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Tuesday 21 March 2023

Huat Kee Fish Ball Mee In Taman Sri Bahtera Cheras Kuala Lumpur

Huat Kee Fish Ball Mee In Taman Sri Bahtera Cheras 
Huat Kee Fish Ball Mee In Taman Sri Bahtera Cheras
Fish Ball Noodles Soup
RM 9

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan to dine at this popular Fish Ball Noodles Stall yesterday at Cheras. It's a well-known fish ball noodle stall called Huat Kee Fish Ball Mee located in Taman Sri Bahtera in Cheras. The stall has been operating for many decades and has moved from one location to another over time. 

Short Video At Huat kee Fish Ball Mee Shop On TikTok

Huat Kee Fish Ball Mee
77 Jalan Lanchang
Taman Sri Bahtera
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel  012-212 9596
Opening Hours 
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
3pm To 9pm 

This family-run shop specializes in selling handmade 'Sai Tou Yi' or Ikan Parang/Wolf Herring fish balls, fish cakes, and fish dumplings (Yi Pei Wantan) served in noodles soup. 

Fish Balls

Fish Dumplings (Yi Pei Wantan)

Fish Cake

For RM9, you can enjoy a bowl of Fish Balls Mee with 5x fish balls, 1x fish dumpling, and 1x slice of fish cake, topped with preserved vegetables (Tung Choy), crispy pork lard, chopped scallions, and celery leaves. 

Fish Dumplings (Yi Pei Wantan)
90 Cents Per Pc 

The freshly handmade fish balls were delightful, bouncy, and succulent with a nice bite to them, though they were relatively small. However, the star dish was undoubtedly their Fish Dumplings, also known as Yi Pei Wantan. The skin was tender and chewy, with flavorful minced pork fillings that tasted smoky due to the Halibut powder seasoning, also known as 'Chor Hau Yi.' 

Watch Out For This Loud & Lan-Si Fella 
Don't Let Him Caught You Taking Pics Or Videos!

But beware, dear diners, because there's an older man in a black shirt who's just dying to ruin your day. He's arrogant, loud, and not very friendly (because who needs customer service, right?) 

Oh, and if you even think about taking a photo or video to document this "culinary masterpiece," he'll come at you like a rabid dog. So keep those gadgets at bay, folks! So take your food pics at your own risk! 

The conversation goes like this... 

Owner: Eh, don't take pics ah... Why do you keep taking pics?
Me: No reply to him, just give him the blank look.

Owner: Don't need to share alredi, we're very famous - even more famous than HK actor Chow Yun-fat.
Me: I keep my silent & did a short video of him cooking.

Owner: Why do u still keep taking pics ah!

Shop Operates From Their Home

This shop operates from their home and everyone who dines in the house has to remove their shoes. Following our meal here, my hubby ~ Uncle Hong's shoes were missing. I have no idea which blur diner was so stupid as to wear his slippers away, but they were gone. 

Home Brew Herbal Tea
RM 4

What a bad experience! If I ever go back to eat, will either tapau or keep our shoes in a bag and bring them into the shop! Sekian Terima Kasih, this is Auntie Lilly's ranting for this food post! 

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