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Tuesday 26 July 2016

SUSHI + ROTARY SUSHI BAR Malaysia At Bandar Puchong Jaya Puchong - Ala Carte Menu

Fresh Japanese Cuisine From 
As the saying goes, if the food is good, customers will come in droves. Well, this is very true for a newly opened Japanese restaurant called Sushi+ Rotary Sushi Bar. Located in the bustling suburban area in Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong, this eatery been getting a lot of attention for its amazing new sushi bar concept.

They boast of having the first in Malaysia; a fully refrigerated cooling rotary conveyor belt sushi system that kept their Kaiten sushi dishes fresh, cold and most of all, hygienic in the special designed system. Read My Part 1 of Kaiten Sushi: ROTARY SUSHI BAR Review

Most diners would prefer sit around the rotary sushi bar, giving them the pleasure and convenience of picking  any Kaiten food items that caught their attention as the plates passes by. Delicious and nicely plated sushi and sashimi food items are displayed giving diners a leisurely dining time to pick their favourite selections.

Besides the Kaiten sushi, Sushi + has a full-fledged ala menu you can choose from to satisfy your cravings. There are more than eight different categories to choose from including yakimono (the grilled dishes), agemono (deep-fried dishes), nimono (boiled or stewed dishes), teppanyaki, menrui (noodles) and gohanmono (rice dishes). 

I loved their mouth-watering Moriawase (Sashimi &Sushi Platter) as it's really affordable and value-for-money with prices starting from as low as RM39 for 5 types of sashimi to RM110 only for 10 types of sashimi.

Wide Range Of Japanese Flavours
My dinner started off with a healthy and savoury Sashimi Salad. For the salada or salad menu, diners are spoilt for choice with six varieties of salad such as seaweed salad, soft shell crab salad, tofu salad to salmon Ikura salad, Maguro Tataki Salad and sashimi salad. 
Sashimi Salad
RM 23

Sashimi Salad is a good choice for raw fish lovers. You get an assorted fresh slices of raw fish, salmon roe on a bed of mesclun greens served with house made sesame dressing or wasabi dressing. Choose the sesame dressing if you like the fragrant and creamy flavours and go for the wasabi dressing if you are into the savoury salty sauce.

TAKE ~ Sushi Moriawase
(12 pcs Nigiri Sushi + 1 Maki Roll)
RM 53

If you have a yen for sushi, this lovely platter of TAKE Sushi Moriawase is bound to win you over with its delectable morsel of hand pressed sushi. The attractive and colourful platter comes in an assortment of Chef's selected 12 pieces of Nigiri sushi and 1 roll of Maki.

By the way, if you noticed.... my Sushi platter picture is short of 1 piece of sushi ( exact amount should be 12 pieces instead of 11 pieces as shown in my pic) as my dining partner aka Uncle Hong 'stole' and ate the tasty sushi prior to the camera eats (food photography) session. Hahaha .... this happens many times over when I'm dining with hungry diners you see! :-)    

Lovely platter good enough for sharing for around 3 to 4 persons. Those craving for nigiri sushi will certainly love the luscious topping of the assorted fresh seafood. In Sushi+, nigiri sushi are offered on a combination platter of 3 sets, so that diners can try several types at once.

Feel free to choose from starting from UME (8 pcs), TAKE (12 pcs) and MATSU (20 pcs). UME and TAKE Sushi Moriawase Set comes with 1 roll of Maki while the MATSU Sushi Moriawase Set comes with a 1 Rainbow Maki instead.   

ISO - Sashimi Moriawase
RM 73

Keeping sashimi lovers in mind, Chef Simon offers a delectable assortment of 10 types of Sashimi for its patrons to savour when dining in Sushi+. Choose from HANA Moriawase (5 types), ISO Moriawase (7 types) and SUMO Moriawase (10 types). Price wise is really reasonable, imaging having sashimi platter of 10 types of sashimi for only RM119 only. That's comes to around RM12 only for 3 pieces of the fresh slices of the sashimi.   

Beautifully served on a bowl of ice platter - Premium cuts of assortment of Sashimi, perfect for those wanting to experience the different textures from different types of seasonal fishes has to offer. 

Our beautifully presented ISO - Sashimi Moriawase comes with 7 kinds of assorted air-flown raw fish platter. Featuring 7 kinds of sashimi with ocean-fresh raw salmon, yellowtail, tuna, butterfish, sweet shrimp, octopus, and surf clam. 

From sweet, melt-in-mouth softness to slightly bitter tang, the fish's freshness was evident in each slice of the sashimi servings. Spanklingly fresh with silken texture in a culinary class of its own, was simply heaven to taste!

Ika Surimi Yaki
RM 13

Moving on, our Yakimono or Grilled dish for the day is Ika Surimi Yaki, basically the favourite of many - Squid Grilled With Teriyaki. Taste wise is good with the savoury teriyaki coating the squid. I find the squid kind of thin and long as I expected a more plump squid with thick and juicy meat which provided more bites on the chunky and tender squid meat.

Dragon Maki
RM 23

From the Premium Makimono selections, we picked the Dragon Maki. A premium sushi roll of delectable prawn with crunchy Japanese cucumber all nestled inside fresh Japanese rice inside a blanket of nori and topped with thin slice of avocado and sprinkles of flying fish roe. 

Moriawase Tempura
RM 13

Leading us to the deep-freid items, Chef Simon serves us Moriawase Tempura, from their Tempura and Agemono menu. These gloriously fried prawns and mixed vegetables is worth splurging on. The crispiness lasted long enough even after our photo session. Good choice for those who loves to have a bite at really crunchy and crisp food items!

Garlic Fried Rice

Last but not least, this is the Must-Try dish in Sushi+. For all Japanese cuisine dining, rice comes at the end of a meal, so you won't feel stuff. Save the Garlic Fried Rice for last. The full of wok-hei Japanese rice is incredibly fragrant and delicious, with every morsel evemly coated with a sheen of golden egg. For me, I just love biting into the bits and pieces of the deep-fried garlic in the rice.   

Ramune Drink

Oh yes, while you are there ... do remember to check this the Japanese classic soda drink, fully imported by Sushi+ for its diners. Ramune is famous for its codd-neck bottle named after English mechanical engineer Hiram Codd who invented it in 1872.

The cool thing about Ramune is not the taste; it's the container. If you're new to Ramune, you might have trouble opening the bottle; it comes sealed with a fun marble that acts as a stopper. To open them,  you have to force the marble down into the bottle, where it gets captured in a small chamber within. 

Pop it in hard and it makes a fizzy mess; which of course can be part of the appeal of drinking it. Widely known for the distinctive design, Ramune is a refreshing, fizzy and fun drink to open. Order one and have some fun!  

If you're looking for budget-friendly meal for lunch, do try out their current promotion for affordable and exciting Lunch Set Promo (12pm to 3pm) which awaits you at Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar Malaysia! Starting from as low as RM 8.90 to RM 16.90 only for a full course meal of miso soup, main and orange juice. 

Set Lunch Promotion

Business Hours

Spread Of Kaiten Sushi

5 Colours Pricing For Kaiten Sushi

All-in-all, Sushi+ Rotary Sushi Bar is a good place to dine with your family or friends for it's good and fresh-tasting Japanese dishes. With a great selection of dishes from the Kaiten Sushi style to their Ala carte menu, this is the place for some gastronomic grandeur indulgence with pretty reasonable and affordable pricing. Come early for weekends dining as it can get crowded after 6:30pm. If you're late, be prepared to queue if you wants to sit by the rotary sushi bar.    

Do check out their FaceBook as they are constantly updating the menu with  special new dishes, special promotion from time to time to offer to their patrons quality and freshest Japanese food at a great price!  

1F-01 Kompleks Kenari
Jalan Kenari 19 
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong
Tel: 012 - 2892 777

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  1. Great place with good food with wide range of Japanese cuisine with a great selection of dishes from the Kaiten Sushi style to their Ala carte menu, this is the place for some gastronomic grandeur indulgence with pretty reasonable and affordable pricing. Read My Happy Eats>

  2. Auntie Lilly's "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan" adventure brought me to this unique 2-in-1 eatery of Japanese cuisine called Sushi + ~ Rotary Sushi Bar serving fresh Kaiten sushi; featuring the 1st in Malaysia using a unique COOLING REFRIGERATED rotary conveyor belt system to keep sushi cool and fresh. Affordably priced too from as low as RM2.30 onwards to RM10.

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