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Thursday, 8 February 2018

TOKUYA Malaysia Japanese Shopping Experience At Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara

TOKUYA Japanese Shopping Experience 
At Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara
Grand Opening 27th January 2018
TOKUYA Represents Quality & Innovative Products From Japan
 TOKUYA Japanese Shopping Experience At Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara

HAVE you heard of TOKUYA? Well, TOKUYA is an all-in-one Japanese products store that retails a wide selection of affordable yet high-quality and innovative Japanese products, right under one roof. TOKUYA prides itself as the first of its kind in Malaysia, a Japanese Concept store, offering Malaysians a great shopping experience with access to all things Japanese without the need of travelling to Japan!

LG1-06 & 07 Arcoris Plaza
Mont’ Kiara Jalan Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
(Just opposite Mont Kiara Palma apartments)
Business Hours 10am - 10pm | Daily
Tel 03 - 6411 2082

My family and I had an amazing shopping experience at TOKUYA during their grand opening on the 27th January 2018 at Arcoris Plaza Mont' Kiara recently. I was told that they were formerly known as the Toku TOKUYA, The 100 Yen Shop and now has moved to the adjacent building which is at Arcoris Plaza, Mont Kiara, re-branding to a new name of TOKUYA and officially started its operation at the new premises on 27th January 2018.

Happy To Be At The Grand Launch Of TOKUYA

This place is 'Dangerous' for me. You want to know why? Simply because Auntie Lilly loves to shop and I'm a bargain hunter always looking out for unique, good quality and handy things to use at home. Bargain hunters like me can rejoice now that TOKUYA is here to stay. 

 Spoilt For Choice With Over 20,000 -30,000 Different Products To Choose From

Catering to over 20,000 -30,000 different products ranging from stationary, interior, character, kitchenware, glass and ceramic ware, foods and drinks, fashion goods, cosmetics, gardening, hardware, cleaning, toys, healthcare, electric and PC and pet products in a spacious much bigger space of  2,500 sq feet store to cater for more display serving its' customers. 

My Shopping Haul Of RM 100

I was told that all their products are quality assured in Japan as it has gone through a stringent thorough selection process from their owners to bring customers the best of what Japan has to offer in each category. Like how they called it, TOKUYA products are all can be used in a #PurposefulUnique way. 

Good Innovative Product
Egg Timer For The Perfect Cooked or Half Boiled Egg
RM 5.80

All TOKUYA Malaysia products are manufactured in Japan if not, quality controlled compliant with the Japanese Standards. Therefore, the products we offer are guaranteed for your money's worth. At TOKUYA Malaysia, they constantly keep up with the lifestyle trends in Japan. As a result, they offer products that are simple, minimalist, at the same time functional and innovative.

Bamboo Charcoal For Shoes

Promising an immerse shopping excitement with prices starting from as low as RM 5.80, this is really a value-for-money buy plus fantastic savings for many Japanese products lovers in Malaysia. As a housewife, my favourite section to check out has to be their affordable yet high-quality household products from Japan.

Japanese Classic Melamine Red-&-Black Dining Ware

I also fell in love with their lovely delightfully pretty kitchenware. Definitely coming back to get me a full set of the melamine red-and-black dining set.      

A Space Saving Multi-Purposes Tub

Moving on, I wished to highlight some of the innovative and unique Japanese products that were designed with practicality in mind and comes really handy plus space saving for us. I discovered that TOKUYA is filled with unique kitchen tools that are practical, innovative and yet light on the pocket without costing a bomb.

Kitchen Tools

TOKUYA  is also one of the many places with a complete range of cooking, baking, organizing and dining items perfectly designed for a quality lifestyle. You will be amazed at the latest innovative kitchen tools or households tools and all kind of gadgets. 

So take your time to browse through carefully on each section and you'll find an affordable 'treasure' or two or perhaps an innovative tool that makes your life easy, fast and efficient. Now, let me show you some the interesting finds I found during my shopping trip that day.

3-In-1 Car Wash Container

Container For Steaming  In A Microwave
RM 7.50

 Expendable & Space-Saving Containers
Mini Expendable Bowl

 Fur Cover For Dog Brushes  

 Educational Toys For Kids

 Washing Liquid Dispenser Cum Brush

Bento Making Sets

Silicone Folding Bowl With Cover


 Water Bucket With A Hose Holder

 Foot Soaking Tub

Holder For The Sink & Silicone Folding Cup

 Drawers Organizer

Let's me take you on a quick virtual tour of TOKUYA right now!




 Pets Section

 Stationery & Art/Crafts


The Original KAO Attack Detergent

Kitchen Detergent


 Kitchen Tools

The products often have more than one purpose and can be playful when used in combination with other home appliances. TOKUYA Malaysia believes that a well-designed product can have a very real and tangible effect on our everyday lives.

TOKUYA is big on dining ware plus kitchen knicks and knacks - Having a large section dedicated to a variety of cutlery, plates, bowls, cups, teapot, chopsticks and much more.


TOKUYA aimed to create experiences that allow clients to continuously discover new products during their visits. TOKUYA has established a wide-ranging product lineup that is quality guaranteed and low prices that made possible by their close relationship with their Japanese partners.

For more details & Updates On Their Latest New Product, kindly visit TOKUYA www.facebook.com/TOKUYAMY or call 603-6206 3544

Tokuya Malaysia Location Address Map
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