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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

TUSCANY Italian & American Grill Restaurant Fridays Barbecue Buffet At Putrajaya Marriott Hotel IOI Resort City Sepang Selangor

TUSCANY Italian & American Grill 
Thank Goodness It's BBQ Fridays
Tuscany Italian & American Grill is an Italian-style restaurant located at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel in IOI Resort City, Sepang. A warm and welcoming trattoria serving up tasty, down to earth fare of central and southern Italian dishes to whet your taste buds.

Be tempt with the sights, sounds and smell of good old fashioned Italian cuisine emanating from the restaurant. Its cozy, semi-casual style of dining would definitely put everyone at ease to just be themselves and have a good time.

Chef  Izzat Bin Rosli of Tuscany Italian & American Grill

Everyone having a good time having Chef Izzat barbecuing their choice of meat right before their eyes! Yummy-licious, catering to ravenous carnivores eaters!

Tuscany offers both an indoor dining or outdoor shaded Al Fresco seating with wooden bench and chairs creating an oasis to relax and unwind, as well as good food and mesmerizing live music; calming ambiance to make you feel like home. 

Meaty Indulgence

T.G.I.B.F" or Thank Goodness It's BBQ Fridays is Tuscany's latest food promotion starting from July 15, 2016. Now, Tuscany takes meat lovers on a gastronomic journey of pure meaty indulgence, serving up guilty pleasures of juiciest ribs, brisket, tenderloin, chicken and fresh seafood in their latest promotion only on every Friday night!

Finger-Licking Juicy Ribs

 Oven Roasted Beef Brisket

Dig in the Oven Roasted Beef Brisket that comes with choices of dipping sauces in between while waiting for your barbecue meats to be ready. Enjoy it together with some delicious roast garlic, cherries tomatoes, potatoes wedges, and capsicum too if you like. Great offering that sits well with the meat aficionados.

Roast Beef Slices 

Over the years, Tuscany is known for serving mouth watering barbecue spread at value for money prices, taking pride in what it does. This brick-and-mortar location is serving what's regularly called the best barbecue in Putrajaya. T.G.I.B.F. is devoted to producing the best-tasting barbecue they possibly can, and they won't sacrifice that quality to feed more customers.

Meaty Haven

Tuscany's Fridays Barbecue Buffet focus on only serving high quality meat and offers the freshest food for a wholesome meal. The meat station gives diners the freedom to handpick their favourite choice of meat to be barbecued right before their eyes while the salad station allows them the flexibility to produce their own salad.

Each piece of meat is lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. It does not need marination of the meat as it is flavourful in the meat's natural flavour and juice.

Freshly Barbecue Seafood 

For those lacking the appetite for beef or lamb, the fresh sizzling platter of seafood provided a change which is tantalizing and filling yet not too overwhelming on the palate.

Freshly Grilled Before Your Eyes

Enjoy your seafood as well as other meaty dishes served just right at the grilling station. The highlight from the seafood station has to be the super size King Prawns. While you can have the squids and butter fish, my best recommendation would be to savour the fresh and succulent meaty bigger size King Prawns.

Choices Of Chicken Wings & Jumbo Sausages

Seafood of Squids, King Prawns, Butter Fish

There's also the extra large-in-size jumbo Chicken Sausages and the Tandoori Chicken Sausages for the hot-dogs fans. My family only managed to down these two jumbos sausages on sharing portion that night!  

Man does not live on meat alone, and accompanying the mains are sides of salads, cheeses, buns, fruits and soup as well.   
Amazing Salad Station

Meanwhile, remember to balance your diet with the amazing spread of a wide selection of salad such as Romaine, Butter lettuce, Boston, Batavia, Lolta Rosa, Frisee, Red leaf, Green leaf and much more to choose from. Truly a healthy alternative to eat along with the grills and barbecue food items. 
Boxful Of Salad

I have a field-day choosing my favourite choice of greens in making my fresh and crunchy personal bowl of salad. Everything is very fresh thus you can be rest assured that it's truly of good premium quality.

 Cold Meat Selection
Beef Salami, Beef Pastrami & Turkey Ham 

Chicken Loyar Mushroom, Chicken Meatloaf, Chicken Peppercorn, Smoked Chicken Breast
From Left to Right

Spoilt-For-Choice With The Variety Of Cheeses
Home Made Buns & Breads

Multi Grain & Seeds Bread

Pasta Dishes & Their Sauces

Pasta lovers must leave some "tummy space' for these adorable home made pasta such as Agnolotti Spinach Smoked Salmon, Tortelloni Seafood, Ravioli Chicken and Penne Pasta. These pasta choices are best enjoyed with their authentic Napolitana Sauce (pure tomato vegetarian sauce), Beef Bolognese Sauce and creamy Carbonara Sauce too.    

Fruits Tower

Besides the salad, cheese and pasta, balance your diet with a variety of local and imported fruits serving beautifully on the three tier cake stand.    

Linzer Pie

Wrap up your taste palette with Tuscany's mean dessert selection extended up to six types of sweet and appetizing pies such as follows: 

Linzer Pie

Totally in love with Linzer Torte or Linzer Pie, the oldest known pie in the world. Remember to taste this Austrian pastry originated from city of Linz in Austria in 1696! 

Chocolate Pie

Blueberry Crumble Pie

Walnut Pie

Apple Pie

Strawberry Pie

Lovely Family of Musician - The Marcelo's Band

My hubby and I have a wonderful and enjoyable time listening to the talented family - The Marcelo's playing live, belting out love ballads and oldies to soothe our soul and refresh our spirits. With everything in place, good food and great music, we could stay up all night long just listening to the melodic and angelic voices of The Marcelos.

Good Food, Great Company & Mesmerizing Music ~ practically sums up my lovely evening at Tuscany Italian & American Grill Restaurant at IOI Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya last week!

Pricing Starts From: RM 110 Nett Per Adult & RM67 Nett Per Child
*Buffet includes a glass of House Wine or Mocktail
*Additional Wine/Mocktail Carafes going for RM 40 Nett per carafe (serves up to 4)

Tuscany Italian & American Grill 
IOI Resort City 
62502 Sepang Utara
Tel: 03 - 8948 8888

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  1. MEAT ENTHUSIASTS, Raise your hand! Tuscany Putrajaya Marriott Hotel having a "T.G.I.B.F ~ Thanks Goodness, It's BBQ Fridays" Barbecue Buffet on every Friday at their Italian-American Grill Restaurant serving up guilty pleasures of pure meat buffet of juiciest ribs, brisket, tenderloin, chicken, King Prawns, squid & Jumbo size premium Sausages! More BBQ story >

  2. My hubby and I have a wonderful and enjoyable time listening to the talented family - The Marcelo's playing live, belting out love ballads and oldies to soothe our soul and refresh our spirits. With everything in place, good food and great music, we could stay up all night long just listening to the melodic and angelic voices of The Marcelos.

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