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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

BOAT NOODLES Prosperity Chinese New Year New Menu 2018

 Prosperity Yum Boat Noodles
Chinese New Year New Menu 2018 
BOAT NOODLES Prosperity Chinese New Year New Menu 2018 

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, the famous Restoran Boat Noodles is looking to tickle all boat noodles lovers with its brand new Chinese New Year 2018 menu of 'PROSPERITY YUM BEEF & CHICKEN BOAT NOODLES'!

Boat Noodle @Empire Damansara
G-3-A, Empire Damansara 

 Jalan PJU 8/8
Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya
Tel 010 - 7683 525
Operating Hours 
10am to 10pm Weekdays
10am to 11pm Weekends

If you are a boat noodles fan, then this review is for you. In conjunction with the festive Lunar New Year celebration, Boat Noodles jumped on the bandwagon to serve its faithful customers with the specially curated new soup flavour, both fragrant and flavourful, well-cooked with fresh herbs and spices incorporating the authentic classic Thai flavours.

Diners can have the Prosperity Yum Boat Noodles either in Beef or Chicken with the choice of Thai Rice Noodles or Springy Noodles, priced at the affordable RM 1.99/bowl! Each bowl of Prosperity Yum Boat Noodles comes with the topping of crispy wonton skins, beef balls or chicken balls together with beef or chicken slices and drowned in the rich-tasting creamy Tom yam broth.    

The likeable flavours of Thai cuisine are evident in this broth itself, well packed with a good depth of flavour completes with the original Thai flavour of spicy, sweet and sour taste. I have to say that the broth alone is so delicious that I can have just the noodles with the yummy broth alone to satisfy my palate. 

Prosperity Yum Chicken Springy Noodles
RM 1.99/bowl

Prosperity Yum Beef Springy Noodles
RM 1.99/bowl

Prosperity Yum Chicken Rice Noodles
RM 1.99/bowl

Prosperity Yum Beef Rice Noodles
RM 1.99/bowl

Condiments Of Fish Sauce, Sugar & Chilli Flakes

There are also condiments of fish sauce, sugar and chilli flakes for diners to add-on for the extra oomph of saltiness, sweetness and last but not least, spicier to delight your senses!

Auntie Lilly's Amazing Eats At Boat Noodles Savouring Thai Fried Chicken

Thai Fried Chicken
RM 12.90

Another star dish here is the Thai Fried Chicken. A crowd favourite, the boneless chicken thigh meat was packed with aroma and taste, offering a hint of kaffir lime leaves in each crispy piece we relished. 

Well-marinated and juicy on the inside, these crunchy sinful Thai Fried Chicken was particularly addictive and a sumptuous find. 👍👍👍

Check Out Their 'Makan Guide' Before Ordering 

Blue Butterfly 
RM 5.50

Another fascinating drink to try was the new beverage called Blue Butterfly. Made from a combination of blue butterfly pea flowers and lemongrass, making such a splash because it has some pretty mesmerizing qualities. Add some lime juice and the PH of the blueish tea changes, the colour fades from blue to a dreamy purple.  

Mango Smoothie
RM 5.50

Drink-wise, if the Blue Butterfly does not appeal to you, perhaps you can try their Mango Smoothie, refreshing and smooth but not too sweet, just right for me.

This 'PROSPERITY YUM BEEF & CHICKEN BOAT NOODLES' promotion is available for LIMITED TIME ONLY until the end of February 2018. However, if the response is good from the public, Boat Noodles shall have them in their menu. Well, keep your fingers crossed then. In the meanwhile, do hurry and go to check out these delicious new offerings from them now!

For locations of Boat Noodles' 46 outlets nearest to you, click LOCATIONS HERE

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