Kaiten sushi items starting from as low as RM 2.30 only to RM 10 for their premium food items. Select you dishes on the belt with each plate colour represents a different price. RM 2.30 for the green, RM 4.30 for the yellow to RM 6.30 for the blue, RM 8.30 for the red and to the most expensive items in black plates at RM 10.

No.1 Rule to dining at a Kaiten-style sushi restaurant is not to return a plate to the belt after touching it or picking it up. If you touch a plate, it is going to be yours as other customers would not like it. So enjoy your dish and stack your empty plates on your table. 

Following are a few of my favourite top picks for the day .....
Green Plates ~ RM 2.30

Yellow Plates ~ RM 4.30

Blue Plates ~ RM 6.30

These are some of recommended blue plates sushi items to choose from. 

Favourite Eats of Mochi

Red Plates ~ RM 8.30

Black Plates ~ RM 10

Fresh & Succulent Salmon 

Apart from the Kaiten sushi, there are also food items listed on the ala carte menu which you can choose to satisfy your cravings for more Japanese treats. Take you picks from their tempura, sashimi, sushi, deep-fried or grilled items to noodles, rice, soup or even curries dishes.  
Garlic Rice 
RM 6

Leave some space in your tummy for one of their best-selling  ala carte dishes ~ Garlic Fried Rice. Delicious Japanese rice fried with full-wok hei with simple ingredients of egg and pre-fried garlic. Served topped with chopped scallions, the execution is simple, but simple rice dish exude a nice and fragrant aroma of garlic which intensifies as you bites the bits and pieces of it in the mouth!  

Tori Karaage
RM 9

Apart from the garlic fried rice, I have cravings for some fried chicken, so I decided to check out their Tori Karaage, Japanese-style fried chicken. For me, this dish is just average, although it's crispy but it's lack flavour on the inside. 

So far, my top choice has to be Minamotonoya Cafe's Tori Karaage (RM 11.90), so simple yet appetizing, extremely flavourful, moist and aromatic too! Check my post here: Minamotonoya Cafe

There are more to Sushi+ than just their rotary sushi bar. In fact, I also tried their mouth-watering Moriawase (Sashimi &Sushi Platter)  Makimono, tempuras and Yakimono (grilled items) besides the Kaiten sushi. I shall featured these ala carte dishes in my next blog post. Read My Part II: SUSHI+ Ala Carte Menu

Meanwhile, do check out this entertaining video by pretty host, May Ho, with credits to Ikan Masin Production!  Happy Viewing :-)

Fun & Entertaining Video with May Ho
Full Credits To Ikan Masin Production

I had a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience, happily feasting my eyes before picking my Kaiten sushi from the amazing refrigerated covered rotary conveyor belt. Food items are kept fresh and cool at all times for you to enjoy. Do check this special Sushi Bar, I hope you'll be amaze just like me too! 

1F-01 Kompleks Kenari
Jalan Kenari 19 
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong
Tel: 012 - 2892 777

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