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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Champignons At Oasis Square Ara Damansara ~ The Perfect Restaurant For Gourmet Dining

"Now Everyone Can Fine Dine" 
Champignons At Oasis 
~ The Perfect Restaurant For Gourmet Dining ~

Something new is out to lure diners to the elegant Champignons Restaurant in Oasis Square, Ara Damansara. It's been awhile since I last tasted some really good but yet affordable gourmet cuisine in Klang Valley. I was introduced to this semi-fine dining newbie western restaurant - Champignons recently and couldn't be happier.

B-G-02 Oasis Square
Ara Damansara 
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel 03 - 7832 2629
Facebook www.facebook.com/ChampignonsOasis 

"Now Everyone Can Fine Dine" 

A new place that is to stay, the spacious and artistically decorated is a nice new addition to the neighbourhood in Oasis Square, Ara Damansara. A good place for everyone to sit back relax and enjoy a fine European cuisine at a reasonably priced menu. 

Posing With Charming & Friendly Chef Gary Chang

The owner, Chef Gary Chang learn the art of cooking around the world with his illustrious culinary of more than 20 years experience in serving contemporary European cuisine with a modern twist. His passion for food and cooking plus seeing his diners happy - that is what drives him to the creation of impressive dishes to entice your taste buds.

Smoking Area For Diners 
Chef Gary Chang is proud to showcase his European cuisine which is 95% homemade with the freshest produce focusing on using a  variety of seasonal ingredients, honouring nature's natural cycles of growth, harvest and availability.

Making use of Asian ingredients and flavours that are enhanced with modern preparation techniques, they are also mindful of being consistent with their dedication to sustainability, sourcing only the freshest produce for the menu. 

In order to guide diners through an enjoyable dining experience, Chef Gary and his team have crafted an exceptional menu paired with outstanding fine wines to let you experience their interpretation of modern slow food.

 "Now Everyone Can Fine Dine" At Champignons

Well, with the concept of Air Asia, I think the best tagline for Champignons is "Now Everyone Can Fine Dine" and that is without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket!

'Croque Madame' Baked Ham and Cheese Sandwich

To get the ball rolling, we started off with Amuse Bouche (Chef Delights) - 'Croque Madame' Baked Ham and Cheese Sandwich. The Croque Monsieur, French for 'Mister Crunch', the classic French ham and cheese sandwich comes served with cheesy bechamel infused with truffle oil making it very flavourful indeed.   

Homemade Smoked Salmon With Citrus Salad
RM 26

Before the main was brought out, Chef Gary Chang surprised us with something too beautiful to be consumed - Starter of Homemade Smoked Salmon With Citrus Salad. 

Comprising in-housemade smoked Salmon resting on a bed of apple and beetroot salad serve with avocado puree topped with crispy croutons and flatbread dough, garnished prettily with edible colourful flower petals. 

Wild Mushroom Soup
RM 18

The soup was Wild Mushroom Soup, cooked simply with a combination of fresh tempura oyster and button mushroom which goes well together thus giving it a more balanced flavour. The soup was rich and flavourful with finely minced sauteed mushroom within, giving it more texture instead of the usual smooth and creamy kind of soup. It comes with a side of mushroom bruschetta topped with parmesan cheese. 

 Black Truffle Chicken Breast

Australian Lamb Short Loin With Homemade Lamb Sausages

All these wonderful flavours swirling in my mouth can only be enhanced by my choice of the main course - Black Truffle Chicken Breast or Australian Lamb Short Loin With Homemade Lamb Sausages.  

Black Truffle Chicken Breast
RM 35

That night, the Black Truffle Chicken Breast was my top favourite of the night. Chicken breast marinated in the heavenly truffle oil and sous vide to perfection maintaining the juiciness within the chicken, resulting in a well-cooked tender and juicy chicken breast. 

Chef lightly seared the chicken breast for a minute or so to give a crisp brown outside for the breast. For the final touches, sea salt flakes with a distinctive soft flaky texture of the sea salt crystals and taste lend a certain piquancy to the dish, this makes the difference delivering fresh, well-rounded depth and flavour to it.

 Australian Lamb Short Loin With Homemade Lamb Sausages
RM 48  

Homemade Lamb Sausages

Lamb lovers may want to give the Australian Lamb Short Loin With Homemade Lamb Sausages a go. Luscious juicy T-bone Australian lamb marinated in salt and pepper, cooked to medium serve with house-made lamb sausages for greater satisfaction.  The sauce of cumin carrot puree lends an aromatic taste to the dish. 

  Grilled US Pork Ribs With Plum Sake Glaze
RM 25 

Diners looking for something to share can opt for sharing platter of Grilled US Pork Ribs With Plum Sake Glaze. I was told by the chef that US pork gives a better texture with less fat and a better taste as compared to Iberico pork. 

For me, the grilled pork ribs were really delicious especially with the plum sake sauce which gives it a sweetish taste with lemon zest. The sinful crispy deep-fried pork rinds add the extra crunch to the dish too.  

Squid Ink Pasta With Market Seafood
RM 35

For those who enjoy seafood with pasta, the Squid Ink Pasta With Market Seafood would be an excellent choice. Ala dente squid ink spaghetti cooked with flavourful seafood sauce and a generous portion of fresh salmon chunks, squid rings and prawns. Fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms added to enhance the taste.

Champignons Chocolate Delights 
RM 18

Saving the best for last, everyone was wowed by the signature dessert ~ Champignons Chocolate Delights that night. The highlight of the dessert the pouring of hot raspberry sauce over the Mario mushroom which is actually white chocolate to crack open, revealing a treasure of goodies - raspberries lychee sherbet, sparkly popping candy and raspberries jelly creating a magical adventure with various taste and textures. 

You will love the little bits of microwaved sponge cake, chocolate brown sponge to look like earth while green sponge to look like moss in the colourful garden. The sherbet was good and the presentation was pretty with raspberries, mini marshmallows and brown and green moss.       

Food Is Beautiful At Champignons

Overall, I have to add that the service was good and always pleasant, the food is beautiful and simply delicious. The owner cum chef is a passionate cook for the past two decades has certainly managed to transport the fine gourmet European dining experience here in Champignons successfully and introduced some funky variations to the menu.  

 Food Menu

Do check out their value-for-money BUSINESS LUNCH SET that comes with a starter and a beverage with prices as low as RM 19 for chicken salad or pizza to RM 27 only for Salmon Fillet.

Beverages Menu

Location Map Address For Champignons Oasis Square

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