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Monday 29 January 2018


Chinese New Year Menu 2018
Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Get Together, Toss For Prosperity & Let the Feast Begin at Eastin!  

Always feel great to be back at Ee Chinese Cuisine at Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur to check out their latest offering for the coming Lunar New Year Menu 2018. Executive Chef Alex is always on the mark with the vast culinary skills curating lovely auspicious and authentic Chinese dishes for all to savour and celebrate for the coming festive season.

Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur
13 Jalan 16/11
Pusat Dagangan Seksyen 16
46350 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 - 7665 1111 
Website: www.eastin.com

Classic Oriental Decor At Ee Chinese Cuisine

Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur conveys an abundance of wishes for prosperity, wealth, success and happiness to usher in an auspicious Year of the Dog. Get together and reconnect with families, friends and loved ones this Chinese New Year and be prepared to feast in wholesome and sumptuous meals for a great start of a brand new year. 

Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Executive Chef Alex Posing With His Capon Chicken Dish

Flavoursome festive dishes that exquisitely blend both traditional and modern flavours to cater for both the young and old alike including Ee’s Signature Roasted Pei Pa Duck, Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber, Steamed Live Star Garoupa, Steamed Farm Chicken with Chinese Wine & Herb, Oven Baked King River Prawn, XO Fried Rice with Preserved Wax Meat in Lotus Leaf and many more are available for lunch and dinner. 

 Prosperous Abalone & Salmon Yee Sang With Rice Crackers

Get an early start to ensuring prosperity, good fortune and happiness as you ‘Lou Hei’ to a prosperous New Year with Ee’s Yee Sang moment with live Geoduck, Abalone, Salmon Trout, White Tune, Jelly Fish, Smoked Duck, Sea Bird’s Nest and a couple more starting from RM 98nett per serving. Remember to toss higher for greater fortune and good luck!

Our sampling session for the Lunar New Year Menu 2018 started off with Yee Sang, followed by their mouth-watering mains and sweet desserts for a satisfying meal.


 Sashimi Grade Salmon 

Double-Boiled Superior Shark's Fin Soup With Fish Maw, American Top Shell & Dried Scallops

Steamed Capon Chicken Traditional Style

A MUST ORDER dish at Ee Chinese Cuisine's CNY menu! Chef Alex has specially ordered this batch of top-grade Capon chicken from the chicken farm up north. Capon chickens (also known as castrated cockerels) are reared for at least 100 days old and fed with special poultry feed resulting in more moist, tender and flavourful meat.

Each of the gigantic capon chicken weighs at least 4 to 5 kg and usually kept chilled not frozen when sent from the farm. Due to the big size of the bird, half portion of the whole chicken is good for a table of 10. This big fat Capon chicken was first poached and soaked in the herbal broth before steaming with Siew Hing Chinese wine and golden cordyceps for added flavour.

Oven Baked King River Prawn with Cheese

Cheese lover will enjoy tasting the Oven Baked King River Prawn with Cheese dish. Practically covered with the cheesy cheese, those who like cheese will find it absolutely heavenly. For me, it's a little too overwhelming and I find that there isn't much meat in the prawn dish. 

Steamed Cod Fish With Superior Soya Sauce & Black Fungus

The Steamed Cod Fish With Superior Soya Sauce & Black Fungus, another lovely premium fish dish from Chef Alex! I was told by chef that their menu prices may be a little steep as compared to others but they only focus on serving the best of the best, using premium ingredients such as this dish in particular where the Codfish used are imported from Canada, the finest cod, top notch in the highest quality and standards.         

Cooking method for this Grade 1 Codfish cannot be any other way than steaming it to perfection bringing out the natural flavour. Mildly seasoned with superior light soya sauce and served with black fungus for the added taste and texture, the tender and flaky white meat practically melt in the mouth upon the first bite!

Braised Abalone Limpet, Sea Cucumber & Dried Oyster With Garden Greens

Moving on is the auspicious Chines New Year dish of Braised Abalone Limpet, Sea Cucumber & Dried Oyster With Garden Greens. Then again, Chef ordered for special oyster imported from Hong Kong which is known as 'Sang Chen Hoe' in Cantonese or loosely translated into English as the fresh green oyster. A lavish dish indeed, everyone at the dinner table cleared it within minutes! 

Claypot Fragrant Rice With Preserved Waxed Meats

Claypot Fragrant Rice With Preserved Waxed Meats is one of the best-tasting rice dishes I ever have in this year Chinese New Year menu sampling. For many festive dinners, this is probably the last dish to be served apart from the dessert and most of the time, diners were quite 'tummy-filled' to finish the rice dish. 

On that eventful night, this amazing rice dish was a winner in taste and flavour, leaving nothing to waste as the last grain of rice was all eaten up with the last diner practically scraping the clay pot for more!    

Waxed Duck Drumstick

Waxed Duck Breast meat

 Goose Liver Sausage

Highly recommended rice dish to order for the menu. As I'm writing this post now, craves for it again! The chefs at Ee Chinese Cuisine did a great job delivered such wonderful dishes, although with simple ingredients but the preparation is long and tedious to achieve such great taste to delight our palate. Thumbs up for that, Chef!

Sweet endings to a satisfying dinner were complete with Double-Boiled Snow Lotus With Longan and Snow Fungus together with Sweet Duets of Fried Nian Gao and Osmanthus Jelly.

 Double-Boiled Snow Lotus With Longan and Snow Fungus

 Sweet Duets
Fried Nian Gao & Osmanthus Jelly

From the 15th January to 2nd March, Ee Chinese Cuisine offers sumptuous Festive Set Menus starting from RM 688nett alongside with Reunion Buffet Dinner at Swez Brasserie at RM 148nett per adult on the eve of Chinese New Year and is ideal for gatherings with family and loved ones. 

Prosperous Abalone & Salmon Yee Sang With Rice Crackers

For bookings and reservations, call us right away to secure your seats to avoid any disappointments. Call Ee Chinese Cuisine at 03 7665 1111 ext 137 & 138, Swez Brasserie at 03 7665 1111 ext 183 or Whatsapp 012- 251 0296. 

In addition, reward your team by organizing an appreciation dinner with your colleagues, clients, business partners and so on with their Special Banquet Chinese New Year Sau Gong Set Dinner or tailor-made buffet dinner menu upon request from RM 118nett per person with a minimum of 40 persons.

Call 603 7665 1111 ext 311 / 340 or email  cateringsales.kl@eastin.com for more details on the menu and other arrangements.

Savour hearty festive selection of delicious food and toss for prosperity, good luck and good health only at the Ee Chinese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur. 

"Gong Xi Fa Cai"

Auntie Lilly of FollowMeToEatLa wishes all readers ~ Prosperous with A Year of Good Fortune & Abundance Wealth On This Coming Joyful Earth Dog Year!

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