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Saturday 16 May 2020

McDonald’s Malaysia Launches ‘Discover the World’ 2020 Campaign With Samurai Burger & Shogun Burger

McDonald’s Malaysia Launches ‘Discover the World’ 2020 Campaign With Taste Of Japan, Brings Back 
Popular Samurai Burger & Shogun Burger 

Press Release

McDonald’s Malaysia launches its annual ‘Discover the World’ campaign with the delicious tastes of Japan, bringing back the ever-popular Samurai Burger and Shogun Burger. 

The Samurai Burger, which was last offered in 2015, has become one of Malaysians’ most anticipated menu items. There were also positive responses from Malaysians when Shogun Burger was first launched the same year. Available in both chicken and beef variants, the explosive tastes of Samurai Burger and Shogun Burger feature McDonald’s special Teriyaki sauce. 

“Our ‘Discover the World’ campaign has become a great platform for us to provide a wide variety of distinct menu items to Malaysians, featuring unique flavours from selected countries all over the world. This year, we are bringing back the delicious tastes of Japan to Malaysians, with the return of the much-beloved Samurai Burger as well as Shogun Burger,” said Melati Abdul Hai, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s Malaysia. 

The Samurai Burger comes with succulent beef or chicken patties dipped in the sweet-savoury Teriyaki sauce, layered with McChicken sauce, fresh lettuce, and set in between toasted sesame seed buns. For those who prefer having their burger with egg, Shogun Burger is definitely a great choice to satisfy their cravings. 

Green Tea McFlurry

For some, a meal is not complete without mouth-watering desserts. This year, McDonald’s Malaysia is also reintroducing the refreshing taste of the Green Tea McFlurry.

Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie

Additionally, the all-new Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie with a crispy crust and distinctive citrus-flavoured filling would no doubt be a refreshing addition for Malaysians to look forward to. 

“Overseas travel may be put on hold for many Malaysians, but through our ‘Discover the World’ menu line-up, we hope that the taste pleasure can, in some small way, transport people to different parts of the world and give them a sense of what that country has to offer,” added Melati. 

In addition to Japan, McDonald’s Malaysia will also be taking customers on a food journey to other countries in the coming months, with an exciting line-up of limited-edition burgers that offer distinct flavours and ingredients. 

Both the Samurai Burger and Shogun Burger are served in a set together with French Fries and a Coke. Available since 14 May, a medium set meal of Samurai Burger is priced from RM 14.99 while Shogun Burger will only be available from 28 May onwards, priced from RM 15.99 for a medium set meal. 

For more information on McDonald’s exciting menu offerings, visit www.mcdonalds.com.my.

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