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Saturday 6 January 2018

GATHER GATHER KITCHEN 聚一聚小菜馆 At Kota Kemuning Shah Alam

Serving Heart-Warming Chinese Delicacies
Auntie Lilly has a nice birthday dinner review recently at a home-style cooking restaurant at Kota Kemuning Shah Alam recently. Gather Gather Kitchen, a Chinese restaurant with a catchy name which simply means diners gather for a simple yet delicious meal together with family or friends.   

Heart-Warming Chinese Delicacies

Located quite a distance from Kuala Lumpur and my house, hidden in Shah Alam, this is a gem of a restaurant that serves traditional home-cooked Chinese cuisines and delicacies. Savour the heart-warming goodness of their signature 'Standing Smoked Chicken', special noodles dishes and many more home-style cooking dishes to go with rice.

The simple layout of Gather Gather Kitchen at Kota Kemuning gives diners a comfortable environment while pictures of several signatures dishes are displayed on the wall of the restaurant. 

This restaurant is fast making a name for itself, gaining popularity and well-liked for locals staying around Kota Kemuning. From my past dining experience, it's always filled-to-the-brim and busy with diners seeking for a decent and reasonably priced restaurant.

Weekends Crowd

If you're planning to have a celebration or family gathering, I would suggest you make a prior booking for the larger crowd as dining space can be quite limited during peak hours. I tried several of their signatures dishes from their famous signature 'Standing Smoked Chicken', noodles, set lunches, poultry, pork, seafood and much more.  

Standing Smoked Chicken
RM 63

The top pick of Gather Gather Kitchen has to be their speciality dish 'Standing Smoked Chicken'.  Unique down-to-earth cooking for a whole chicken seasoned to perfection and marinated for long hours for the taste to sink in and smoked with pure hard work. 

Video Of Standing Smoked Chicken

The end result is a smoking hot, moist and tender big fat chicken waiting to be devoured by hungry diners. For more goodness, eat the chicken with the deep-fried light and crispy fish skin, scrambled eggs and shredded lettuce to complement the dish.

Deep-Fried Light & Crispy Fish Skin, Scrambled eggs & Shredded Lettuce

As this smoking hot chicken is served whole, diners have the option of enjoying the act of 'tearing' the chicken apart with 'bare hands' or otherwise, you can nicely cut the chicken parts with scissor provided before laying your hands on this yummy dish.  

Watch Closely This Delicious Video As My Hubby Carefully Cut The Smoked Chicken With The Juice Dripping Off The Dish

This is by far one of the most delicious Smoked Chicken Dish I have ever tasted in town. A highly recommended must-try dish when dining here for the first time! 

Oh yes, don't compare this dish to another famous 'Standing Chicken' dish served in a Chinese restaurant at Kampung Baru, Sungai Buloh. Restoran LYJ (李雄记酒家) or now renamed to Restoran Lee Hong Kee. 

Restoran Lee Hong Kee's Standing Roast Chicken (Dong Duk Gai) is merely a deep-fried chicken served standing, nothing special or spectacular and in fact, tastes quite dry and bland to me and totally pale n comparison to Gather Gather Kitchen's signature chicken dish. Lee Hong Kee's one is basically 'Nice from far but Far from nice!' 😆😆😆

Roast Pork Curry Chee Cheong Fun
RM 9.50

Moving on, another restaurant highlight is their Roast Pork Curry Chee Cheong Fun. To me, this is pure indulgence when eating the simple 'Chee Cheong Fun' or flat rice noodles dish, where mouth-watering roast pork, 'Chee Pei' or chewy deep-fried pig skin, curry potatoes and 'Tau Foo Pok' or beancurd puffs are added in for a satisfying and fulfilling Cheong fun dish!

Another winner in its own right, this is also another dish which I will come back for more with roast pork with 'Chee Pei' eaten with the smooth and slurpy flat rice noodles!  


If you are a great fan of noodles - especially the thick rice noodles - then you are in for a treat with Gather Gather Kitchen popular Top 5 Selection of 'MIXIAN' Lunch Special with authentic rice noodles or Mixian imported all the way from China.

Noodles lovers can take their pick of Ginger Wine Mixian (RM10.80), Pork Balls Mixian (RM10.60), Hong Kong Pork Balls Mixian (RM10.80), Dry Roast Pork Mixian (RM10.80) and last by not least, Braised Pork Mixian (RM10.80). 

Dry Roast Pork Mixian 
RM 10.80

Delicious slurpy rice noodles served with deep-fried roast pork and preserved vegetables bring out the taste and flavour in the dish. The little tiny small bits of roast pork belly was fragrant with hints of saltiness that make for a delectable combination with the Mixian noodles at the same time.

Hearty & Comfort Food Quality Kind Of Dish

Hong Kong Pork Balls Mixian 
RM 10.80

Next, the Hong Kong Pork Balls Mixian gives diners a different variation of Mixian noodles. It comes with 5 kinds of toppings such as Hong Kong pork balls, spicy pork belly slice, corn kernel, and preserved vegetables in a flavourful soup. 

Ginger Wine Mixian 
RM 10.80

For the adventurous foodie, come and try their Ginger Wine Mixian. A rice wine infused Mixian noodles served a generous portion of pork belly, scrambled egg and shredded black fungus (Mok Yee) in a rich and aromatic ginger wine broth. Totally a tummy-warming dish good for those days when you are feeling a little under the weather.   

Roast Duck (Half Portion)
RM 32

Apart from the noodles dish, Gather Gather serves a smacking range of mains for family or group dining. We ordered their famous roast duck dish, spinach soup and eggplant dish to go with rice.

 Roast Duck Menu

Check out their comprehensive roast duck menu stating parts and prices accordingly. 

5 Colours EggPlant
RM 20 (S)
RM 30 (L)

An interesting and colourful eggplant dish served in a thick sauce and topped with chopped coriander, strips of pork belly, minced garlic, chillies and carrots. I enjoyed this dish as the eggplant was soft and smooth soaking in the flavourful sauce with a host of colourful ingredients enhancing the taste.

Signature Spinach Soup
RM 15 (S)
RM 22 (M)
RM 28 (L)

Delicious soup dish was suitable for those looking for a nutritious egg-based soup. Young spinach shoots boiled in delicious stock for more natural goodness with wolfberries and century eggs. This dish was served to us on a plate instead of a big soup bowl and many must have mistaken it for stir-fry vegetable dish instead of a soup dish. 
Deep-Fried Lotus Roots With Salted Egg
   RM 16 (S)
RM 18 (M)
RM 25 (L)

As the name of the dish suggests itself, this is a deep-fried dish of lotus roots coated with the sinful savoury egg yolk sauce.

Overall, I would say Gather Gather Kitchen is a good place for family dining or special celebration, where you will get lots of choices for reasonably priced Chinese specialities that are exclusive to Gather Gather Kitchen such as their Standing Smoked Chicken, Roast Pork Curry Chee Cheong Fun, 5 Colours EggPlant among others. Please call in early for reservation and make your bookings if you planning to dine here on their busy weekend's crowd. 

Gather Gather Kitchen 
No 8G Jalan Anggerik Vanilla 31/Y
Kota Kemuning
40460 Shah Alam
Tel 03 - 5131 6906
Business Hours 
10.30am - 3pm, 5:30pm - 10pm
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