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Sunday, 4 February 2018

GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant At Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara

Delighting Diners With Tasty Authentic Cuisine At Affordable Price
GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant At Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara 

Vietnamese food lovers will be able to stuff themselves silly at the newly opened, GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant at Dataran Sunway in Kota Damansara without burning a hole in their pocket

GUESS WHAT Vietnamese Restaurant
No 7 Jalan PJU 5/6
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Opening Hours: 11am - 9.30pm Daily
Note: GUESS WHAT Has Stopped Operation & Now Has Reopened & Known As:
Lot 1F-15, 163 Retail Park, 
No. 8 Jalan Kiara 
Mont Kiara 
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6412 3750

I was no stranger to Vietnamese cuisine after having reviewed many establishments such as AnViet, PhoVietz, Kafe Vietnam and much more in Klang Valley, but this place really stands out in value-for-money with affordable prices for their dishes.    

Beef Banh Mi
RM 7.90

So Cheap at RM 6.90 Vietnamese Rolls

Fish Sauce Chicken Wings, Australian Beef Pho, Beef Internal Organs Pho, Pork Banh Mi, Heritage Coconut Soup with Rice, Vietnamese Summer Rolls & Phat Hai Coffee - All these classic authentic Vietnamese cuisines are some of the dishes they have to offer in their menu. 

 'Big on Flavour, Low on Price'
Food & Drinks Menu

I will find them to be 'Big on Flavour, Low on Price' with prices starting from as low as RM 5.50 Phat Hai, RM 7.90 Pork Banh Mi to RM 8.90 Chicken & Pork Noodles, RM 8,90 Clam Pho & RM 13.90 Australian Beef Noodles (100gm), just to mention a few.

The extensive menu of more than 25 food items is specially crafted by a Vietnamese Chinese Chef Lim Yam Hee who speaks fluent Cantonese with us during the interview session. Helming the kitchen with his team of Vietnamese chefs, Chef Lim focuses on using only fresh ingredients with making sauces and pastes from scratch dishing up meals here.

Modern & Spacious Set Up

Owner, Terence Ham said a lot of work went into setting up the restaurant from sourcing the experienced chefs from Vietnam to getting the menu right with the premium fish sauces and top quality fresh Australian beef for the pho. With Guess What, he aims to provide a tasty meal at a low price at a good quantity and excellent service in serving authentic Vietnamese food in a modern setting.

For this post, I shall be featuring some of my TOP PICKS - Highly Recommended dishes to try when dining at GUESS WHAT from their selections of starter, pho, dry noodles, rice dishes to drinks to try.

Fish Sauce Chicken Wings 
RM 6.90

Fish Sauce Chicken Wings are the Top Seller in Guess What menu. Fresh batches are made daily to meet the demand for these super addictive mouth-watering chicken wings. Well-marinated over long hours with premium fish sauce imported from Vietnam (not Thailand) and deep-fried to perfection without drying out the juice within the chicken, leaving a crispy skin with juicy and flavoursome meat within. 

I was told by Chef that the secret to making these authentic Fish Sauce Chicken Wings lies in using the right kind of fish sauce sourced from his homeland which is not too salty with that special taste of freshness of the fish flavour. Be warn first as one plate is never enough and not recommended for sharing too! 😋😋😋

 Deep-Fried Summer Rolls
RM 6.90

Good choice if you like the crispy version of the original smooth Vietnamese rolls. Julienne yam, bean sprouts and carrots go into the rice wrap with some house-made 'Har Koh' or prawn paste to enhance the taste. These deep-fried summer rolls as it's named are best eaten with the special in-house sweet, spicy and sour dipping sauce.   

 Summer Rolls 
RM 6.90

Vietnamese rolls are a MUST HAVE here - Guess What's Summer Rolls are healthy and tasty bites you must eat with their signature dipping sauce made from crushed peanuts, oyster sauce, coconut milk, green beans together with some other secrets ingredients based on Southern Vietnam's flavour. This is what differs them from the rest of the Vietnamese rice rolls that are usually served with the watery fish sauce, lime and chilli concoction.

Apart from the special sauce, the rice paper is super thin and yet the ingredients do not fall out and for the price of RM 6.90 for 2 rolls, this is the probably one of the most affordable Vietnamese rolls in town.

Australian Beef Pho 
Beef RM 13.90
 Ribeye RM 17.90

Moving on, Guess What rocks with their Pho dishes. Top marks go to their Australian Beef Pho; choose from Beef slices pho, Ribeye beef pho, Beef internal organs pho and Handmade Beef Pho. Chef Lee said it takes more than 8 hours for the richness to be fully extracted from the beef ingredients of beef neck bone and a whole load of spices. Lots of preparation goes into the pho broth which is rather delicate and has to be slowly boiled.        

100 gm of Australian Beef  

 Beef Internal Organs Pho
RM 12.90

I find the Beef Internal Organs Pho unique to Guess What as not many Vietnamese restaurants served this kind of dish. Diners will enjoy honeycomb stomach, tendon, sponge stomach, heart (can change to beef's shin) with beef slices in this amazing bowl of beef internal organs pho. Picky diners can customize specific items for their favourite parts of toppings they wish to enjoy the pho with.

Generous Portion Of Beef Parts

There is also an option of not having your pho with rice noodles, although I think that's the best noodles to eat your pho with for its smooth texture. Diners can choose from 2 kinds of noodles - Rice noodles or Egg noodles for the pho dishes.  The noodles are best eaten together with the side of fresh basil leaves, bean sprouts, lime and chilli which you can order for RM 1.50 per plate. 
 Beef Ball Pho
RM 13.90

Super Huge House Made Beef Balls

These super huge beef balls are all 100% in-house made from premium beef. Beef balls lovers will love this larger-than-normal size beef balls which are very meaty with a firm texture. My beef balls lover's daughter, Carmen ordered for a bowl of beef balls soup (without the noodles) all to herself for the heavenly indulgence! 

Clams Pho
RM 8.90

Another great value-for-money dish is this Clams Pho. For RM 8.90, diners get to enjoy a big bowl of fresh and juicy clams with choice of rice noodles or egg noodles in a delicious broth. Recommended to try dish!

 Pork Noodles
RM 8.90

Pork noodles come with pig innards pork balls and pork slices topping with extra deep-fried lard or 'Chee Yar Char' for the extra kick of the porky flavour.

 Chicken Noodles
RM 8.90

Chicken noodles come with breast meat of poached chicken and half-boiled kampung egg.  

 Fish Noodles
RM 12.90

Fresh Flaky Toman Fish Slice For This Fish Noodles Dish

Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli
RM 11.90
Moving on to these two dishes ~ Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli and  Stir-Fried Australian Beef Vermicelli, I didn't have a chance to try these two interesting dishes during the sampling session, but my daughter, Carmen who travels to Vietnam for her food-hunting trips says that this is by far one of the best she ever ate in town and she can personally vouch for these two yummy dishes as it came close to what she had during her travels.     

 Stir-Fried Australian Beef Vermicelli
RM 12.90

 Pork Chop Dry Noodles
RM 9.90

 Lemongrass Chicken Rice
RM 9.90

 Lemongrass Pork Rice
RM 9.90

 Heritage Coconut Rice 
RM 16.50 

 Pork Banh Mi
RM 7.90
 Beef Banh Mi
RM 7.90

   Chicken Banh Mi
RM 7.90

 Phat Hai Vietnamese Coffee
RM 5.50 (Hot)
RM 6.50 (Iced)

Remember to order this aromatic Phat Hai Vietnamese Coffee when dining here for the first time. It has a very rich and strong intense flavour that comes with a chocolately aftertaste after the first sip. A cup of tea is served alongside the coffee, just like how they do in Vietnam. This is for one to thoroughly enjoyed the coffee - taking small sips in between drinking the tea. 

Tea To Go With The Coffee

Green Apple Iced Tea
RM 4.90
Pictures Credits To My Daughter www.carmenhong.com For Her Amazing Shots Taken at Guess What Tasting Session.

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  1. Great place for authentic & affordable - value-for-money Vietnamese food. My TOP PICK ar their PHO Noodles, Fish Sauce Fried Chicken, Lemongrass Pork/Chicken Vermicelli + Phat Hai Vietnamese coffee that taste a BOMB!


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