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Thursday, 1 February 2018

4Play Seafood & Co @ Publika Solaris Dutamas

A Flavourful Episode Of Seafood Delights
4Play Seafood & Co 
Indulge In A Variety Of Seafood Dishes At Newly Opened Eatery
4Play Seafood & Co @ Publika Solaris Dutamas

Something new to out to lure diners to the chic 4Play Seafood & Co restaurant in Publika, Solaris Dutamas. If one likes Asian food and the other likes Western cuisine, the ideal location for a lunch or dinner date may be in the newly-opened, 4Play Seafood & Co. They pride themselves on serving both cuisines, Asian Western-style and is also big on seafood, especially crabs, mussels and clams.

4Play Seafood & Co
A1-G2-07 Solaris Dutamas
1, Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03 - 6211 9908

During a recent dining experience, we sampled a few of their specialities which was recommended by the co-owner of the restaurant, Mr Mune. Well, to get the ball rolling on what's good to eat from the menu, we start with starters of soups and tapas.  

Wild Mushroom Soup
RM 20

The Wild Mushroom Soup fares pretty well in term of taste and flavour. House-made soup from scratch with a combination of three variants of mushrooms namely the shiitake, oyster and white button mushrooms. The rich creamy broth was made even tastier with a drizzle of the fragrant truffle oil and cream for the finishing touch.  

 Pumpkin Soup

Next, came the Pumpkin Soup. It was a good attempt by chef serving his new dish for us to try that day. This food item has yet to make it to the permanent list in the current menu. For those who are the fan of pumpkin soup, I'd recommend going for this. The soup is rich and thick, definitely made from scratch with pureed pumpkin and other fresh ingredients for the soup.  

Butter & Garlic Mushrooms
RM 21

Garlic Bread

Mushroom lovers may want to give the Butter & Garlic Mushrooms a go. White button mushrooms sauteed in butter, garlic and basil sauce that goes really well with the garlic bread. At this point, I was thinking if only they have rice instead of bread for me to mop up the whole bowl of the delicious savoury mushroom dish.   

More Garlic Bread, Please! 

Creamy Spinach Stuffed Mushroom
RM 22

Going gaga over more mushroom, the Creamy Spinach Stuffed Mushroom makes its entry in a small rectangular white plate, garnished with bean sprout resting on a bed of salad. Loved the thick and juicy texture of the portobello mushroom topped with the tasty creamy spinach. Good choice for those looking for a healthier option to fill up the hungry tummy.  

Next, something a little on Malaysian side - diners can have either prawn, calamari or chicken served lightly coated with salted egg yolk sauce for a rich and indulgence twist. Spiced with curry leaves, onions, cili padi and chilli flakes, the sauce lends a salty and spicy quality to the dish.

 Calamari In Golden Salted Egg Yolk 
RM 25

  Prawns In Golden Salted Egg Yolk
RM 28

 Chicken In Golden Salted Egg Yolk
RM 25

4Play Seafood & Co 
One Page Menu

For your dose of seafood-licious treats of crabs, mussels or clams, you can have them cooked in six different styles to suit your taste buds such as follows: 
  • Creamy Beef Bacon & Basil
  • Spicy Chilli
  • Creamy Butter Chilly & Curry Leaves
  • Salted Egg Yolk
  • Coconut Cream & Chilli
  • Green Curry 

Clams in Creamy Butter Chilly & Curry Leaves
RM 30 for 500gm

Another noteworthy dish is the Clams in Creamy Butter Chilly & Curry Leaves. This is a delicious combination of creamy and fragrant sauce, drowning the juicy clams. I believe the secret to this dish lies in the ingredients of the fresh herbs and spices made by the chef for the dish.

I had these without rice, so the sauce did taste a little bit saltier than usual. Nevertheless, do order some rice, garlic bread or even some mantou to eat with this dish as the sauce is too good to be wasted. 

Mussels In Spicy Chilli
RM 35 for 500gm

For those wanting more familiar Asian flavours, there are the Mussels In Spicy Chilli. Here again, the sauce gets the good ratings but I wished the mussel were meatier as shellfish tend to shrink once cooked. These are the local mussel or in Malay known as kupang or siput sudu and it would be better if they serve some New Zealand green mussel with this instead.    

Crab In Coconut Cream & Chilli
RM 75 For 500gm

Crabs lovers, brace yourself for this mouth-watering crab dish - Crab In Coconut Cream & Chilli! This is another gravy-rich, flavoursome dish, sinful and the gravy was perfect for second helpings to eat with rice or mantou. 

It was not overwhelmingly spicy but just nice with a creamy rich taste and finger-licking good too that will leave you wanting to clean every bit of the gravy. Oh yes, do remember to remind the chef to tone down the saltiness if you like a less salty version. 

Jalapeno, Sundried Tomato, Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken
RM 35 

For the non-seafood eaters, there's this lavish chicken dish with Jalapeno, Sundried Tomato, Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken available for you. Chef serves the roast chicken stuffed with jalapeno, sundried tomato and cream cheese with cherry tomatoes and baked golden potatoes on the side.

The portion is generous for the price of RM 35. but then again, I would prefer if they could use the chicken thigh meat which was much tender and juicier for this roast chicken dish. 

Alfresco Dining Area

The spankingly new seafood restaurant also gives a cosy feeling to diners and perfect for a group and private dinner for couples. They also cater to private function such as birthday party, corporate events and family gathering with special buffet menu to suit your taste and budget. It can seat up to 80 people at a time.   

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  1. My heart says prawns & crabs, but doctors say maybe more mushroom & greens :X

    1. Same here, KY. But eating in moderation & try to load up with more fruits & vegetables does helps!


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