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Friday, 23 February 2018

CHIR CHIR Fusion Chicken Factory At Pavilion Elite KL Brings Chir-Pin' New Flavours To The Table

CHIR CHIR Fusion Chicken Factory
Pavilion Elite KL
 CHIR CHIR Fusion Chicken Factory At Pavilion Elite KL Brings Chir-Pin' New Flavours To The Table

Happy Chinese New Year, Everyone! Today is the seventh day of the Lunar New Year a day is known as 'Yan Yat (in Cantonese) aka Everbody's Birthday' Day. I bet everyone still in the celebratory mood for gathering or reunion with family and friends over good food and good company up to the fifteen-day of this auspicious festive month. 

So, this is a perfect time to get together and check out CHIR CHIR Fusion Chicken Factory, one of the best chain Korean Fried Chicken place located in Pavilion Elite Kuala Lumpur.

CHIR CHIR Fusion Chicken Factory Malaysia
Lot 1.108.00 Level 1
Pavilion Elite
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Raja Chulan
Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03 - 2110 4867
Open Daily 10am to 10pm

Everything About Chicken & More Chicken At CHIR CHIR Fusion Chicken Factory 

Originated from Seoul, the CHIR CHIR (pronounced Chi-Re Chi Re) chain is South Korea's largest chain of restaurants, famous for its signature freshly-cooked Korean chicken dishes. Focusing on great taste, good value and excellent service have allowed it to grow into one of the largest 'Chimaek' franchises in South Korea, with over 100 stores in China and Taiwan.

CHIR CHIR Fusion Chicken Factory Entrance

My hubby and I were here to check out their newly launched dishes, namely the Curry Fried Chicken and Chi-Bap, coming after high demand of including more variants of the unique, authentic Korean flavours with a twist in the menu. 

CHIR CHIR Fusion Chicken Factory has definitely made its mark in Malaysia, spreading the popular Korean 'Chimaek' culture where diners get to enjoy flavourful fried chicken with an icy, cold beer with their unique menu introducing Malaysian to a great tasting twist to the chicken craze. 

 Curry Fried Chicken
RM 30.90

To get the ball rolling, we were treated to the latest  Curry Fried Chicken dish. Wah, I loved this chicken dish to the max. Brought to the table smelling so deliciously aromatic with the curry spices and herbs seasoning, I just can't wait to sink my teeth into this dish.

Influenced by the local palates, CHIR CHIR's Curry Fried Chicken is prepared fresh daily using only chilled chicken parts (not frozen chicken) where they are perfectly marinated with their in-house secret marination seasoning imported from Korea for a minimum of 12 hours, prior to coating it in their signature batter, deep-fried till golden brown crispy.  

Wonderfully juicy and fragrant, with the sweet and spicy flavours waking up our taste buds upon the first bite. Soft succulence, though not as spicy as local version, this one still packs loads of punchy spicy notes. 

Crispy and tender chicken is perfumed with lots of fragrant curry leaves for more crunch to give it its aromatic distinctive flavour. Love this and I can never get enough of this sinful indulgence...

 Honey Butter Chicken
RM 24.90

Well, for those who prefer less spicy but sweeter taste can opt for this sweet honey coated crispy boneless fried chicken chunks with potato wedges and rice cakes - Toppoki tossed with the honey butter sauce with housemade seasoning, dried cranberries and sliced almonds.

This highly addictive dish is best eaten with honeyed mayo garlic dipping sauce which enhanced the overall gastronomic experience.

Check out this close shot of how juicy CHIR CHIR chicken is even after being deep-fried and visually the meat is looking so tender and succulent to the eyes.   

CHIR CHIR provides diners with the cute chicken clip which may work for those who prefer not to dirty their hands while dining. Seriously, this may not go for me as I still prefer to savour my fried chicken using my hand for its finger licking good too!

Spicy Chi-Bap
RM 33.90

Rose Cheese Chiqueen
RM 33.90

Many Korean food lovers should be familiar with the popular dish of 'Bibimbap', Korean mixed rice topped with chilli pepper paste, soy sauce or fermented soybean paste and together with Malaysians' love for cheese, the original CHIR CHIR Chi-Bap is available now in two new mouth-watering variations ~  Spicy Chi-Bap and Rose Cheese Chiqueen.

 Spicy Chi-Bap
RM 33.90

Served in a hot pan, the Spicy Chi-Bap comes with juicy fried chicken tenders and chunky sweet potato in a spicy marinade of onion salsa and smokey flavoured BBQ sauce topped with crispy fries and grated cheese. 

You will find Bibimbap, the fragrant seaweed-flavoured sticky rice just right beneath the whole loads of goodness of the juicy chicken tenders. Their portion is huge although it's meant for 2 pax.  

 Rose Cheese Chiqueen
RM 33.90

Cheese lovers will be delighted with this rich and cheesy Rose Cheese Chiqueen. This ooey-gooey chicken dish is a crowd-pleaser -- think a rich and creamy mix of mozzarella and fondue cheese, topped with chunky fried potato wedges and cherry tomatoes. 

This is one of those combinations of flavours and textures that come together like a well-rehearsed orchestra, with the juicy and tender chicken leading this star-studded ensemble. Everything blends harmoniously where the shredded mozzarella is cleverly added to yield the creamy flavour.

Feast Your Eyes On This Ooey-Gooey Chicken Dish

Top Pick For Cheese Lovers

 Nest Snow
RM 34.90

Last but not the least, Snow Nest is one of the best-selling dishes in CHIR CHIR Seoul. Simply an impressive chicken dish of spicy cajun chicken tenders resting on a bed of rich cream sauce with sweet potato mash. 

Topped with freshly whipped cream, grated cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, the Nest Snow sure hit the right spots. The flavours were rich and they were generous with the cheese. Here's again the portion is generous and it's meant for sharing for at least 2 pax.

New Menu For Beverages
Grapefruit Yogurt
RM 30.90 

 Pineapple Smoothie
RM 30.90

Delight yourself with specially concocted new and refreshing beverages served in a glass or a jar for sharing such as Grapefruit Yogurt and Pineapple Smoothie. Both are excellent thirst quencher made from fresh ingredients of fresh fruits juice, yogurt and mint leaves.

Grapefruit Yogurt
RM 30.90 

The  Grapefruit Yogurt is an ice-blended delight mix of grapefruit yogurt, grapefruit and mint leaves. It's well-balanced between the two flavours, certainly makes a satisfying drink for many.  

 Pineapple Smoothie
RM 30.90

The Pineapple Smoothie, on the other hand, is also an ice-blend tropical mix of pineapple puree, coconut, strawberry, banana and mint leaves for the extra zest!

 All portion of the menu can be customised to your preferences, so choose from 6, 12 to 18 pieces of chicken for bigger groups. Their portion here is quite huge, therefore it's better to come with family members or a group of friends to dine at CHIR CHIR Fusion Chicken Factory At Pavilion Elite. 


Location Map Of CHIR CHIR Fusion Chicken Factory At Pavilion Elite KL

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