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Monday, 5 February 2018

YONG SHENG GIFT SHOP Premium Chinese New Year Cookies Collection For 2018

Good Year Good Gift
With Yong Sheng 
Premium Chinese New Year 
Festive Cookies Collection For 2018 
 YONG SHENG GIFT SHOP Premium Chinese New Year Cookies Collection For 2018

Are you excited and looking forward to celebrating Chinese New Year in a few weeks time? For many, this is a time when their families would gather around to make delicious Chinese New Year snacks and traditional dishes in preparation to usher in the brand new Lunar Year of The Earth Dog.

With so much shopping to do and too little time to do everything at-one-go, why not buy some delicious premium Chinese New Year Festive collection of cookies from Yong Sheng Gift Shop this year? Chinese New Year just isn't complete without some cookies to munch on as we celebrate with my family and friends, right?

Highlight the spirit of the Year of the Dog, Yong Sheng Gift Shop has come up with a wide selection of new flavour of festive cookies and snack usually not found in the market. This year, Yong Sheng Gift Shop is offering some unique cookies such as Salted Egg Yolk Cookies, Purple Sweet Potato Cookies, HK Cranberry Coffee Butter Cookies, and Pumpkin Yam Layer Cake.  

Yong Sheng's Range Of CNY Festive Cookies

I had the pleasure again this year to taste Yong Sheng's range of CNY festive cookies in various taste and flavours. These days, cookies have evolved into a wide variety and combination of flavours that encompass bold, new taste and textures, just like Yong Sheng's selections of cookies for this year 2018.

I'm always impressed with Yong Sheng Gift Shop cookies containers and do look forward to receiving from them each year. You see, they are extremely traditional and eye-catching, comes in lovely metal tins which exude authenticity, just by the looks of it. 

Kept In Air-Tight Resealable Plastic Bag

Not only that, the tin covers are beautifully and carefully carved with photographs symbolizing the new year. Each tin is handmade, so you may even use it for decoration purposes after enjoying the cookies. Apart from that, the cookies are kept in an air-tight, resealable plastic bag to maintain its freshness for that perfect crunch in every bite.

The brand name of Yong Sheng Confectionery has become a household name synonymous with good taste and quality the traditional way. Established in 1952 in Muar, Johor, Yong Sheng Confectionery Sdn. Bhd has come a long way making themselves the market leader of confectionery manufacturer in Malaysia that specializes in the production of premium quality pastry products.

Using only finest ingredients to produce their products but exquisite and natural resources that hail from their environment, they strive on the intrinsic Chinese culture that blend with South East Asia delicious delicacies.

Salted Egg Yolk Cookies
RM 36.80/Tin
New Flavour

Salted Egg Yolk Cookies ~ This is my top pick among the four varieties of cookies I tasted. It's soft and crumbly with the melt-in-the-mouth texture and it was different from many ordinary cookies around. Check out this amazing close-up shots of the cookies!

Salted egg yolk is the latest craze now and Yong Sheng's jumped on the bandwagon to offer this unique and tasty cookie made from salted egg yolk. Do try them, it's very addictive and definitely a crowd favourite to go with your guests during the festive season.

Coconut Crispy Rolls
RM 36.80/Tin

Next is the Coconut Crispy Rolls. These rolls are just of the right texture - crispy, not hard with delicate thin layers of rolls baked to perfection. It's not as thin as love letters (Kuih Kapit) kind but it's good enough for my liking. So this is mine to eat CNY cookies!

Try this if you like crispy kind of snack and it's not too sweet too, just right for anyone who dislikes sweet snacks like me...

Purple Sweet Potato Cookies
RM 36.80/Tin
New Flavour

Purple Sweet Potato Cookies is the perfect cookies for those who are health-conscious as purple sweet potato is touted to be one of the healthiest sweet potatoes around inching out the traditional orange sweet potato or yam. 

The Purple Sweet Potato Cookies is nutritious, healthy and high in anti-oxidant making it a perfect gift for the festive season looming around the corner.

HK Cranberry Coffee Butter Cookies
RM 36.80/Tin
New Flavour

Well, last but not least is the new flavour of HK Cranberry Coffee Butter Cookies. These are flavourful butter cookies with an aromatic coffee taste. It has a soft and crumbly texture with a nice crunch to it upon the first bite.

 If you like coffee, then you will enjoy these HK Cranberry Coffee Butter Cookies to the max.

Come let's perk up this Chinese New Year with Yong Sheng amazing cookies selection that is delicious and tastes great.  Behold, your favourite cookies are now available online!

An Attractive Looking Gift Bag

For more information, please call Yong Sheng at their Service Careline At 606: 986 3362 or email them at info@yongsheng.com.my 

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