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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Next Station Noodle House Goodness In A Bowl At Section 19 Petaling Jaya

Goodness In A Bowl

Apart from indulging in the durian stalls located at the famous durian street at Jalan 19/3 in Petaling Jaya, I chanced upon this 2 years old noodles restaurant called Next Station Noodle House or Restoran Next Station during one of my food hunting journey. Business is brisk during the peak hours during my first visit to this simple and no-frills noodles house.

Next Station Noodle House offers a wide variety of noodles, free-range kampung chicken, pork dishes, house made fish balls, fish cakes, lobak (minced pork in bean curd) and much more. Diners can take their pick of noodles from the three choices of broth such as chicken soup, ginger wine soup to authentic tomato soup to suit their palate. 

Apart from that, also choose your favourite noodles such as mee hoon (rice vermicelli), Hor fun/kway teow  (flat rice noodles), Lou Xu Fun (silver needle noodles) to yellow noodles (mee) and even Mee Sua (wheat vermicelli). My favourite twos to go with these soupy noodles is the Mee Suan and Mee Hoon.  

You'll be treated to a unique selection of home-style cooking with dishes usually served in the home of the Hakka clan from a village in Tapah, Perak called Bakar Village. Read on for more findings on this treasure trove of simple good old food only served at Next Station Noodles House!  


Otherwise if you must have rice for your meal, there is also the Set Menu of Kampung Chicken Rice, Tomato Soup Rice or Bakar Village Pork dish to go with your rice. 

Ginger Good For Health

Chicken Soup Noodle
RM 6.50

Chicken Soup Noodles is the kind of noodles you can enjoy at any time of the day. It's a mild but sweet tasting chicken soup based. Served with a variety of topping you can dream of such as bouncy fish balls, pork slices, abalone slices, omelettes and juicy pieces of free-range chicken for the extra bites! 

My favourite choice for soup noodles is always rice vermicelli or mee hoon as they basically soaked or absorbed the soup taste into the noodles itself, so it's so much delicious to eat those flavourful noodles in soup.    

Personal Favourite
Ginger Wine Soup Noodles
RM 7.50

Ginger Wine Soup Noodles is a also a chicken based broth but with ginger wine added for the extra kick. This version is unlike the ones I have during my confinement days with a strong flavour of rice wine. They serves a milder version of ginger wine soup to make it palatable to everyone and more acceptable to many who are not accustomed to the stronger ginger wine soup.

It's my first time time trying out the Ginger Soup Noodle, and I'm pleasantly surprised that I liked it even though it has some ginger wine to it and I never really like mee suan at all. But instead, I like the mee suan (Misua) or wheat vermicelli served here, it's the thicker type not thin and does not go soggy when soak too long in soup. 

It comes with the similar toppings like the chicken soup - chicken and pork slice, fish balls, omelettes, abalone slice and some extra shredded black fungus (Mok Yee). Try it out and I hope you will enjoy this comforting bowl of slurpy ginger wine as much as I do.

Tomato Soup Noodle
RM 7.50

Tomato Soup ~ This is the third choice of broth or soup available for diners to choose from besides the chicken or ginger wine soup. It's a traditional dish with a strong taste of sweet tomato paste in the broth, that gives the bright red-orangery colour to it. I had this with the yellow noodles this time around.
To be honest, I did not like the broth. It tasted almost like drinking the diluted Pergo tomato sauce to me but I heard that most of their customers really loved this special soup. Well, you just got to try it , judge for yourself and see whether it suits your palate or not!  

Instead of the soup noodles, you can try out the dry version with your own selection and choices of noodles served along side with the types of broth you like. To be frank, I find the dry version noodles lacking in flavour and taste, rather bland though, so my best recommendation is to try the soup version instead of the dry ones. 

Ginger Wine Noodle (Dry)
RM 7.50

Dry Mee Hoon Noodle

I have to say that if you like dry version of noodles, this is the best choice to try. Generous serving of the crunchy beansprout and the ability of the rice vermicelli soaking up the sauce makes it's more palatable.  

Ginger Wine Soup 

Chicken Noodle (Dry)
RM 6.50

Chicken Soup

Tomato Noodle (Dry)
RM 7.50

Dry Silver Needle Noodles

Tomato Soup

The other Bakar Village specialties to try are their free-range Kampung Chicken, house made Sai To Fish Balls or Fish Cakes and Bakar Village Pork dish.     
Whole Chicken RM 56
Single Portion RM 7/ Double Portion RM 14
Lower Quarter RM 16 / Half Quarter RM 26

A must-try for chicken lovers. Their Kampung Chicken or Village Chicken is simply smooth and tender, bursting with soy sauce flavour upon each bite. Very appetising and flavourful with the combination of the special house made ginger paste giving out lovely flavours and contrasting textures with every mouthful.  

Bean Sprouts 
Small RM 3 / Big RM 6 

Sai To Fish Ball
6 pcs - RM 2.50 / 12 pcs -RM 5

Remember to try their Sai To Fish balls or Fish Cake made from scratch with the fish paste from Ikan Parang or Wolf Herring Steak. I must say that Next Station Noodles House is spot-on about the fish balls. It's fresh, light and bouncy texture tasted superb with its natural marine sweetness from the ikan parang flesh used. Perfect dish fit for the whole family! 

Fried Fish Cakes
RM 7 For 2 piece

Well, if you still have the stomach for more; go ahead and try the Fried Fish Cakes too. Equally good for the bouncy texture with crispy outer layer and these fish paste is mixed with minced carrots and scallion for extra flavour.

Bakar Village with Pork 
Small RM 6/ Big RM 12

Fish balls aside, you may have some home style pork dishes to go with your rice if you like. Stewed tender lean pieces of Bakar Village Pork is a wonderful accompaniment to be eaten with some warm white rice.
Bakar Village Fried Lobak 
RM 7 for 2 rolls

Sinful but tasty, these Bakar Village Fried Lobak is deep-fried five-spice pork roll wrapped in bean curd sheets. I find it quite meaty, unlike the ones I tried before which has lots of crunchy vegetables like carrots, water chestnuts and jicama.   

Fried Fu Chuk Roll 
Small RM 3 / Big RM 6

Light and crispy, these Fried Fu Chuk Roll is quite addictive to eat. In house speciality of fresh fish paste wrapped with bean curd sheets, lightly deep fried to perfection. You can taste the springy texture of the fish paste on the inside with the crispy outside. 

Refreshing Honey Sea Coconut Drink
RM 3.30

For drinks, I chose to have this Refreshing Honey Sea Coconut Drink to wash down after a full-filling meal. Touted to be good for health, natural tasting and without preservatives, colouring or artificial flavours. It's excellent for smoothing of sore throat and aids digestion especially after a heavy meal. 

 Cute Sponge Bob Inspired Drinks

Those who crave a simple and comforting hearty meal of Hakka cuisines without having to travel far can have it at Next Station Noodles House in Section 19 at Petaling Jaya. Kampung or village-inspired makan places are slowly making an appearance in the Klang Valley. 

Noteworthy are the Ginger Wine Soup Noodle and Tomato Soup Noodle together with their Chicken Soup Noodle. Something special and different, very nutritious and enjoyable for both the old and young, I'm sure you and your family will have a pleasant dining experience at this noodles house! 

Next Station Noodle House 
No. 58 Jalan 19/3
 Petaling Jaya
46300 Selangor
Tel: 03 - 7955 0200
Opening Hours: 
9am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm 

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  1. You'll be treated to a unique selection of home-style cooking with dishes usually served in the home of the Hakka clan from a village in Tapah, Perak called Bakar Village. Read on for more findings on this treasure trove of simple good old food only served only here!
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