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Thursday, 14 July 2016

NIKUDO Seafood Products Review ~ Fresh, Quality & Convenient Frozen Seafood Brand In Malaysia @SS2 Petaling Jaya

Fresh, Quality, Convenient
Frozen Seafood Brand
Hi, this time around I shall blog about my experience trying out some of NIKUDO Seafood Products. This is not the first time I'm introduced to NIKUDO but in fact I had tried and cooked some of their ready-to-cook frozen seafood premium products such as Nikudo Cheese Stuffed Crab Shell, Nikudo Ebi Prawn Fry (my favourite), Nikudo Ika Cuttlefish Fry and also their steamboat food items.

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NIKUDO Seafood has established itself as a reputable brand with ready-to-cook fresh frozen seafood products that delivers a consistent and best in quality with affordable pricing with many choices to choose from for discerning seafood lovers!

So I was really excited and looking forward to cooking out the Octopus Cake, fresh Senangin fish and white squids which I have in store with me this time.  

Premium Octopus Cake
RM 8 For 4 pcs

Premium Octopus Cake is produced from fresh Octopus and Fish using sophisticated and hygienic technology. This product comes in a vacuum packaging to retain its freshness and hygienic, so you can be rest assured of the quality.   

Frozen Form Of The Octopus Cake

What I like about Nikudo products is that it does not require thawing and you can choose to cook it either by deep-frying, steaming, boiling, barbecue or even microwave. Well, since I just gotten myself a brand new FlavorWave Turbo Convention Oven, I decided to use the oven to cook these four thick chunky seafood cakes. 

FlavorWave Oven was introduced to me by my ex-classmates when I told her about my greasy and rusty conventional oven, which I find it hard to clean each and every time I roast or baked some food items. I bought mine online at Lazada.Com.My for RM 115 only and if you're interested, do check it out right: LAZADA - Flavourwave Convection Halogen Oven 12L     

Wonderful Kitchen Oven
The Flavorwave Oven

I'm very pleased with the performance of the turbo oven as it helped me to prepare delicious and healthful meals in less than half the time of the traditional convection oven. It utilized and combines a circular bowl with a fan mounted in the lid so that hot air currents move down over and all around the sides of the bowl, creating a tornado-like flow of super-heated air that cooks and browns food quickly and thoroughly. 

Cooking Process
From Top Left (Clock wise)

The frozen Octopus Cakes are placed on the rack which allows the oven to cook it all around from top to bottom and sides too. The collage above shown in clock wise on how fast the cakes were cooked and brown without a single drop of oil. 

The FlavorWave Turbo Oven bowl is made of glass, not metal, so that I can clearly see what I'm cooking from all sides. My funny chef friend of mine, Eugene Lee called it the UFO Oven as it lights up so brightly once in the cooking mode just like a space ship.  

Final Product Of The Roasted Octopus Fish Cake

Cooking this really saves me a lot of time as it takes away the hassle of mixing and marinating of the ingredients. Nikudo provides me with fresh raw seafood cakes such as these lovely bouncy and meaty Octopus Cake that can be served in a jiffy in less than 20 minutes my family can enjoy anytime of the day.  

Meaty & Tender Octopus Cakes

My son who do not like prawn, squid or octopus was fooled into eating these delicious and flavourful Octopus cakes. He must have mistaken it for fish cakes that his daddy used to make for our family, right from scratch.

It's tedious preparation begin from scraping all the meat from the fish, pounding it with a chopper while adding in salted water until it reaches the right consistency. Throwing or slamming process follow after that.... it's the key to making springy and bouncy fish balls.

Stack Co Of Octopus Cakes

You may think the cakes looks kind of dry unlike those deep-fried ones that looks plumy right? Oil-free cooking is used here with my Turbo Oven as it's practically cooks it in hot-air making the skin crisp and dry. Anyway, you can choose to cook at whichever methods that suit your taste. Roast or grill for health-conscious and for those who simply loves fry food can deep fry it.

Fresh Senangin Fish or Threadfin Fish
Weight 400gm

I love eating fish. I really enjoy eating fish cooked in any style - steamed, fried, roasted or grilled is best for me. Fish is among the healthiest foods, loaded with important nutrients, such as protein, Vitamin D and also the best source of Omega-3 fatty acid, which are important for our body and brain.

So I always make it a point to serve my family fish at least 3 times in a week for their well-being and good health. 

I selected my favourite Senangin or Threadfin Fish for its fantastic sweetness and highly gelatinous which gives an amazing mouth feel. Also known as Ma Yau in Cantonese, this is very versatile fish to cook, steam Teo Chew style with  preserved vegetables (Ham choy) and ginger, or simply pan fried it just like how I decided to cook it this time.

Big Fish - 1 Foot Long (12 inches)

Perfect Clean & Descaled Senangin For The Night

Nikudo's product  are all vacuum packed for hygienic purposes and preserving food; also to maintain the freshness and extend the shelf life without any deterioration in quality thus offering customers the convenience of storing frozen food at home.  

 Taut, Clean, & Glistening Skin

How to choose a excellent fresh fish? The eyes should be bright, clear and not sunken. Smell it, it should be be briny and of the sea, like seaweed, but definitely not anything pungent or fishy, which indicates decay. 

Skin ought to be taut, clean, and glistening, almost as if the fish were still alive. The belly should be taut, not swollen or sunken. The fish from Nikudo passed the freshness test and I'm pretty happy with cooking it later. 

Bright & Clear Fish Eye

Well-Cleaned Belly 

I was really pleased as the fish bought from Nikudo was well-clean and descaled which saves me tons of effort and the messy work of cleaning a fresh fish. Thumbs up for that! 

Cooking In Progress

I prefer to cook my fish simple and easy, with light marination of sea salt and pepper to maintain the original taste of the fish especially for Senangin, a very sweet-tasting and meaty fish. 

I also sliced the fish on several parts of the body so it will cook faster as I do not want to over fried the fish as it may lose its juiciness and become too dry. 

I uses a cast iron wok to fry the fish. Cast iron cooks my fried food beautifully for it's non-stick properties to a complete with golden brown, crispy exteriors. The old fashioned wok may be heavy but it's sturdy and wears well, does not scratch at all and absolutely inexpensive. So it does comes handy especially for cooking or deep frying a whole fish with its wide surface and oil does not splatter out too.   

Delicious Dish For Dinner

This delightful mouthwatering fish is good to eat while still warm, crispy on the outside with white flaky flesh on the inside. You will especially enjoy it with some premium light soy sauce as dipping sauce eaten with the scallions to enhance the taste.

Squid Meat 

I also had another pack of fresh frozen squid meat from Nikudo Seafood brand which I intend to use it as part of the ingredients for my creamy seafood based soup noodles. 

The vacuum packaging some how maintain the freshness and nutrition of the squid in its most original form. It has been thoroughly cleaned and ready for cooking which does saves me a lot of hassle apart from cleaning the squid of the ink and removal of the thin layer of the skin.        

Voila! A Tasty Bowl Of Milky Creamy Seafood Noodles

Nikudo's fresh squid is easy and convenient to use for your cooking needs. You only need to defrost it in the chiller or defrost by leaving it at room temperature or even for faster period of  time, you can defrost in water too. I had the fresh squid as one of the ingredients for my cream-based Seafood Soup Noodles this time around.     

Seafood Noodles is my family's all-time-favourite dish to eat during the weekends. I cooked this yummy dish loaded with a  variety of ingredients such as fresh prawns, squids, shimeji mushroom, scallions, mustard leaves, tomatoes, bean curd sheets, meat balls, fish balls and coriander leaves for the extra flavour.  

Loved the dish, the fresh ingredients plays a important part to cooking the soup noodles. Just check out the picture above, capturing the nice and tasty-looking plump white squids.   

Well, this ends my review for some of the Nikudo's products I tried and tested. Every dish I cooked using their fresh seafood product turns out well and perfect in my cooking. I advocates healthy-eating and choosing the best and freshest ingredients for my home cooking to feed my family of five.

Home-cooking is really not that hard even if you don't enjoy cooking, just choose the right ingredients and simple methods to prepare a simple, nutritious yet easy to cook meal for your loved ones. Simple marination and light pan frying or even roasting a dish is not as hard it seems to be. Cooking for your family just needs a little bit of effort and lots of doses of love to go along with it.   

Do check out Nikudo products if you're looking to prepare a delicious home-cooked meal for your family. Rest assured all their products are HALAL certified, and you're getting high quality and premium seafood while shopping at this reliable seafood brand in Klang Valley!

Check Out Their Full Lists Of Available Outlets: https://goo.gl/J9IugH

NIKUDO Seafood
40 Jalan SS 2/63
Petaling Jaya
47300 Selangor
Google Map>> https://goo.gl/yQoz3y
Tel: 03 - 7873 6505 / 012 - 683 6797
Business Hour: Daily 7am to 7pm

Website: www.nikudo.com

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